26-Oct-15 | Shopaholic instinct

What I see in my daily life

Seriously this is what I see every day. Whenever I am in the MRT or bus, everyone is constantly on their phone, playing games, facebook, instagram, and etc. Well, I don't blame them. It's better to do something rather than just sit there and wait right?? I am also doing the same thing too (like finding recipes to cook or some arts and crafts inspiration). But I try to do something else rather than sticking my nose to my mobile phone's screen. I tried bringing my crochet tools and also my cross stitching materials with me so that at least when I am travelling to work alone, I have something to do. When travelling with friends of course, we would talk most of the time. When travelling with boipren I don't bring my materials out so we always play around with my phone but occasionally when we found something funny on 9gag (him) or Tumblr/DeviantArt/Pinterest (me), we will share it with each other. Not sure if it's healthy or not. But.. yeah.. That's how it is. 

20/10/15 | Cooking again, Law of Attraction

My attempt in making Jap food, Ochazuke, Salmon and Shimeji with butter sauce

If you're following me on Instagram or Facebook, you'll notice that I'm re-posting pictures on my blog. But whatever, I don't really have much pictures to upload anyway. If you've never heard of Ochazuke, you'll probably want to try it out. Pretty simple to make, the ingredients are readily available in supermarkets (rice crackers, salmon, instant jap seasoning powder which has seaweed, sesame seed and seasoning in it). You'll probably want to eat it with short-grained rice (yum yum). I also tried to re-create the grilled mushroom which I order almost every time when I patronize Sushi Zanmai. I failed miserably. It seems like I was missing some ingredient because it just didn't taste as good as the ones they make. I wonder if I'm missing something.... Maybe some mirin will help, will try next time. 

7/10/15 | Graduate photo, Aiden's Birthday

Of course, it is....

I'm typing this in the office.. and I am a little nervous because I'm afraid that my other colleagues will come swooping in and check out what I have on my laptop screen... Lol. Oh well.. I have to make this a quick one. 
So, for the past week and also this one, I have been surviving on a very old XiaoMi phone (as my iPhone is still... broken), and my office laptop has restrictions on it.. And I don't have a laptop bag yet, so I am lazy to bring it home. So, now I have to do this in the office. Fellow colleagues, if somehow you are reading this, please don't report me. Thank you. 

Of course, it is mandatory to go for a photo-shooting session with Die Familie with my graduation coat on. I don't know why, but everyone does it. At least the Asian family does. Then when we are done, we print out a great big picture to hang on the wall. 
Although, we looked overly-photoshop-ed.... I don't even know if is it me in the photos.