Easy DIY Apple Pen Cap Holder

If you own an Apple Pen, I am sure you are familiar with the problems of gripping the pen properly and storing the cap when you need to charge the pen. Honestly, the design of the pen is not that "great", it is nice to look but using it is somewhat a pain. I only had it for a week, and I have already improvised my pen twice.


I find that the pen always slips easily and it doesn't feel right when I am using it. So, I decided to add my own grip with

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Went to this really good Chinese restaurant that serves China's style cooked fish the other day with my colleague. It was unexpected good. If you have a chance, try the salted vegetable styled fish and order the "fruit fish", the meat was so smooth. 

Kuantan, Cherating, Chukai, Sungai Lembing Time Capsule Trip

Yes, all those places in just 4 days from my Christmas 25 Dec till 28 Dec. Although, we only stopped awhile in the first 3 places. We spent 3 days in Sungai Lembing

Say hello to my first Vlog! 

30 Days Drawing Challenge

I don't know if I am going to follow strictly to the challenge or just draw for a few days. I might delete this post if I decided to or just completely stop updating it. I don't know. I am just in the mood for drawing. So, here goes..
From: http://culturacolectiva.com/ 

Christmas Break, Otaku mode on

I had a nice Christmas/New Year break from work last month, as I took a long one week break from work. We were attending a wedding dinner in Temerloh (his relatives'), so I was planning we could go somewhere near there. It was a good chance for me to explore more of Malaysia, my own home country. When I think about it, it's quite funny when I was thinking where to go, and most of them are overseas, whereas foreigners are finding where to go in Malaysia. Then I realize, other than Malacca, Penang, Ipoh, Langkawi, Sabah, KL and my hometown, there are still a lot of places I haven't been to. 

So, I booked 2 nights at Time Capsule Sg. Lembing, it was in my to-go list after I saw a friend posted some pictures from his trip. Then, we went on a roadtrip to Kuantan, Chukai, Cherating, and Sg. Lembing. We ate so much nice food, and enjoyed our time with nature.

I made my first travel vlog in this trip! It was pretty awkward actually, I mean I had too keep holding onto my phone and record all the stuff, but I ended up using only a few parts. And it's so difficult to speak to the camera and pretend like it's somebody. HAH. I might slur a little too, because I don't know what to say. Basically, I am just video shy (I can't say I am camera shy, because I am not). 
But unexpectedly, I had fun making it. Although not so much fun during filming because of the awkwardness. The editing is enjoyable. I only made the first part of the trip so far, Let's see if I can finish the second on this weekend. And then I'll post another blog post about it.

I don't know why but I was really hooked up on reading manga last month. And I manage to finish reading two. HAH. I will also share about the anime title that I have watched or watching right now. 

Hana Yuri Dango

Hello 2017

It's the time of the year again. It's the time for a new year actually. Looking back at last year, it seems like I have done a lot. Although I was not very active in my blog.

But anyway, let's cut to the chase because my mind is blank right now. I can't really think of my highlight for 2016. I can only think of the recent ones.

2016 New Year's Resolution

  1. Learn German. Make it better!  It's a bit better but not much progress. Though I am learning Japanese in the mean time actually. So I'm gonna check this off. 
  2. Learn one martial art for self-defense. I did join Aikido! For 4 or 5 months or so, then quit. I might say I have no time, but actually I was not really interested in it. I rather use my time for my other hobbies like crochet. At least I tried. 
  3. Give back to the people who has been helping you unconditionally in your life. Still learning how to. I acted selfishly without knowing until I was told off. :(
  4. Exercise regularly! Stick to your plan! HAHAHA, I quit running after Australia trip because of my bunion, it hurts so bad. But I didn't even continue my pilates. Bad Joey. Need more effort here. 
  5. Learn to wear fashionably. Hello "girl", where are you? I did, only a few times. I even threw my make-up, it's growing mold. Eww.. Time for new ones.
  6. Do more good deeds whenever you can! Even small one counts. Donated a fair amount to WWF (yearly) and Project Aware (for the ocean). I like to donate to help animals and plants instead of people. Ask me why in real life if you are curious. 
  7. Pursue what you want. Do not let anyone hold you back. I don't exactly know what I am pursuing at the moment. I'm just following the flow. 
  8. Complete all those draft post in your blog! I deleted a few! HAH! But I still have a few drafts from my Europe trip. I am doing my best to complete them. 
  9. As always, be happy. I am having less depressed moments and lots of fun last year. It's a good year. 
  10. Explore more! Version 2.0 Loads of first times! Pulau Tioman, Pulau Redang, Gold Coast (Australia), Amed (Bali), Guadalajara (Mexico), Kuantan, Cherating and Sungai Lembing.   

I accomplished 7 out of 10. Not bad! Actually it's the same achievement as last year. Hahahaha. Well, I don't really actually remember the list during the rest of the year. I just do what I feel like. It seems like my mindset is still the same. So, it's all good. 

Now, it's time for.... 

2017 New Year's Resolution

  1. Take good care of Bianca and Grey. (I am actually very obsessed with them, they are so cute. They are staring right at the screen at this moment so see what I am doing. Kyah!!)
  2. Keep blogging. At least once a month! And a must to blog about your travels!
  3. Exercise at least 3 times a week.
  4. Keep learning at least 1 language (Japanese or German).
  5. Create more stuff! (I have been slacking off a lot)
  6. Knowing when to hold my tongue. Words spoken cannot be taken back. 
  7. Finish all those games you wanted to play... This is stupid but I can't think of anything else. 
  8. Be a good employee/colleague at work. Avoid office politics. 
  9. Be a good girlfriend/daughter/sister/granddaughter/person.
  10. Explore explore explore. 
Have a happy new year everyone. This year is going to be another great year.