Amigurumi Pattern | Chibi Pikachu & Psyduck

Hi guys! I know it's been a long time since my last written pattern. I got so frustrated at noting down my patterns, that I usually just do as I see fit without noting down how I do my amigurumi. Some how this means that I can do it once, and then I have to figure out how I did it again if I ever wanted to make the same amigurumi. Not really an effective way to proceed if I were to make them again, so I decided to try to note down (as much as I can or want). 

Today, I'm going to share a relatively simple pattern.. actually two patterns. I know there is so much pokemon amigurumi pattern out there, the list is endless but what's special is that each designer added in their own flare into it. It's just a matter of which style you like better.
Heck, I have even created my first design with a pikachu head (not one of my greatest work, but it's my first). And here I am again, with another pikachu pattern, except of course, I think this version is cuter. 

P.S. I actually had to create some of the parts again for the sake of writing down this pattern, because I found out I did not properly documented how I created both of these. Things I do for love.



I don't know how I did it last time but I need a lot of time to even filter out these few photos to upload to my blog post. It took at least 30 mins of my time. There goes half of my lunch hour today. Just figured I would do a quick update. Just felt like it. 

A weekend in Penang. I think it's been like 2 years since my last visit there. When I had my internship I mean. And I never step foot on Penang ever since until this food trip. Thanks Aleena for being our "nanny" and for supplying a roof over our heads for those two days! I think it was then, that my eating habit changed so drastically. Up until now, I am still gaining weight and abstaining from any physical exercises... Guilty. Some how, it's like a miracle that I could keep postponing any effort of exercising. Better snap out of it. 

A really impromptu trip to meet with the girls. I was meeting with Aleena actually during one weekend when I went back to KL. And ho and below, Isabelle called and suddenly we planned to meet that very night for some astronomy event of some kind at the National Planetarium (I think it was in conjunction with the Earth Hour day). This was a really a super rare occasion.

And another one of our really rare meet-ups. Liz was in KL! I think this was the first time I'm meeting her out of Perak. It was a really pleasant girls day out. 

Someone is one year older. Tried out this ridiculously high-end (or perhaps just "high-priced") restaurant by Ramsay Gordon in Singapore. Which is a complete disappointment. Was hoping more of a "wow" experience but the food was just mediocre. Maybe we're just not suited to eat fine dining food? But at least the sweet wine was nice. 

Yes, I went diving again. And I did not have to wait until a year (from my last dive) to do it! Visited Tioman Island for 4 days. A memorable reef shark chasing and one of the worst surge diving I've ever done. The experience of surge diving is so different from calm water. One of our buddy there even vomited when surfacing. I was on the brink of doing the same.

First recreational cycling on Coney Island. I don't hate it or like it but if it's an activity under a hot sun, I prefer staying away from it. But we ended up cycling at around 12pm till 2pm (which is the worst possible time). I would enjoyed it better if it was 22 degree Celcius in Singapore. *show teeth*

Observing sharks without getting into the water... It's a first. 

I am such a superb photographer. And this is taken via iPhone. Amazeballs.

Jelly fish was shooooooooooo beautiful. I didn't know  they could be so mesmerizing

The best spot to hang out was of course the largest (I think?) aquarium in SEA. Home to sting rays, manta rays, guitar fish, sharks, sawfish and a whole load of other species in one big tank. If you think about it, fishes seems like aliens. At least, that was what that came across my mind.

Attended OMAM's (Of Monsters And Men) concert just the other day on Tuesday. A weird timing but anyway, enjoyable. Incredible vocals and brass instruments playing were superb. Go Iceland! 

It was actually his favorite band (but not to the point that he remembers all the lyrics. LOL). He just did a random search on their tour one fine day and found out that they were visiting Singapore. Then just 2 weeks before their concert, he bought the tickets. I wasn't really very into concerts (unless it was for Khalil Fong's or Ed Sheeran's), but since I like OMAM too, so I just tagged along. *He didn't want to go alone* Hahaha. 

Somehow, realizing my life is getting duller and duller. Is this one of the process of growing up into adulthood? I'm already 24, I think it's a bit funny to say that I'm "going to" adulthood.. I mean.. I am already in it. But.. Having a job really is tiring. But that's life. 
I've been indulging myself to doing more cooking at home, reading (since I got my Kindle), and just lazing around. My handicraft is slowing down as well. I can't think of any better things to make or design. Or my mind is just being lazy. Somehow I am finding a way to make smaller things, which requires of course less of my time (since I don't have much these days). But it was really limiting, to the point that I don't really want to make them anymore. 
I've had one of my mental relapse again a month back or so. But seems like it's gone again. Some times, I catch myself feeling like I'm in a whole new universe when I closed my eyes (especially when there's some music playing around in the background, mostly my collections from the past). I don't know how to explain it, but it just felt like... I'm a different person or I am in a different world... or maybe just plain reminiscence because of the music and all.
But at least when I am in that state, I felt like I'm okay.. No negative thoughts or whatsoever. 

I'm spewing random thoughts.

Foodie Review | Mrs Pho & Derwish Turkish Restaurant

*A month later* *decided to write in* Anyway. please excuse my poor vocabulary as I think I am in a lost-for-word state of mind right now. My capability to "english" is getting rusty. 

As promised, a full review on Mrs Pho! Their winning motto "Feeds you like a family" which explains a lot on how they prepare their food.

♥ Chanh Muoi (Saigon Salty Lemonade) - $2
I tried this on my first visit, I really liked it. Definitely will help increase your appetite.

Da Uo Da (Homemade Yogurt Drink) - $2
Something sweet and a bit sour-ish. Like this as well.

Ca Phe Sua Da (Viet Coffee with Condensed Milk)- $3
I don't drink coffee but it was recommended by a friend of my friend. Review: great!

Foodie Review | Five Star Hainanese Chicken Rice & Sinpopo Brand

No time to edit/rotate this picture. So... just.. look at it.. :P
I have been wanting to go to this place for ages and my bf even flipped out on me because he said I said that for too many times (maybe it's PMS time for him) and so, we went all the way from Bukit Batok to East Coast to try this. And after that long journey, it turns out they have a branch in Bukit Timah, which is just 15 minutes away from our home (which made my bf flipped out once again). Sorry love, orz (Just tell me it's been awhile since you see this emoticon).
Okay lol, jokes aside...

Crochet Works | Bags bags bags

Woah, this draft has been sitting here for a long time, I guess it's about time I post it up. I haven't been really active in creating new amigurumi as of now. Because, surprisingly, I have been getting orders for bags after I created two for myself. And actually I have a few amigurumi orders as well after that, but nothing new. It gets really boring some times when I have to do repetitive pattern plus right now, I have less time to invest in my hobby. So, I stopped putting my "Made to order" item in Etsy to avoid orders. But if requested, I will still make it.. Which is what is happening right now. Hah....

Rainbow coloured bag for a friend, who actually ordered for his girlfriend. Which is very sweet of him. :)