Liz's and bro's birthday weekend

19th April 2013

Somersby for the first time. It's better than beer but then I still prefer H2O. 
Alcohol is still not my thing, but I'll try. :)

Goofy faces with the birthday girl which is now 21 years old.

And with Dave too. 
It's not much of a party but hey, it was still awesome... Haha


A random selca of me with a nerdy glass. Gawd, I miss mine.

And also discovered a new cendol shop to visit in Teluk Intan thanks to Liz! 
It seems like they have been open for quite a long time, but I only knew about it now. 
Yes, the ice shaver runs only manpower. And it tasted just like old times. Great!

Dinner with ma familie far away in Hutan Melintang for cheap seafood dishes. 
I don't know why their faces is like this when I took this photo. LOL. 

I didn't take any pictures with my phone.. So I took it from my mum's facebook page. 
And this kid is now 17 years old.. So so young. >.<

Okay, now I'm gonna spam my post with Baby Hailey's adorable faces. XD

*Chop Chop*

She kept pushing my head away when I was taking this picture. 
With numerous attempt to snap a good picture, this is the best I can get. She don't like taking pictures with me. T.T 

It's kinda short and brief. I mean everything. But... I kinda forget many of the things and the emotions after so many days have passed since it happened. So... Yeah. Weee~~ Oh, and I didn't check my grammar in this post, so please ignore it if it exist. :D

18/4/13 The Hungry Hog & Shakespeare Boulangerie & Patisserie

It was time for our weekly dinner outing. And I randomly picked one restaurant on google which has some quite good reviews on it. We were bored with our usual dining places so, The Hungry Hog it is! The thing is, I didn't even read the blogpost, I just clicked it and just looked at the food pictures and decided on it. Haha!

Only 4 of us in for dinner that night. 

Quite huge portion! 

I ordered The Full English (RM21.90), and it WAS very fulling indeed. The sausages are really special! And  the mushroom, they are delicious as well. This actually feels like a breakfast plate to me but instead it was my dinner. Haha. We tried the Porky Chops(RM20.90) too, and it was yummy as well! But we think that it lacks of sauce, not enough aroma but still passable. The price is quite cheap and reasonable. They actually have a website too, they have their menu and pictures as well! Very good reference for those who are planning to go there and have a try!
Highly recommended! 

Next, we craved for desserts. So we went to Shakespeare Boulangerie & Patisserie. This shop is located next to Pappa Rich so it's easy to find it. If you went to Levain before, you can expect the same concept from Shakespeare. They serve many kinds of bread and desserts too, and of course macaroons. I went there for lunch before, and tried some of the spaghetti. It's quite a small portion for the spaghetti meal (but of course, if I remember correctly, it only cost me RM12.90), and tasted just okay. 
I didn't checked the name and the price. But this isn't the thing for me. It's too sweet as well.

Mango Shortcake, RM7.50. Very strong mango taste and very sweet too. This was okay for me. 

But what caught my attention was this Caramel Pavlova, RM7.50. Tried my first pavlova at Serai, and immediately fell in love with it. So, I was wanting to try others and I'm not disappointed at this selection at all. This was really good! Although the crispy part of it was very sweet but the cream wasn't, so they complement each other very well. There is also Fruit Pavlova.
Wanting to try their pizzas and other desserts as well the next time I visit!

And now some group photos! Jonsin joined in for dessert session! 

❤ Polaroid moments!

Till the next time!

Iron Man 3: My Way

I'm so excited! This is actually my first time in writing a blog post for a competition.
Well, it's not actually a competition, it's actually a nuffnang premiere screening thingy. And it's for "Iron Man 3" movie this time! Looking forward to this movie!! So without further ado, here goes nothing! 


How would I customize my Iron Man suit to make it extra special? 

Well, ladies and gentleman, I give you.. *drum rolls*

The Manizer!
Going brain-dead soon from thinking a name. Not very original I guess. Haha!
It's been too long since I drew something, so please ignore some of the cacat bits. :S My sketch like senget-senget one. Hahaha.

Well, we all know pretty well that Iron Man is a guy's suit. We've even seen some of the other designs like the Hulkbuster (HulkXIronMan) and the Cap.AmericaXIronMan version in the trailer. Well, as a female, I will feel kinda left out... as in all suits are for guys. So, I designed an Iron Woman suit! 

For the mask, I changed the eyes a bit to something cat-like (Inspired by the Cat-liner make-up look) and the mouth to a curved shaped lips. For the body part, (aha! This is the fun bits) since it's a suit for women, I figured it would be appropriate to give it some sexy curves instead of the original bulky version. In the mean time, improving the agility of the wearer. 

Kitty claws
Inspired by.. girl-fights. We don't punch people in the face, we scratch them instead! :X lol.

Flower Blade
Inspired by.. flowers. As flowers represent femininity. Can act as a shield and also as a weapon. Consist of 3 blades which can be retracted at will. 

Killer Heels
Inspired by.. love for heels. You can't spell sexy without them. Helps the user to fly.

It isn't colored as I was afraid I might ruin the sketch, (I'm pretty bad at coloring so..). Like the original, red and gold are perfect! The color combination is just very classy.

And that concludes my customized Iron Woman suit. 
Thank you very much for checking it out!

What do you think about it? You can tell me by leaving a comment in this blog post. :3

And now you can go on ahead and watch this trailer and anxiously wait for the movie to screen out.  

If you would like to know more about it on nuffnang, click this! 

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Silver Spoon, Publika

I made a promise to treat this pretty boy right here when we had the chance, because I bragged about how much I earned during my holiday from my part-time job. I thought he was just kidding, but he was dead-on serious. So, I closed my eyes, and randomly chose a fancy place to eat. Thanks to google, I found a place called Silver Spoon in Publika. 
Now, for your information, being the sua-ku that I have always been, I have never heard of Publika, because it's too fancy. I mean average-income people wouldn't dine there unless they have a pretty good reason to celebrate something. In my case, well, we're not celebrating anything. Just wanted to try some new stuffs.

Some selcas before our food was served.
He keep on saying I look very old, and he looked freaking young. -.-" Something about my hair. 
Well, actually I don't know what to do about it, it is just stuck like this for now. Thought about getting a fringe again.. Then I'll look like a kid. Plus the fact that I normally wear specs..  Hmm, hesitating.

The nachos was okay. I only enjoyed the cheese and the mango sauce. Actually the nachos wasn't really that good. They weren't crispy enough.

I forgot the name. But this was okay.

I was pretty disappointed with the mushroom soup. It doesn't taste as strong as I thought it would. Not enough to satisfy my taste buds.  :( 

Curry Laksa with squid ink pasta. Okay, honestly, I didn't know why I ordered this! I just read the squid ink pasta and I was like *I will order this eeeeeee*, so I ordered without thinking the word "curry" or even "laksa". Blur as hell. But it tasted good, I mean.. It's curry.. just with.. spaghetti.. and seafood. They were pretty generous on the seafood.

Medium rare Rib-eye steak (i guess/think?). I rarely have steaks for lunch. Steak and the sauce tasted okay. Mash potatoes was really nice. Bacon and asparagus was bacon and asparagus. Lol. You can't beat that kind of comment. Hahaha.

Bloody bloody.
A friendly advice to all readers, please don't consume plenty raw meat as it isn't hygienic and it is not good for your health. 

The place was filled with ang mohs family members and pretty ladies.

It kinda ticks me off seeing everybody all talking to each other at every other table, but this person in front of me is communicating with his dear phone most of the time. *Sigh* 

I digress. Couldn't help but complain when I see this picture. 
All five dishes cost RM171, for two. Yes, two person finished all five dishes. We were bloating and my stomach was crying because of all the food. Lol.

Overall, Silver Spoon is just 
❤ ❤   out of ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ .
It was just okay for the both of us. 
Will I go again? Hmm, maybe not.

Love's birthday celebration

29th March 2013

Dinner on a Friday night at Teeq, Lot 10 to celebrate his birthday with some friends.

The first rooftop dinner for me. :P
The place looks really grand and it oozes ballroom ambiance except they don't have a big space to let you dance around and the chairs were really uncomfortable to sit on. Above all that, it felt really... exquisite? 

Our cocktail and appetizers.
 Dumb dumb me forget to take pictures of our main course steak and a flaming dessert.
:( Oh well, most of it will stay well in my memory.

A special birthday plate for a special person in the room

Loving the polaroid photos  ❤
30th March 2013

After dinner, of course there will be booze. 
We went to Changkat to have our second and third round. 
I thought I was stronger in drinking since I didn't go red after drinking the cocktail, but I was wrong, after 2 glasses of alcohol+coke I KO-ed. Barfed and can't take any more of it. LOL
He on the other hand drank 20+ glasses, crazy arse mf. @.@ 
And this is the end product.

The one who kept making people to drink up had the worst. Karma hits. Haha. 
 Party stops at 5am, lights out and 9am, lights on. 
Sleep escapes the drunk i think. 
But not me.. I was still sleepy as f*ck.

Birthday boy without shoes when we're on our way to breakfast with my mother

In the evening, celebrated again with his family  ❤
and this time, with a cake. Haha!


I'm going into a hiatus again, short trimester is a bit of a rush. It's the end of the fourth week now and I have already went through 2 midterms and one more to go. Two assignments to do, and all of it it's going to end before the seventh week. Which gives me only 3 weeks to finish it all up. Gosh, what a rush. Plus I've been busy with a side project, crafty one. Haw haw haw, my artistic side is triggering again right now. I'm so enjoying it. :) At least it keeps me busy and doesn't give me time to rot around like a zombie. 
Till next time then.