With You - Leah Dou lyrics (unofficial)

There isn't a minute I would spend without ya
There isn't a moment I can breathe without ya
Every piece of my heart belongs to ya
Nothing could stop us now

I walked in with a smile on my face
cause seeing you makes me feel living grace
so I need to tell you right and right now, something

I know you're scared of what the future holds
Don't get me wrong cause i do too
but right now, i can tell you
you don't have to fear

Cause you and I are like the leaves and flowers
without you I can't live for an hour
I say you're crazy
but I know that it's true
that if it wasn't forever, I spend it with you
With you

You say "Darling, what's on your mind?"
I said "Nothing." but I'm hypnotized
what wouldn't this moment last forever

I know you're scared of what the future holds
Don't get me wrong cause i do too
but right now, i can tell you
you don't have to fear

Cause you and I are like the leaf and flower
without you I can't live for an hour
I say you're crazy
but I know that it's true
that if it wasn't forever, I spend it with you
With you

This is not an official lyric page for the song. 
I just decided to write it out because I can't find it on the internet yet. 
This is a really sweet song. 
This is going to my "wedding-song-list"! Haha

Ça va tres bien!

At first I thought I would write like 26374858 posts of my days that I've missed recording it down here but then I though.. "Nahhhhhh... Kill me." because that would take a century of donkey years for me to finish it. So I'm mushing it all up here. Short and not long-winded. Because I have less words to say today, I'm pissed off right now goddamnit. But I will retain my greatest mood right here right now... for a short period of time.

For the past month, I...

Met my long lost god parents, whom I never saw from Form 3 till now. We weren't close because they moved out of town when I was a wee-little-kid.

Went rollerblading at some deserted place @ Subang Avenue.
Spot our matching outfit for the day, we didn't plan beforehand to wear a black tee and red jeans at all. It's just super coincidence! Great minds do think alike. Hahaha!

Stomached many yummy yummy foods. 

Had a fun karaoke session with just 4 people.

Learnt to make food,dessert and some crafty things.

Harbouring a deadly grudge for this person who, once in awhile, can be a pain (an excruciating one) in the *ss and then somehow, surprisingly, can further evolve into a pain in the whole f*cking universe's *ss. But still, I cannot stand spending a day without him in my life. 
Oh, how ridiculous is this love-hate relationship of ours

Impromptu BBQ session with the old guys. Ivan's chicken wing, Xm's tomyam(i think?) fish, Soon En's roasted sweet potato, and Pwen's marshmellow-y marshmallows are on the menu! Lol. 

And this was yesterday. Dinner at Plan B and then second round at Murni, because.. I rather not say, it's quite tedious to tell the story.

And ate this much yesterday. Four person, 2 main course, a appetizer, a soup, a salad and a dessert. 
Was meant for 6 people, but like I said, looooooooooooooooong story short, we ate them all and we were SO full. 

And now, that's it for today. I have to get my beauty sleep. Haven't been sleeping very well for the past 2 nights. Yikes. Goodnight! 
It's Thursday tomorrow! Hurrah! It's like my TGIF but I have two of them. Maybe I can say TGIT instead, because my Friday I haz noz clazz. Ties! Tres bien! Oh yeah, I'm so obsessed with French since I'm taking a class this semester. Lol. Excuse moi. 
Oh, shut up you French wannabe

Crocheting Intro & help

I started to get crazy over crocheting these few days and now I'm gonna share some helpful links here for mine and your reference, in case you would like to learn crocheting too. It's quite fun actually, if you have nothing better to do. Like me right now. :P Just me, my sofa and yarns. Oh, and the handy dandy internet! These days, you can just find ANYTHING on the internet.

Normally I think you have to know the basic before starting, but I say "What the hell, just do it". The best way to learn is to try, right? It's like swimming. If I throw you into a pool, you'll learn how to swim instinctively. Or something like that.

I am not a pro. I myself am a beginner too, just sharing my experience. 

Don't know which yarn to buy? No worries, for starters just buy the cheapest one in store. I bought Minlon many times even in the past. Because it's only RM1.60 for 40g if I buy it in my hometown. It's RM2.00 if you're in KL area. It's acrylic, not very comfortable material, but for beginners, it will do for practice.
Crochet hooks, don't buy just ONE size. Buy varieties, they have sets nowadays. I myself bought many (I bought for RM1+ for one size in Teluk Intan, so damn cheap! but then I lost all of it. OH BOO HOO!) then now I'm buying it again via online. I bought it on Pinky Frog Shop, got the 6 sizes hooks for RM18. Buy wood if you want a lighter grip.
If you know what you're doing already, here is some website I found if you have a hard time finding stores outside or if you just want to survey the price.
Website selling yarns in Malaysia
Benang Kait Knitting & Crochet Da'Knit - Biggest Online Yarns Store! : Benang
Cotton Yarn, Wool Yarn, Acrylic yarn, Polyester, Cashmere Yarn, Knitting Needle, Crochet Hook, Afghan Hook, Circular Knitting Needle, Stitch Marker, Craft Books, Knitting Looms, Buttons, Pom Pom Maker, Yarn Winder, etc.
Basic - Plain Yarns at Benang Kait Knitting - Benang Kait Crochet - Benang Kait

Well for me, when I start, I search for the pattern diagram.*I normally dig golds on Pinterest, just search "crochet pattern" and voila* There are two types of pattern chart you can find: the word kind and the diagram kind.

the "word" pattern 

The "diagram" pattern

I used to just look at diagrams because I thought it was easier. The words just.. makes me feel so lost and I didn't bother to learn how to read it. BUT I recently did, and honestly reading is easier because I don't have to count how many stitches I should make or even figure out which direction I should be crocheting. And also, some times I get lost while looking at the diagram while crocheting. With the word diagram, I know where exactly I am. I normally copy and paste the words in a wordpad and then just put "***" at the round that I am currently at.
I think it's just a question of preference. Diagrams are of course easier to understand but not convenient.

When you found a project you like, find out what size of yarn and hook sized it needs. For starters, and with just Minlon (2.00mm dia) on hand, I think crocheting anything wearable is not advisable (eg. clothes, scarf, beanie, etc.) because acrylic.. I have to say it again.. is very very uncomfortable.

Reference from http://snuffykin.livejournal.com/51751.html

Normally, the "starting" (in diagram pattern) is indicated by a hollow arrow and the end is indicated by a shaded arrow.

How to make the starting loop
It's chinese, I don't know how to read it, but the pictures sure tell a thousand words.
The normal starting loop

The "circle" starting loop.
Do this instead if the indicated symbol looks like the upper left circled symbol.

Example of the "circle" loop.
Ending a project is easy. Cut it, then pull out the final loop. Weave in the tail into the project.
You can refer "how to end" in the video I embedded below here. It also teaches how to change yarns when you ran out of yarn or want to change colour neatly. 

And that's about it. :) 
Good luck!