Bangkok Trip Day 3

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We woke up much later than the day before but still around 7am. It really does take a toll on us when we didn't have an 8 hours sleep.. Well, at least it is true for me. The first thing on our to-do list is visit the four-faced Buddha at Erawan Shrine. So we took the BTS to Chit Lom.

Us with our matching outfits, we didn't care if we look out-of-it or crazy, youngins just wanna have fun!

image Erawan Shrine image
This place was not how I had imagined it would be. In my mind, a shrine should be in a building or at least bigger than a house but this place is the size of a small plaza. That didn't stop people from coming here to pay their respect to the Buddha. We bought our incense, candle and flower inside of the plaza as I read on foursquare that they will offer cheaper price for you. It cost 25 baht for a set of these and they have a different set that includes some bigger flowers and it will cost you 50 baht if I remember correctly.

Traditional dance

Crowded with people.. like ants swarming around sugar

To our next destination, Chatuchak!

image Chatuchak Weekend Market image
If you're planning to go to Bangkok, I think it is best for you to include a weekend in your trip because Chatuchak is the best place to shop in my opinion and it is only opened on Friday(wholesale day), Saturday and Sunday! We actually spent half a day here and I think it wasn't enough but we were super duper tired and wanted to go visit some other places too.
We didn't find a map there as we didn't know where we can get it and also we didn't thought of getting one. You will definitely get lost in there because the whole place is like a maze. So, I think it's a good idea to get one... yeah..... 
There's a lot of thing to buy here and we mostly bought t-shirts, girl's clothes, souvenirs, baby clothes, essential oil diffuser, souvenirs, fridge magnets, make-up pouches, accessories and etc. You can find EVERYTHING here and it's damn CHEAP. There are a few shops that sells the same thing but the prices will differ. So make sure to take your time walking around there and if can, dedicated a whole day for shopping purposes in Chatuchak.  
Mangoes everywhere and they are super sweet!

Enjoying popsicles on a hot day

A super cool souvenir shop that sells a lot of cute and unique stuff

Wah, so macho..

Wahhhhh.. Ini lagi hebat. So smexyyyy. Haha!

Chicken Rice

Some random Italian dude with a huge.. pizza??? Errr... Not sure.
Everyone was basically taking turns to take a picture with him, it's like he is famous or something. I'm not sure what but.. tohellwithit, go kepoh and take a picture with him also. Behind him is a really crowded restaurant with a lot of Caucasians. I think they serves western food by the look of it.

Little kid was playing a really fast and catchy rhythm and he was dancing to it too!

Must try the Ice Cream Coconut there, it's super tasty!!! You'll be hooked! 

You'll find a lot of street foods there but we didn't actually sat and tried them. Instead we tapau som tam and roasted chicken to eat along our way home. I think I ate som tam every single day. It's one of my favourite food right now! But don't add the crab because it will smell fishy. That's what they told me.

On nom nom nom nom

Human traffic jam at 4pm

Be shocked by the amount of cars and they have this weird double/triple parking system. It seems like everyone who parked their car won't use handbrakes, so anyone can push and move your car. So if your car is blocked... then you'd have to push A LOT of cars away in order to drive home.
Showered and ready to go again! But first!!!

Foot massage for our tired legs at Zen-Tara again.

We had our dinner at the roadside which was situated along our way from the hotel to the BTS. We saw a lot of locals eating there, so we thought we might be lucky to hit the jackpot (as in find some yummy food without going too far). It turns out all of us had tummy-ache the next morning. We assumed is our dinner's fault. I think our tummy is not suitable for dirty street food. image

We went back to Siam Paragon for a little shopping and finding specific things to buy and we found out that they have street markets too outside once you come down to the BTS near Siam Centre/Paragon. Then we took a taxi to Asiatique although it was already 9pm plus. Die die also must go there once since we heard it's a really cool place for night views.

image Asiatique The Riverfront image
The main attraction here was the Ferris Wheel! Thank goodness we made it in time and they are still open for business. We thought they would close early or such.
Although there are a lot of shops here, most of them are a bit pricy and I think it's more high-end. They close quite early though, you'll see all of them starting to shut down around 11pm.

uhhhh... don't know what this is...

250 baht per adult! and it's quite a short ride.

"Weeeeee! Can ride Ferris Wheel!!" 

I tried to emulate him with his typical asian peace pose because I was kinda ticked off when he block my face! Ha! Take that!

Thanks to the friendly staff for taking quite a few pictures for us

It was late and we decided to take the Tuk Tuk back since we didn't had the chance to do so yet. So it was our first and last Tuk Tuk ride during our stay there. If you see carefully, you might notice that a Tuk Tuk can only fit in 2 or 3 person at most. But all 5 of us sat on one! Including the driver, it was 6! Amazing or not???? HAHAHA! How?? You'd have to figure it yourself. image

It was our last night there, we went for a 7-eleven food feast! We will definitely miss the food they sold there. I mean, they are so delicious, why Malaysia don't have these kind of fast food instead. image
It was already 1am by the time we all finished showering, me, my bf and Soonen went to get a full body massage instead of sleeping. We went to another shop but I forgot the name. It's before Zen-Tara and the staff there are actually quite talkative and kind of funny. The massage is still okay but the atmosphere wasn't better than Zen. So yeah, but the massage service is still good. 

Looks brain-dead to me.. or just too sad to leave

Hahaha! Learning the new hashtag language.

Nothing to say about our last day, because we had to catch our 12pm flight! So we slept longer and ate our breakfast then we are gone with the wind. 

Oh, some random note. They have Naraya at the airport too so fret not if you missed out shopping in the other outlets. As for me, I went to two outlets and... honestly, I don't find any of the bags charming. They look so........... better not say it, if not I think those who bought it will kill me. image I think a better way of saying it is that the bags didn't really suit my style although the pouch, bags and wallet they sold there are quite cheap.

So, that is all for my Bangkok post. Hope it didn't bore you to death. It took me quite awhile to finish all three post and I got really bored from writing super long essays too. So, you might see me typing less stuff and maybe an increasing number of grammar mistakes....? 
Okay, ending this post right now before I get carried away and start spewing out grandma stories.

For those who would like to refer to my itinerary, here's a link to my google doc

Love, Joey Kuan.

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