My Christmas/Birthday Want List

So.. Every year I'm gonna do this. I'm gonna write this wish/want list post before my birthday. Just to wish some suckers out there would just buy these appropriate things that I will and need to use instead of buying me expensive or inexpensive gifts that I might threw it in the corner of an abandoned building. Just to hope for a(or many) real life Santa Clause to bestow the most precious gifts on me.

So, I'm gonna write something about my last year's wishlist post before I start this year's. 
I asked for........... image
  1. White Instax Mini 8 I bought this one for myself in Feb 2013 and I didn't regret buying it
  2. Yarns and books for crocheting Again, I bought yarns myself and even made some productive things with them this year. As for the book, I download a lot of e-magazine from the internet.
  3. Ukulele Boyfriend splurged on a really good quality one. Which I only touch once a month. LOL. Okay, I think I need to strum on it more often.
  4. A trip to anywhere I went for my first cruise in Penang, first trip to Langkawi and Bangkok this year! So awesome! Looking forward to more great adventures in year 2014!
  5. Food Walao, this one I got plenty of. Plus my mum is so active in baking recently.
  6. Time. Couldn't strike this one off, because... it's time. Time is not kind, he won't give you anything. Can some scientist please find a way to increase time?? Like move our planet farther away from the sun or anything.
  7. Care I'm beginning to appreciate the people surrounding me more, I think..? Get rid of the people that pulls you down and keep the ones that will care and give their time to you when you ask for it.
Honestly, I don't even remember if I received any gifts or present... Except for the ukulele............ It's either I'm a really forgetful person or I'm just a really sad kid.

This year, the Jolly Good Fellow wants

A new phone. 
Currently eyeing on the new Iphone 5S. I would not have wish for this if only my current Iphone 4s is still stable or usable. I'm having a problem with the battery draining super fast. I had to charge my smartphone at least twice a day. Also, it gets very annoying when I want to listen to some music or watch a video and the audio just doesn't work when I need it to.

Computer mouse
Mine is going to die soon. Like real soon. I am having a really hard time using the left-click button. Some times it doesn't work while some times when I click once, it double-clicks in the computer. And right now, it works fine again after a few barbaric bashing on the mouse.

A black long wallet.
Because I lost mine. I really like the one that I was using. I miss it so much. image

Cooking utensils shown above.
The ones in my Cyberjaya home feels like it's gonna poison my food if I cook with them. So yeah. And I just hope the kitchen sink in Cyberia would be bigger. It's so damn small. I keep spilling water at myself when I attempt to wash the dishes.

I think this one is another category. I mean I want to buy it myself rather have them gifted to me. Because caring for a sugar glider needs a lot of commitment and preparation AND a lot of equipment for them little critters. I've been wanting one since few years ago but back then I didn't think I would have the time to manage them.

And now that I truly realized, I seriously don't have enough time to raise them. I will never ever get any pets in the future anymore. Pets are definitely not for me.  

It's almost the beginning of my last year in University. I'm getting scared and excited at the same time. It feels like I'm still a kid but in reality I have to actually be a responsible adult now. No more clumsiness and waiting for good things to happen. If you want it, you go and get it!

I think my ending is kind of random. But heck.

Programming Competition? I'm in.

I'll say I'm super inactive in extra co-curricular activities in the university. The only club I've ever joined and have been quite active was for Rover Scout because of some friends in year 2010-2011. Though after most of the seniors graduated, I didn't join in anymore because the friends that I got very close to wasn't there anymore and I thought it was a hassle. You know? Doing things for clubs, means sacrificing sleep, class, and personal time. Not that I spend my time meaningfully the whole time though. Speaking of spending time, I think I'll pick up reading again... or just study my lecture notes should be enough.

Woah, I thought I was just going to write about this competition that I recently joined but then I ended up reminiscing the past.  

I was also a member (or a ghost) in IT Society. Funny story of how I ended up in there, just because of a friend. I did went into one of the orientation event they held but that is just it. And that was like 2 years ago I think. I still receive e-mails from them though occasionally. Then, the e-mail came. "MMU-Intervarsity Programming Competition", the letters staring at me from my Inbox. Curious, I opened and read it rather than just deleting it. I love keeping my Inbox tidy, even my spam box. Then, it hit me. Since I haven't been doing anything productive lately, why not

So, now what? I think I'll need a partner

I went for facebook and ask publicly. Got a few responses. Asked some acquaintances, but they didn't seem to really have much interest in it. Then Alvin came and commented on my status. Life saver. The perfect candidate to be my slave partner. He's one of my old buddies from my foundation intake, he's smart, and he has some experience in these kind of competition before. Bonus! It was his last semester in MMU and although he was busy with his FYP, he came to help me. Where can you find these kind of friends? I'm so grateful.

I just noticed that MMU has changed it's logo to MMU 2.0 on that very day after I saw our tags. Somehow I feel like I'm not a very caring student at all. 

There's quite a number of people entering the competition too. Most of them were IT students of course and some are from other universities. 

Taking a selfie with Alvin while the committee was giving a speech/explanation. image
Can't help it. My focus for listening is getting weaker and weaker. 

Alvin was the coder + thinker and I am the algorithm generator. Sounds so fancy hor? Hahaha! 
The competition was 3 hours. There were 6 questions to be answered but I think 3 of them wasn't very hard. It was easy in fact and everyone did that three only since all questions carries the same mark. In the end, we manage to get 2 questions correct and wasted 1 because of our arrogance and over-confidence that leads us to not bringing any reference book with us. It's an open book competition yet we went in only with some blank papers and a pencil-box. There's no such thing as too prepared, I have learnt my lesson the hard way. We also encountered some problem with their server while submitting our answers. We wasted our time fixing an error that doesn't even exist. Luckily we went to ask about our mistake then realized, it not us but the checking mechanism that they used. Two groups were affected but then we were the only one who approached them for the matter. 
Even though Alvin said he entered this kind of competition before, I can see he's so damn nervous and made some silly mistakes during the 3-hours period. image So funny to see him so flustered. I was also to blame for the mistakes because I didn't help him check the question that he did. Hahaha! It's always good to double-check or triple in fact. 

In the end of the day, we didn't won anything. Well, except for a distinction certificate. Better than nothing right? Maybe I'll try again next year. I think this was a very fun event and I was so excited for it. Even though I said I like programming, I never really did anything meaningful with it except doing my assignments. I think it's good for me to have this kind of exposure. But honestly, I didn't do any revision prior to the day of the event, only a few hours discussion with my partner and we just took it easy. I think I have to fire up a bit the next time I'm in a competition if not, there would be no point. image
Thank you Alvin, for teaming up with me and for spending your time to guide me. I appreciate your help and I enjoyed my time discussing about the problem solving things. It was my first time talking to someone about programming and stuff so deeply and it was so interesting. *laughs* Nerd mode. Let's do it again if there's a chance! E-genting!?!? image

I can proudly say yes, I'm not a dumblonde. (This phrase is directed to my dear uncle, Iven)
I even made my own hangman program from scratch (brag brag brag)! Even though it looks a bit noob but heeeeyyyy, I did it. Woohoo~~~ Okay lah, actually nothing to be proud about, I bet all the engineering students can do it. Hahaha! But surely, you mundanes couldn't . image

D'spice, BB Park with StarHero

Hello! I've been hanging out with so many awesome people lately and this is my third event with StarHero. Another food post coming up! This time, we were invited to D'spice that was also in BB Park like Marquee. It was a Friday night and as y'all know, Friday means #TGIF. KL was so crowded with locals and foreigners! BB Park is not an exception. Not only that, there were even some performance going on outside of D'spice. We had the perfect view for it but at the same time, we had so much difficulties talking to each other because the music was so loud. 

Let's not bore you anymore. Now, for the food!


D'spice was first established in October 2010. The restaurant serves a fusion of Western, Malaysian and Middle Eastern food. 

Definitely not a place that would have an alcohol shortage. image

The owner was there to explain the food that was served.

Them bloggers hard at work. image

The cocktails shown in the picture are Tequila Sunrise and Frozen Margarita. I have no comment on these as I don't drink alcohol and I do not know how to describe them. Though I tried their Mocha Chocolate Blended as it was recommended to me. Thank goodness they did, because it was so yummy!

The first dish was the Chef's Fav Mix Canapes 
of smoked salmon, cheese & ham, tuna & caviar, and poach prawns.
If you don't know about canapes like me, I'm going to google it for you. You can thank me later.
A canapé (a type of hors d’œuvre, "outside the (main) work") is a small, prepared and usually decorative food, held in the fingers and often eaten in one bite.
There wasn't enough canapes for all of us and I am one of the lucky ones that tried all four because I'm so greedy. Everything was nice except the salmon because it was too salty for me. Also, the bread(?) base was a little bit stale and hard to chew, I wonder if it's because they waited too long for us to start. Nevertheless, it serves as a great snack and appetizer.

Smoked Salmon Salad

Shrimp Salad
I totally adore salad and I must say, I love their salad sauce as it was tangy. I favor the shrimp salad more because of the issue with the smoked salmon. Though if eaten with the leafy bits, I guess it's not half bad.

Nasi Lemak Chicken Rendang
To my surprise, the chicken rendang was really good! Though the ikan bilis was a bit too hard and had gone stale too.

Lamb Shank with Biryani Rice
It's been so long since I've had middle eastern food and I have forgotten how fragrant their rice can be. The lamb shank was so soft and tender but I think it lacks of taste. The sambal/sauce was awesome though.

The main star of the day, Organic Rib Eye Steak
With extra gravy!! And they even have fried golden mushroom, my fav. Okay, enough about the side dishes and back to the steak. The steak was super huge and the one I got was medium cooked, which I think was a little overcooked because I had a hard time chewing it. As for the taste and flavor..... I find it very disappointing. 

Australian Waghu Beef Ribs
They did a wonderful job cooking the ribs, because it was very tender. Though, it wasn't good or bad, just normal for me. Again, I think it lacks of flavor too. Everyone was so hype about the skinny fries though and I understand why after I've tried it. I don't normally consume fries, but it was pretty darn good. 

Pizza Chili Bilis
I put my slice of pizza down after the first bite. My stomach was on the brink of exploding, and also it tasted so salty and a little bit fishy. I didn't like it at all but I think this dish is an acquired taste.

Chocolate Brownies, Nangka, and Ice Cream
If you're into super sweet desserts, then this is definitely for you. As for me, I think the sweetness level has gone far beyond my tolerance.

I like this dessert.... and that is all.
image Sorry, I really have no idea what to comment on this. It was ordinary I guess.

I think D'spice is more of a 
I think the food tasted very ordinary (and some are weird), there's no "ohmp" to it. You know what I mean? Plus, I'm more of a "strong flavor" person and the food they serve are a bit bland for me. Aside from the food, they serve pretty good drinks lah. The place can get pretty hot even at night and they only have fans. 

D'spice Restaurant & Bar
BB002, Ground Floor, 
BB Park, Jln. Bukit Bintang, 
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening hours | Mon - Sun : 10am - 2am

Here are some detailed reviews by the other bloggers

After reading their reviews, I think I'm the only one having problem with their food. image Nonetheless, these are my honest opinions and I think I'm pretty hard to please. Hahaha!


Selfies of the night with Grace and my love.

My sunflower girl guy. HAHAHA! Can't help but laugh every time I see this. 
So damn hiaoimage

That night was super fun as I get to talk to more bloggers that I've seen but not officially met. Unfortunately, I didn't take much photos with them because I have a very crappy iPhone for a camera.  Haha! Plus the other bloggers were all taking pictures with their awesome compacts and DSLRs, cannot compete. I think I better save up some money to buy one for myself too. But it's so darn expensive! Dilemma dilemma. 
To buy or not to buy
Okay, that sounds stupid. Thanks for reading! Till next time.

14/11/13 Ben's, Bangsar Shopping Centre & Uncle Jang, Bandar Puteri Puchong

It's so weird seeing me suddenly so active last week and then *poof*, I'm silent for a few days. I apologize for the inconsistent post but now I'm here to blog about last Thursday. A date with Grace at Ben's in BSC.

It's my second time in BSC, and it's actually my first time in Ben's. 

Overall, I think the place is quite cozy and spacey too. They even have mini recipe and conversation cards in the square little box.

Breaded Button Mushroom with aioli, RM16
I thought the fried mushroom(or at least it looks like it) would be crunchy or so but the texture is just like boiled mushrooms. Don't really like this even though I like mushrooms.

Deconstructed Thai Beef Salad, Rm27
Honestly, the only thing that lured me to order this is the word "mango". The portion was huge but still quite pricey, IMO. The mango was sour image and the sauce was sweet, tangy and very spicy. I didn't really like this either. 

Cafe Latte, RM7.90

Caramel Chocolate Banana, RM11
 Thank goodness for dessert. The cake was really creamy and chocolaty but not too sweet. 

Berrific Sundae, RM13
I'm not a fan of ice-cream but this was pretty good. 

Third floor, Bangsar Shopping Centre, 
285 Jalan Maarof, 
Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar.
Opening Hour | Everyday 11am - 11pm

Grace diligently taking photos of the foods.

..and me taking some selfies. image

It was actually my first time dating Grace out. Even though it's a little awkward, I had a great time talking to her since we're from the same high school. I'm quite a loner during high-school so I don't mix around much. After a few years of being a loner, I think I finally opened up during my University life. Sorry, I digress. Well, looking forward to more meet-ups with her! Though she's going to be out of the country pretty soon after she graduate. I'm happy for her and sad at the same time because that means I'm going to have one less friend to hang out with.

None the less, looking forward to the next trip. I hope we'll be kayak-ing the next time we meet!

The content after these sheeps are not very useful but it is advised that you finish reading this post. 

Hashtag ootd? Haha

After tea time with Grace, I went straight to Uncle Jang in Puchong for dinner with my usual gang. 
The girls are always the earliest. Even though we drove from places that are further away from the guys. What is happening to the world nowadays?

Everyone is just so happy. I don't know why. I forgot what we were talking about. 

Whazzat face for???


Picture of the day. 
The look that says "This is just too spicy to handle"

Ey, tak hapa hapa la Hau Loong
Take picture also want press phone! image

It's been a long time since the last time we went there to eat. The menu has changed and there was no such thing as adding egg to our food anymore! Such a disappointment. As always, it's very oily, I don't know why so many girls are eating these kind of food and they don't look fat. I mean when I was there, I saw a lot of girl eating in there. Other than that, I think the ramen was over-soaked because it wasn't chewy enough. Adding the cheese sari didn't really change much of the taste. To be honest, you won't even be able to taste the cheese, so I think it's better to not add them.
A piece of advice, even though you can handle SUPER spicy, please don't order the spicy one. The guys that were eating the spicy one ended up choosing the non-spicy one. Because it's just too much to handle. For the side dish, as always we ordered the beef. It's sweet but I think it's the best food in the menu. 

Okay, I think that's it for today. This post is kinda written in a half-assed manner but... I can only manage to do this for now. Hahaha! Thanks for reading!