Joey's Diving Trip | Tenggol, Terengganu X Viking Scuba

screenshot from Viking Scuba Instagram page

My first diving trip for year 2017. Our destination this time is Tenggol island, which has recently gain some fame over the year mainly because of whale shark sighting and only recently, like few weeks ago, some divers did met one and video-ed it down.

There were 10 of us on this trip. 5 from KL, and another 5 from Singapore. 2 fresh blood taking Open Water Course, 3 Open Water certified, and 5 Advanced Open Water certified. Oh yes, we are building a diving army soon (jk, even though it's not that funny, idk why i crack that joke). We signed a package deal with Viking Scuba (I think our friend found them in an expo or something) and got some discount, since we have quite a number of people. 

*Disclaimers: We divided some cost equally among us, so what I am writing does not represent the official cost they are charging and also keep in mind that this is a package deal. 

To break it down:
RM888~ per person which includes


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Ijen | Mount Bromo | Madakaripura Waterfall Trip 2017

// T O U C H D O W N //

What | Bromo Trip
When | 13th - 16th April 2017
Where | Surabaya, Indonesia

Thanks to Shy Bey for arranging everything, and all we need to do was buy the flight tickets, pay deposit and wait for the day to come. :D Everyone contributed to the pictures posted in this blog. So, it's all a mixture of pictures from our phones, GoPro and DSLR.

Price | ~220$
Inclusive | Tour, accommodation, transportation, entrance fees, breakfast
Flight | 222$ via JetStar from SGP to Surabaya 
Other expenses | ~100$ for food and shopping

Overall, I think each of us used around 500$ per person for the whole trip. It's quite a good vacation trip but need to exert a little extra energy. The view provided by mother nature is amazing, and there's none other like it. I highly recommend it if you're into nature and scenery. 
Like anyone who is going there for the first time, we were fretting a lot about what we should bring and wear. Since I've already been there, this is my advice to anyone reading this. It can get very hot and it can get very cold too. Yes, both! So, be sure to bring clothes that you can layer as the difference of temperature of the same place can change drastically during the day and night time. It was predicted that the temperature would be around 10 degree Celcius for both Ijen and Bromo in the middle of the night. It's bearable but if it's windy then it can get quite cold. Invest in a windbreaker if you can. I almost froze to death on the second night. Mask and raincoat is also advisable as you will need it at Ijen and the waterfall respectively. Some chocolate snacks would be good too to keep your body energized during your hike but not necessary. Be sure to change enough money because money exchange services are very scarce there! If you must, change at the airport as we found that the rate given outside was very very bad. Maybe it was our luck too, as the bank exchange service was closed and it was a holiday that particular day when we wanted to change some money. 

Our flight were scheduled on Thursday morning and by the time we reached there, it was already a little bit after noon. There, we met our driver who chaperoned us for the 4 days. His name was Pak Iman. Overall, I think he was okay, but I didn't like it when he deliberately drove us to some restaurant which cater to foreigners.. and also charge us the "foreigner price" too. When we see there was an English menu, we knew what was happening. There's this dinner place that charged us 25,000 IDR (2.60$/RM8) for a meager plate of rice with a pathetic excuse for a chicken drumstick and 3 pieces of blanch (or dying) cooked leaves. When we stood on our ground and asked him to find us a place where local eats and making sure there was no English menu, we found a place that sells a plate of food for only 5000 - 6000 IDR (0.60$/RM2). That's a very big difference folks! He was making this kind of creepy and nervous laugh at some point.. We suspected something before but.. it's not nice to allege accuse him for something publicly. So, I'll just leave it at that.  

Anyway, TLDR version; Be careful not to get scammed and stand your ground.

In our private van.
Not the most comfortable van but we endured. Our first journey was from Surabaya Airport to Ijen View Hotel & Resort which took 5-6 hours. Before heading off on our journey we had to take our lunch first. We ate at IBC and also made a little pit stop at the local mini-mart called Indomart to stock up on some water and snacks. 

Bangkok for Coldplay 2017

// T H U R S D A Y // 6 A P R I L 2 0 1 7 //
// A R R I V A L // 
I was thinking of writing this post down once I collect and upload all the pictures that we have taken in Bangkok. But then I realize, I'll forget all the info and experience if I were to wait any longer. And besides, I already have the pictures from mine and his iPhone. The only pictures missing are the ones from the camera and his GoPro which I think most probably won't be happening that soon. Anyway, I'll get started on writing and add more pictures in sooner or later. I hope. 

Where we stayed | Check Inn Regency Park
The first night there was pretty bad because when we arrive to our hotel at night, they told us our room was not ready and they didn't have time to clean so they transferred us to another branch with a much much smaller room space and they don't have hot water for shower. We were tired and I was pretty pissed off. I wanted to complain or something but then I didn't want to waste my time or energy doing something like that on our vacation. Well, at least the room were decent when we got our intended room on the second day. The hotel also have a sauna, gym and a swimming pool. The view up at the balcony is super (look out for pictures below). 

Other than the issue we had with them, I think that the hotel was quite a decent place to stay for the price itself. I mean the location is pretty good, Family Mart is just right beside the hotel. The view from the swimming pool is great. The room is quite clean and spacious. There's a bar next door which is an extension to the hotel. There's a really nice massage place just nearby called Lek Massage and it only cost like 250 Baht for an hour of Thai massage. There's a lot of massage places (including inappropriate one) but if you're looking for food, I'm sorry to say there wasn't much choices. There are some roadside stalls outside of the hotel, but we never tried any of them. Instead we took like a 10 mins walk to Phrom Phong or Asok MRT and tried most of the street foods there and all of them never failed to impress. 

I look so much older recently. Not sure if it's the adult world that is making me look that way or what.
// F R I D A Y // 7 A P R I L 2 0 1 7 //
// P R E P A R E D F O R C O L D P L A Y // 


My mind is running wild again. Probably doing some parkour moves in my head if it is even possible. I've been thinking a lot lately again, constantly worrying, constantly blaming myself, and constantly blaming other people as well. Most of the time, I keep it to myself, and some times the one close to me suffers for no reason, as if hit by a ricochet bullet because of my mouth.