Perfection in imperfections

*Suddenly, a strong desire possessed Joey to write down this inspiring piece* 

Okay, nein

I've had this nagging feeling to try to explain everyone this one thing. For those of you who do not really know me, maybe you are a junior of mine, my ex-course mates or someone who I am acquainted to for awhile. 

I am not perfect

Whatever image you might have for me, it might just be a big faux idea that you have fixated upon me. You know that feeling when you are receiving compliments but in actuality, you don't even know what the hell you are really doing most of the time. But you still say "thank you", smile and feel good about yourself later on. 
Well, that is what I feel most of the time. 

I am not trying to show off or anything but... it might seem that way.. Some how.. bleh... but look at it at a different perspective. I get annoyed when people compliment me and adds a little "I wish I was a bit more like you" in the end. Hello, f*ck off and live your own life. Okay no, that was too mean. But you know what I mean. Hopefully.

16-Nov-15 | Ich bin wieder hier.. Hallo Regensburg

Lunch kidnapped and was blackmailed
PG and me!
I know the caption I put on this day looks funny but #truestorybro. There was some sort of employee appreciation/drive going on around on Friday and during lunch, on the way out to lunch. A girl came up to us and ask us to take a picture "it will just take a minute, don't worry, I'll take care of your lunchbox. Here, give it to me" *subconsciously loosen my grip on my lunchbox while she took it away*. So damn paiseh wanna stand in front of the camera while the other employees are walking by off to lunch. Luckily, we did, because we got this printout! I didn't know they were going to print it out. Okay, maybe my lunchbox being kidnapped isn't a bad thing after all.  

Clay Art | Malaysia Clay Art Review & My First Polymer Clay, BMO!

I have decided to pick up another hobby. As if crocheting, knitting, cross-stitching, needle felting, felting is not enough... Well, it isn't for me! Why did I suddenly decided to play with clay art? Well, my main motivation was to make small details to complement my amigurumi. E.g. Swords and staffs, any items that should be sturdy! Not flimsy or bendable. 
I have been researching here and there (apparently not enough though), wanted to buy PREMO or FIMO polymer clay but these things don't come cheap and apparently, it is quite hard to find in Singapore and Malaysia. And then I encountered Malaysia Clay Art's website. Oh, happy me! 

10-Nov-15 | #CatAGary, Sangkaya, Adventure Time

It's #CatAGary's Day!

I had to screenshot this from Ann's instagram, because I don't have any pictures with the newly weds in my phone. Derp
First of all, Congrats to Catrina and Gary! 

It's a long weekend cause it's Deepavali today so I had my free Saturday to Tuesday. And it's back to work tomorrow, so sad. I think I'm catching the Wednesday blue, whatever that is. Went straight back to my hometown, Teluk Intan on Friday night, therefore reaching there in the wee hours of the next morning. Then, the food galore began. Seriously, every single time I am back there, I am like being sucked by this black hole of yummylicious food. My boyfriend going back with me doesn't help one bit at all, because he was craving for a lot of foods as well. Oh, the curse of a food hunter.
Plus, don't forget the 8-course dinner Chinese wedding have... Why does Chinese food must always be so unhealthy and yummy?  

1-Nov-15 | The Pantry, Alaturka & Halloween

Finally, I can haz cakes.

At last, some cafe hunting this weekend. Visited Haji Lane with Ah Choy and Jason in search of some hipster cafes. Definitely a really "happening" lane. Reminded us of Penang as well, the heritage street I mean. So, we decided to visit The Pantry.

recycling my instagram photo

This small cafe shop is a bit tricky to find as the sign outside only says "Wonderland". It seems like they have two shops in the building. But I'm not sure what the other one is about, but I think it's something to do with flowers because the place is covered with them. Overall, the ambiance is really homely and cozy, the cake is really good especially the one with strawberry (yum yum, but I do not know the exact name, I wasn't the one who ordered it) and they used pure dried flowers in our tea, not the teabag kind! I wonder if they made it themselves.