My 2017 Christmas gift list

I think it's a good idea to write this one month before because lately I've been hearing questions like "What do you want for your birthday". Obviously I was caught by surprised and my mind was blank. How the flying duck would I know? I don't really think about buying things everyday, although I did have this idea of keeping a "want list" but I was just to lazy to even open a new note in my phone and jot it down when I have a good inkling of what I want.

But hey, today I'll just try really hard and write down this list. Maybe I'll just keep updating this list for the next few days (because I am fickle minded like that).

  1. Mini Instax Films. Because I need them for my Mini 8 camera (which I rarely use anymore, because it's kind of forgotten and it's kind of bulky to bring around BUT it takes really good photos. So, I try to use it as much as I can. And I have only 5 films left right now. Any amount of donation is fine. Thank you.) I think Uncle Alvin is getting me this since he was asking me about it through my mum. Muahaha
  2. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 Remix and Kingdom Hearts 2.8 Remix for PS4. I love my games. I bought these two for myself recently
  3. Since I like games, would like Okami HD for PS4. I even got a tattoo of it because I like the wolf a lot.
  4. Time. I need time. Somebody please find a way to slow down time or just give me something that could make me travel back in time
  5. Catnips... for my cats
  6. Cash donations for my bunion surgery because it's giving me a lot of problems when I go travelling
  7. A camcorder so I can start vlogging and stuff, upload it on Youtube, gain a million followers and then quit my job. 
  8. A Macbook, so that I can edit my vlogs in it and play Final Fantasy XIV all day long
  9. Since I said about playing Final Fantasy XIV, then I would also need the one year fee for playing it. 
  10. A yoga mat. Mine have some minor scratches on it (no thanks to my cats) and it's flaking off
  11. A clothes/bag hanger so that I can put my bags, currently my room is a mess because I don't know where to hang my bags. 
  12. A house, my own house. Which probably is not good as a gift, I will have to buy that for myself. I have too much shits, I need somewhere so that I can put my stuff and deco in it. 
I have a feeling this list is going to grow.. 

Sept '17

// Today's post features //
an *almost* visit to Yayoi Kusama exhibition in Singapore
flower dome x Lok&June
steak party
darts, my new found talent
Bianca & Grey
girls weekend
terrace house x Lauren Tsai
drunk man outside my house
photos around Singapore x snow app
some random shits in between
and a lot selfies recently

Joey's Diving Trip | 6 days in Bunaken & Lembeh, Indonesia

Blogging on an iPad is not an easy matter because blogger on mobile devices is shit. I can't scroll up and down when I am editing my post and I can't edit the picture properties properly. The setting just wouldn't show up. Then I paid for an app called BlogTouch Pro. It's still shitty, because I can't edit the picture size too! I can put, I'll have to manually drag each picture to the wanted size but the resolution would be shit. Why isn't there anyone who is fixing this problem!??!? Pictures are crucial to a blog post, doesn't everybody know that? Ah gosh. 

I'm always starting my blog with rants. I guess this is going to be a very frequent thing. 
But anyway, at least I recovered my last post for food review. It seems like the copy still exist on my BlogTouch because it's not resyncing every time to blogger. So I kind of cheated it out. Missing a few things, but I removed the map all together. Don't want to bother about that embedded nightmare anymore. I'm so restricted on the iPad. Urgh. And you think being able to touch the screen around is going to be more intuitive but no. We need capable programmers (HIRE ME!!! I know what bloggers want). 

I wonder if emojis shows up well on my blog. Let's see 🥘🌸👗👫💕😅

Okay, enough monkeying around. I decided to blog it out first and find some other way to change the size of the pictures later on with a computer or so. I procrastinated too long to blog about my diving trip (one month flies by just like that). 

Last year was our first diving trip together with Shy Bey and her colleagues. We met Priscilla, Harry, Richard and VC during the trip and bonded really well. Everyone is very fun to be around with so we decided to go again for another diving trip this year! 

Food Review | Man Man, Non Entree, Aloha Poke, Tendon Ginza Itsuki, Tsujiri

It's been awhile since I have written a food review post. I kind of gave up on it few years ago when I started cooking more at home and the habit of taking photos of food kind of died out too. I noticed I am getting out more recently, but still not really taking much pictures. That is why I decided to compile all the reviews in one post, because there isn't really that much photos. Okay, might not be a "proper" food review post but hey, whatever. It's for my own amusement anyway but hopefully I could introduce good food around Singapore.

Oh, and uh.. I never bothered to edit the pictures. So, they are basically... #nofilter. *grin*

Man Man Japanese Unagi Restaurant | Facebook

We heard this place from a friend. Actually, from his facebook post and the queue he had to endure before getting his dinner was blardy long and the review was good. Therefore, we decided to go and have a try. The place is not easy to find but that doesn't stop the crowd from coming here. We started queuing at 6.30pm on a Thursday evening and I think we waited for an hour and a half or so. We could have entered earlier actually but 2 of our friends weren't there yet so the staff didn't let us in.

Large Una Don | 32.80$+
Actually I don't really remember if I ordered the Una Don, but I remember it was definitely a large portion and it's portrayed on a single page on its own. I guess it's a new menu which I can't find online.

July & August '17

// Today's post features //
Cat Town, Seremban
Bianca & Grey's status & 1st Birthday
Sprained ankle
Gathering X colleagues
Gathering X Alicia & Sam
Sweets from India

*Small rant*
I actually spent one day to write a food review post on multiple places the other day, I published it and reverted to draft because some of the maps are not embedded correctly. Then today, I used Ctrl + Z and suddenly evey thing on the draft post is gone, then autosave happened. I panicked and press the close button. And now everything is gone. Not even Ctrl + Z or Y can save me. Urghhh. I'm not gonna write it again. It's too darn frustrating. It's like playing a game from level 1 to level 30 and then I didn't save and then my game crashed. aslkdfalweualsjkdc nadasdlfja hjkasd fha Okay rant over. 

Heard that there's a new cat place in town! It's not a cat cafe. It's a cat haven(? If my understanding for this English word is correct). They charge per entrance so you can stay as long as you want there. I don't really remember how much it was, because I was not the one paying it. I think it's around RM16? *Not sure, so don't take my word for it*