How to make ugly and soggy fried rice

On one fine day, I stumbled upon a very easy peasy fried garlic rice recipe which looked very tempting. So -CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!- I'mma make fly gaalic lice!

The day before cooking this, I poached some chicken keels for my salad and I thought it would be a waste if I just threw the chicken broth in the sink. So, I decided to cook some brown rice I took with me from home. 

I have had several failed attempts to cook rice without a rice cooker. 
First, I didn't know what I was thinking that day. I went to steam the rice instead of boiling them directly instead. -.-.... Before you say I'm stupid, I.......... okay, I was stupid indeed. 
Second, I tried to boil the rice and water (with ratio of 1:2), I even measured it. I didn't boil ALL THE WAY of course. When it boils, I turned it to low. I waited 20 mins as indicated, and when I opened the cover. FARK, nasi hangus sial. Why didn't I smelt it earlier. It even made a horrible soot in my newly bought saucepan. 
***Did you know you can remove those annoying soot by salt or even baking powder??***

And then my third attempt would be using the chicken broth to substitute the water. This time, I didn't measure anything, I just whack it in by following the feel. (As Weng Fai, my coursemates said cooking rice should depends on feel) And of course it turns out well. Okay, maybe a bit wet but I wonder why the rice was still kinda hard (harder than them normal rice). Then I proceed to putting it in the fridge. 

The next day, I forgot to thaw it first because it froze. -.-. I didn't purposely froze it, I just didn't thought the compartment below the freezer would freeze things as well. GENIUS me, wanted to speed up the thawing process, I went to steam it. My Cyberjaya's home has very limited equipment, so it didn't went very well as the pot I used was too small. I turned very impatient, so i went to take my trusty saucepan and decided to heat it directly in it. When I did, I panicked, I heard sizzling sound and my heart tells me "IT GONNA BURN BITCH", so I jumped to the sink and took some filtered water and pour it in the mess.... It doesn't look very good at that point. 

But no matter, I boiled it for a few minutes while I cooked the other ingredients first. 

Garlic in, bacon in, onion in. Okay, soggy brown rice it is then, ain't nobody got time for it to dry up. Fry fry fry. Fark, it was getting all mushy. I thought the heat would make the rice un-soggy BUT NO. Never mind that, then I add an egg. 臭鸡蛋 decided to stick on the wok instead of the rice. @#$%&*$&^%!

Damn egg.

This, people, is how soggy fried rice should look like. Ain't it an eyesore? Still my dinner.
 Lol.... a crying lol.

I officially declare that brown rice is my enemy. 
I wanna eat fluffy steamed white rice instead.

25/6/13 Anniversary dinner at Dave's Bistro Bar and Grill

Dinner with ❤ at Dave's BB&G.
The first time I've set foot in there but not the first for him. I went to collect tickets from Nuffnang while he get's to decide on the food and when he does, he ordered the same dish as he did last time he was there =.=". Because he wants me to know how awesome it tastes like. 

Mushroom Soup
The consistency is very thick and just perfect. One of the best mushroom soup I've ever had. The bread was very crispy too! Don't you just hate it when restaurant serves hard and stale bread. Thank goodness it wasn't like that here.

Dave's Signature Caesar Salad
Anchovy egg emulsion topped with grated parmesan, crispy bacon bits, croutons, boiled quail eggs & tomato confit
I love the freshness of the ingredients. Crunchy vege and croutons, yums!

Bacon-wrapped Asparagus
Just as the name described it. Though it looks like an easy dish, it tasted wonderful. 

Aglio Olio Spaghetti.
Garnished with generous amount of mushrooms and bacon bits. It was just above average for me but my boyfriend thinks otherwise. He couldn't stop singing praises for it. Haha. 

Did you notice that most of our dishes have bacon in it?? It's because there's a bacon fanatic dining with me. DX 

Decided to take a picture after dinner. We didn't had time to spare as we were late for the movie. So, this is all the pictures I have for that night. :( But nevertheless, I, of course, enjoyed every moment when I'm with him.

Though it wasn't a candlelight dinner in some fancy places, I am still glad he spared the time for me even though it was a week day. Despite the fact that he had an awful day at work AND still have to travel back to Seremban after all these, he still manage to come and meet me.

Happy first anniversary Mr Siow Ming Qian
You know I love you to bits right? 
Even though some times I act like a brat, I just wanted your attention. ;) 
I hope you like my present, I poured my blood and sweat heart and soul in it!

17/6/13 Celebrating Ivan's Birthday @ Allegro, SS15

It seems like I've been celebrating a lot of birthdays lately.
It's Ivan's turn this time! And how lucky, he was in Puchong for it so we can celebrate it together with him. We chose a small private cafe around SS15 called Allegro. It was suggested by Pwen since she had dined in here before and I'd say we have found a gem! It's very rare to find a good place to eat good food worth the money.

The interior was very warm and welcoming. Not to mention, vintage.

There were mirrors everywhere! Felt like taking this huge one back home with me. Haha!

Ah Thum was dressed to impress! He fits in the picture so well, I thought I was in England for a second. 

Ivan, Eric and Cindy. And I think the mister back there is the brilliant chef.

selca selca.. candid candid candid candid!


Mr Lee and Hogwart-wannabe. LOL

Random picture of everyone enjoying their pizza

Ivan with his pizza. Huge ain't it??

Other food that I manage to take picture of, since the table was too long, I can't snap each and every one of the dishes. So I just took some. These are Onion Soup, Chicken Cordon Bleu, and then the steak, pasta and potato soup was from the special menu. All tasted very good! 

I think everyone agress with me. Hahaha!

Couldn't get enough of the Onion soup. Slurp!

Medium-cooked steak, omg... just.. heaven....

Cake session!

"Happy Birthday to you~"

This was the only decent shot I found with all our faces not blurred. Our own camera men so cha!!!

Everyone! And man, this waiter got the skills to take pictures, I was impressed! Normally when we asked for the waiter to take picture for us, I ended up with some crooked picture and I have to crop it properly, but this guy.. *thumbs up* He even changed his position to give us a variation of photos with different angles. LOL


Soon en, Thum, and Eric

"Like a boss" Thum and Lao Ng

After seeing the "Like a boss" scene, everyone decided to flock around the other corner of the room.

Fully utilize the big arse mirror there to camwhore with the lots. 


On that day, Lao Ng officially announced [well... actually, he didn't announced it. We just made a stage for him and push him out and ask him a lot of things when we heard the rumors] that he is going to go back to Sabah to work with his family for a few years. Even Ivan is going back to Sabah to work already, but would be returning in a month time I heard. Sigh. Sad, we will miss you and miss how we all always gang up on you when you do what you do. Hahaha. Be sure to hold on to that promise that you made. 3 years become billionaire and come back here to treat all of us eat till our stomach burst, okay!? Hehehe. 


I hesitated about posting this on my known blog as.. I think it may affect or even upset somebody. But... I just have to let it go out there and make it known and clear. Is this a wise move? ........................
Frankly, I don't think so. So.. I posted it here for awhile and then removed it and post it somewhere else.

Though I will only make this line an exception.

Just don’t go over the line where I cannot take it anymore.

12/6/13 Ho Boh Rui Cha & Hoe's, Bandar Puteri

Have been craving Rui Cha for awhile now, and decided to search for a place where they serve this, and lucky for me, there IS a restaurant for that which is located in Bandar Puteri.
Believe it or not, I only knew the existence of this food last two months when I was staying over at my bf's house during my study week. Aunty bought me Rui Cha one fine day for lunch, and it tasted kinda weird at first and then I gradually grew fond of it! AND not to mention that it is a very healthy meal!

'Twas my second time consuming this godly green food at Ho Boh. The place was oozing with an antique feel, it was really comfortable(not describing about the wooden chairs, but only the atmosphere) and it feels like I was at some old lady's house. Lol? I didn't snap any pictures as I was too excited to consume it all into my stomach. I hastily dig in immediately after it was served. I ordered   a small brown rice Ho Boh Rui Cha (RM6.90), it was rather small actually and I thought it wasn't enough for me at all but... DIG IN ANYWAY! WEEEEEE!
 After a few scoops, the electricity decided to go out on us. And we were forced to eat in the dark.

San Bao Fruit juice (RM4.90)

This looks like a scene showing how poor people used to eat in the old days! LOL. Only a piece of chicken meat to eat. XD Hahahahaaha! 
Sorry Pwen and Thum Thum! I guided them to the wrong place by sending them the wrong foursquare link which has the same name in Taman Kinrara. My bad! 

Second round of dinner! But only Thum Thum was eating. XD All the others were having desserts.
We chose a random place nearby aaaannnddddd we were at Hoe's! 

Durian Mousse (RM7.90)
Has only a light scent of durian. Comments from the ladies; "Taste like kaya", "Taste like plastic". LOL.  I was disappointed, felt like being cheated. T.T Where is my durian taste?!?!?
 I don't recommend this dessert. 

I don't know what this is, but I know it's coffee. XD 

The food wasn't special also, Thum rated the food as "so-so" and the price was just like those normal western restaurant. Despite the not-so-special food, I think the place is suitable for hanging out and chillaxing with a few alcohol drinks in hand with friends. 

I'm sorry for the lack of blog posts! I keep delay my post and in a day, I decided to post all of it out. LOL. I wasn't really trying very hard to write since I was racing against time but at last I've written 4 posts today including this one. To make up for this, here is a photo of my brother in pajamas while he was at the cinema..


9/6/13 Ippudo, Pavillion

Before I start, here is a photo of my ❤ with his googly eyed Ironman case attempting to sabotage me by taking pictures of me sleeping with my ugly hair and face. 

9th June 2013
We started our journey from Teluk Intan straightttt to Pavilion that day to take our early dinner at Ippudo. Suggested by him, because he's been wanting to try the ramen there.

Here comes the Akamaru Shinaji(red bowl) with full add-ons set. If I'm not wrong I think this cost a whooping RM36 for a bowl. I didn't know there was different kind of hardness for ramen until the waitress ask us if we wanted it to be soft, normal, or hard. We went with normal, because we weren't ramen-experts. 

The egg was something! Don't know how they did it but it was hard boiled outside and all watery inside. Yummy! The food was really good but it tasted way too salty when we were almost finishing the food. We also ordered the Shiromaru Motoaji(white bowl), but I prefer the red bowled one. It has more flavor to it. 

Despite the price, this is definitely recommended to all food-lovers out there.