Joey's Creation | Dec 2015 | Lunch bag, Rudy and Ifrit

I feel that this post should be post different in another category as my last post was long enough with other things. And I am making this as a "hobby update"! For now, I'll just name is Joey's Creation but the tags are here and there. As of right now, my artsy fartsy interest does not only include crochet, but others as well.... So yeah, sticking to this name until further notice. 

But this post only have crochet creations. :P

I feel like I am uploading my work everywhere. LOL. I don't know if I should keep uploading my work to deviantart or not. As of now, I keep track of my projects in Ravelry, my blog, DeviantArt, and also if my handmade stuff is up for sale, I'll need to upload to Etsy as well. 
That's already 3-4 social website. Hmmm...

Moving on.

Made two sales this month. Thanks friends! You know who you are! Thanks for supporting my work!

13-Dec-15 | Team building, Marcus & Sue's Wed, Christmas lights, Star Wars at VivoCity

It's been quite awhile since I last created a new post! Well, after my training, I was so busy. I guess that is the price I need to pay. It's no joke, it's so fast-paced. I was always the one who got out of office on the dot, but now, I am starting to take the taxi back after 8.30pm (only for a few days so far). Now, I feel it. Work rush. Especially when I read e-mails that has the word "ASAP" and "immediately", hohmygawdstress.

Team-building day

Anyway, last Friday was our team-building day. I have had this post in my draft for a few weeks now, time is such a confusing thing.

Okay, back to team building. It's a day where I get to know more about my team. Not everyone, but it did help me talk to more people working on the same floor and department as me. Now... to remember their names. LOL.

Lol, Khayae is so funny in this picture. Hahaha!