Is being too independent a bad thing?

This is going to be another long rant post of mine. Just had this thought because I feel like being independent is good but some times, maybe too independent... is not? Well, I guess this is very subjective. Well, I admit, I have thrown myself out there in the world, so with all those experience on hand, I might say I am quite independent. This may affect how I think and I tend to judge other people like this. I know I know, it's kind of like hypocrisy. I always ask people not to judge other people, but in reality, I am like the supermarket employee that is always holding a label gun. HAHAHA. It's kind of like I am slapping myself when I am admitting this. Anyway...
Recently, I just feel like the words coming our from my mouth hurts other people (especially my boyfriend and my close friends). Well, I mean well actually but maybe the way I say it or the words that I used might be a little offensive... in a way? It's kind of funny, you see, I know I am being offensive right here (I mean after I say it) but I am never the person to filter out pretty words if I am talking to someone I knew for a long time. I have a few friends who would straight out tell me when I am crossing the line, I honestly appreciate that because right then and there, I would know to when stop and

Rooster year 2017

This year, I was a bit smarter in choosing my transportation choice back home. Instead of taking the bus, I took a flight back to KLIA then had my brother to fetch me back home. Well, it's not cheap but I think a 160$ flight beats a 100$ bus trip back any day. At least I don't need to deal with traffic jam at the custom. 
It's also a lot quieter this year, I mean I think the trend now is to travel with family during the Chinese New Year. You know, just to avoid giving ang paos if you are married. Hahaha. No, I mean it's true though, think about it. Instead of giving the moolahs out to other people, you spend it on travel instead. Damn, all man for himself aye. Jokes aside, seriously though, my relatives are migrating, marrying, and the older one are having health problems. Friends are busy working or busy spending time with family cause this year's timing for CNY ain't that great. I only took 3 days off my work. 

Starting with pictures from the first day of CNY at my grandma's (dad's side) house. 

Easy DIY Apple Pen Cap Holder

If you own an Apple Pen, I am sure you are familiar with the problems of gripping the pen properly and storing the cap when you need to charge the pen. Honestly, the design of the pen is not that "great", it is nice to look but using it is somewhat a pain. I only had it for a week, and I have already improvised my pen twice.


I find that the pen always slips easily and it doesn't feel right when I am using it. So, I decided to add my own grip with

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Went to this really good Chinese restaurant that serves China's style cooked fish the other day with my colleague. It was unexpected good. If you have a chance, try the salted vegetable styled fish and order the "fruit fish", the meat was so smooth.