Foodie Review | Mrs Pho & Derwish Turkish Restaurant

*A month later* *decided to write in* Anyway. please excuse my poor vocabulary as I think I am in a lost-for-word state of mind right now. My capability to "english" is getting rusty. 

As promised, a full review on Mrs Pho! Their winning motto "Feeds you like a family" which explains a lot on how they prepare their food.

♥ Chanh Muoi (Saigon Salty Lemonade) - $2
I tried this on my first visit, I really liked it. Definitely will help increase your appetite.

Da Uo Da (Homemade Yogurt Drink) - $2
Something sweet and a bit sour-ish. Like this as well.

Ca Phe Sua Da (Viet Coffee with Condensed Milk)- $3
I don't drink coffee but it was recommended by a friend of my friend. Review: great!

♥ Goi Cuon (Fresh Spring Rolls) - $3.50
Fresh ingredients and very generous on the portion. The sauce is a winner. Need I say more?

Cha Gio (Fried Pork Spring Roll) - $3
Unfortunately, for me this is just okay. Prefer the fresh spring rolls.

♥ Goi Du Du Tom Thit (Papaya Salad with Prawn & Pork) - $6
The papaya salad was a surprise for me, as I didn't expect it would be so delicious! And here I thought only Thai salad can satisfy me. MUST ORDER OKAY.

Pho Bo Dac Biet (Special Beef Combo Noodle Soup) - $8.90
Here comes the main star. Pho Bo was absolutely amazing, and it reminded me of the noodle place we often patron during our trip to Ho Chi Minh City (which was so good we went back 3-4 times during the whole trip).

Com Suon Cha Trung (Rice with Pork Chop, Viet Ham and Fried Egg) - $7
Unfortunately, this didn't make it into my "yummy" list. Pork chop was too dry and hard to chew. So, I didn't really enjoyed it. 

Mrs Pho
Where | 349 Beach Rd, 199570 Singapore

We decided to just chill out around the area after our dinner at Mrs Pho. I was craving for dessert and Haji Lane was just around the corner. So, why the heck not?

Apple Tea
To our surprise, the tea is sweet. It definitely taste more like apple juice rather than tea. But I really liked it. It's very aromatic. 

This is the second Kunefe I had in Haji Lane. The first time was at another restaurant. But I think this version is better although I think it is a bit pricey (since you know, it's actually very easy to make). Anyway, this was pretty good. 

One of the down side is that the service was really bad. They seem pretty friendly before you sat down because they are trying to lure customers in. After we sat down, it took like forever for them to give us the menu. It's also quite hard to get the attention of the waitress (lack of manpower?). I also ordered a Tabouleh, but in the end, it didn't came even after we finished everything. When asked for the bill, they charged us for the Tabouleh as well. Didn't try the food, so I am not sure if this place is worth the hassle. 

Derwish Turkish Mediterranean Restaurant
Where | 60 Bussorah St, 199476

Foodie Review | Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice & Sinpopo Brand

No time to edit/rotate this picture. So... just.. look at it.. :P
I have been wanting to go to this place for ages and my bf even flipped out on me because he said I said that for too many times (maybe it's PMS time for him) and so, we went all the way from Bukit Batok to East Coast to try this. And after that long journey, it turns out they have a branch in Bukit Timah, which is just 15 minutes away from our home (which made my bf flipped out once again). Sorry love, orz (Just tell me it's been awhile since you see this emoticon).
Okay lol, jokes aside...

Despite being in Singapore for over 5 months, this is my first time having Hainanese Chicken Rice here. 

For me it was quite nice. I mean smooth chicken meat and fragrant rice and all. I mean.. that actually applies to all hainanese chicken rice dish. Since this is my first time trying it in Singapore, I can't give a comparison. My boyfriend did say that it is nicer than the one he had in some random food court. As for the other dish, the nuts (snack) was given as a default (we didn't order it) and we ordered a plate of young green bean with some fried "he bi" which was.. so-so. The fried "he bi" was stale some how. 

Despite the restaurant name, they also served a lot of other chinese dishes. Including "Yee Sang" set for Chinese New Year specials. Prices are reasonable.

Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice
Where | 3 branches in Singapore
East (Visited) | 191/193 East Coast Road, 428897
West | 6/7 Cheong Chin Nam Road, 599732
Centre | 419 River Valley Road, 248318

Since we were bored out of our mind, we decided to search for a nearby place for dessert. Made a quick search on Foursquare, and this cafe popped out. Despite their "classical" name, it is actually quite a retro & hipster-ish cafe.

Honestly, if I were to happen to walk by this place, I wouldn't give it much attention because the signboard just give me the "old-school" store vibe. But, they happen to have some banners hanging outside the shop. Good marketing technique. Kudos to the photographer. 

When we came in, we were greeted by a really friendly waitress. I personally really liked the service. After she showed us to our seats and gave us the menus, she automatically explains which one is the bestseller and give us some recommendations. 

"Smexy dessert"... No dirty joke intended.
We wanted to try a lot of things actually but since we just had our lunch before heading to this place, we can only afford to order.. one for each. Hahaha. Believe me, if we went there with empty stomachs.. *huek huek huek*. Okay, joking. Or am I? 

Anyway, we ordered the bestsellers of course.

Katong Jelly -7$
A refreshing soda with shredded jelly drink. It reminded me of the pink jelly in a cup that I always eat when I was in primary school! Anyway, it's a really special drink and I really liked it. 

Doughnuts and Gula Melaka with Affogato -8$
If you opened up their Foursquare profile, you'll mostly see pictures of this dessert. It's just mini doughnut served on these two "spike stick" with melted gula melaka. Also, served with a mini affogato (which basically means espresso with ice cream). Simple but fulfilling snack. Try to dip the doughnut pieces in the affogato! At least, that is how we ate it.

Durian Pengat - 9$
This is the first time I have heard of durian pengat. I googled, and to make durian pengat, you basically need: durian pulp, coconut milk, milk, pandan leaves, salt and gula melaka. Sinpopo brand adds a twist to this dessert by serving it with a scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream and croutons. Guilty pleasure.

I'm definitely coming back to try more varieties of the dessert they have! As you can see, most of the food they served are basically local dishes but with a twist. A westernized local food concept perhaps? But anyway, I really like the idea.

Sinpopo Brand
Where | 458 Joo Chiat Rd, Singapore 427671

Crochet Works | Bags bags bags

Woah, this draft has been sitting here for a long time, I guess it's about time I post it up. I haven't been really active in creating new amigurumi as of now. Because, surprisingly, I have been getting orders for bags after I created two for myself. And actually I have a few amigurumi orders as well after that, but nothing new. It gets really boring some times when I have to do repetitive pattern plus right now, I have less time to invest in my hobby. So, I stopped putting my "Made to order" item in Etsy to avoid orders. But if requested, I will still make it.. Which is what is happening right now. Hah....

Rainbow coloured bag for a friend, who actually ordered for his girlfriend. Which is very sweet of him. :)

18-Feb-16 | It's my Second Monkey Year

No, the holiday is not done yet. After Christmas and New Year, I have Chinese New Year to look forward to. And the food galore has not stopped since (no thanks to my mum's delicious homemade Chinese New Year cookies). Gosh, even when I am sitting in the office, I am still in holiday mood. 

This year is the year of Monkey! Which is my year! Unfortunately, they said it's not a very good year for fellow monkeys. So much for fan tai sui

Dinner with friends in SG before CNY. Jason's first salary celebration WOOTS!
Finally he did it, he treated us after all our complaining. Hahaha.

Joey's Diving Trips | Sipadan, Mabul, & Kapalai with Seaventures

All those time and  money spent to get a diving license, but yet never to actually utilize them. I am officially an Advanced Open Water diver as of July 2014 (YES, more than a year ago!). I didn't blog about it because I was in some kind of blog hiatus then. I rely a lot on my blog to look back at what had happened in my life actually. So, it was pretty weird when I don't see any updates about that. Oh well.. 
So far, I had only been to Pulau Perhentian for my dive courses, same place and I have the same instructor (all hail Ethel Toloni). And then, no diving at all. I think the main reason was that I am basically.. broke. You know, because I was not working to sustain my lifestyle then. But finally, I am working right now, I believe it's time to venture into the ocean again. Plus, I had no better plan for my birthday. Don't really feel like doing the cliche birthday celebration thing. And it's a long weekend, so it's absolutely a brilliant idea to spent my time on a beautiful place like Sipadan island. One more place to check off on my to-go list. 

Now, for the juicy details. Here is the gist of it. 

We took a 5D4N diver package with Seaventures Dive. It was suggested by one of my friends as he was planning to go there too. I guess the price was reasonable especially when they are offering unlimited dives at the rig. Unfortunately for us, the current was too strong most of the time, so we only dived once at the rig. Best months to go to Sipadan is from April to Nov (best best best is the month of July & August). So, December wasn't really a great time to go. The visibility was note that great but it was still okay.

Duration of trip | 24th Dec ~ 28th Dec (5 days 4 nights)
Total damage per person | RM3000 ~ RM3800
Total dives possible | 10 ~ 17 dives 
*Calculated price varies as each divers has to choose whether if they want to rent the equipment, adding boat dives, etc. 
*Calculated dives possible varies based on 9 boat dives + optional boat dives with extra cost/unlimited free dive at the rig. It is possible to dive 5 times per day depending on how you spend your time, your stamina and also the weather at the rig. Consider taking morning flight on the day of arrival so that you can reach early and score extra dives at the rig.