21-Dec-16 | Christmas party in the office, Saturdates

Christmas party in the office.

On the first day of Christmas December, all of the SW guys were invited for an early Christmas-slash-appreciation party. It was actually held in our office building's carpark. Which is kind of cool and much better than eating out (IMO). Rica (a very talented colleague who plays a lot of instruments and sings like an angel) invited me over to sing 2 songs for that night. I was actually hesitating but also kind of excited too. In the end, I said yes, and I sang 2 songs (semi horribly, I can't even watch the video my colleague sent to me, I will cringe HAHA). LOL. I still cannot get rid of my stage fright even till now. 
*Flash back* I still remember I sang "Burung Kakak Tua" when I was in kindergarten. It was a solo performance. LOL. I can still remember the clip that was recorded. Then I joined choir too when I was in Primary School. I put myself out there again in my university years, performing one of Una's (one of my university mates) original song. If you ask me for a karaoke session I'll sing my lungs out, don't really care if it's out of tune. Talking about karaoke, it's been awhile since I went to one. Maybe I'll do it when I am back to Malaysia soon. My brother came to challenge me the other day, out of the blue. #random

Percussion by Soerkano and JJ as the guitarist