07-Aug-16 | Revamping my Ami photos

Finally I made my own light box! I always take pictures of my creation via iPhone. It's not bad but I just thought I need to take one step further. Anyway, it's fairly easy to make but I still have problem with the lights and stuff. Borrowed a DSLR from my housemate and I do not know how to use it! LOL. I can't really unlock the full potential. But anyway, the outcome was pretty good... Just that some photos are a bit blurry at the side. I don't know what's the photography term is called... I guess it's aperture?? Anyway, I don't know how to change the settings so I just had to work with it.

I still have to edit them with Photoscape to adjust the brightness and white balance stuff. I don't know why the photos are always too dark and the background colour changes if I focus on an Amigurumi with red colour on it.

But without further ado, here are the results!

07-Aug-16 | Aus 21K Run, Redang Trip

Hi my dusty old blog. I'm writing in again after a few months. I've been neglecting to write but actually I don't really have much to write about because I don't do anything special on the weekend. Unless people actually want to see me writing my grocery shopping list every week. I'm thinking who even reads them anyway, it doesn't contain any useful information. HAHAHA. It's only for my personal joy of blabbering out in public... virtually. 

I just went on my mid-year vacation trip to Australia on the beginning of July! Goldcoast to be exact, and the main reason we went there is because of the Gold Coast Airport Marathon (well, half marathon for me). It was my first time in Australia. I was aiming for Tasmania if I ever visited Australia but I guess I will leave that to my next visit.

I love to visit markets when I'm in a different country. I think this is the best place to see what the locals do and to eat delicious foods (great stuff can always be found there, trust me)!