Joey's Creation | Dec 2015 | Lunch bag, Rudy and Ifrit

I feel that this post should be post different in another category as my last post was long enough with other things. And I am making this as a "hobby update"! For now, I'll just name is Joey's Creation but the tags are here and there. As of right now, my artsy fartsy interest does not only include crochet, but others as well.... So yeah, sticking to this name until further notice. 

But this post only have crochet creations. :P

I feel like I am uploading my work everywhere. LOL. I don't know if I should keep uploading my work to deviantart or not. As of now, I keep track of my projects in Ravelry, my blog, DeviantArt, and also if my handmade stuff is up for sale, I'll need to upload to Etsy as well. 
That's already 3-4 social website. Hmmm...

Moving on.

Made two sales this month. Thanks friends! You know who you are! Thanks for supporting my work!

Lunch Bag Version 1 - ♀
Decided to make a lunch bag to put my lunchbox. Recently bought a pretty huge lunch box from Ikea, it has like diff compartment box to put food (picture below). It keeps solid food apart but if there are liquid substances in any of the compartment, chances are the liquid is going to leak into the other compartment. 
But my point.. usually I put my lunch box in my handbag, so you can imagine.. 360 trick shot in my bag. Spilling the oil/sauce/soup/vinaigrette everywhere in the lunch box. Therefore, I decided make this lunch bag to avoid the problem above. 
Bought some cotton yarns from Cottonhousestore and kind of free-styled this up after looking at some inspirations on Pinterest. No pattern for this bag, sorry. 

As you can see, looks very feminine. Didn't expect that, but it adds a really nice touch. Loving the colour combination from the yarn I bought! 

Lunch Bag Version 2 - ♂
Made one for him too as we have the same lunch box. Luckily I did mine first with my fav colour, I didn't thought of the bag being so feminine looking. To make it manlier, decided to make a hard edge for this lunch bag. Inspiration from the normal reusable grocery/shopping bag. Really like the outcome of this too! 

Rudy, The Reindeer by Serah Basnet
Have been saving this pattern in my Pinterest and finally, I did it for this Christmas! Super duper adorable. Credits to Serah for the amazing pattern. 


Chibi Ifrit Aeon from Final Fantasy X

Wanted to make this for a long time. As I started making Valefor (the first aeon for FFX), but I made Ifrit as a chibi version because I figured it would take me forever to do an elaborated and detailed version. Since I don’t have much time lately, decided to make a small version to temporary cross off Ifrit on my “to-make list”. Still figuring out the yarn hair technique. But so far, I think this is okay. Had a hard time doing the fire/hair part, as it was very time consuming to untangled the yarn into smaller strings and then combing out the yarn as a lot of them fell off, making it thinner than expected.

From a simple doodle
To this. 

Hi, I am cosplaying as Loki from Thor. 
Lol, random. That's it for this month! Thank you for checking this out! :)

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