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Thursday, October 2, 2014

I sell on Etsy & Facebook! + Fat Rabbit Farm key chain pattern

After pondering for awhile, I've decided to open up an Etsy shop to get more exposure for the items that I have made. I also have a Facebook Album but I think only friends of my facebook can see that album... Lol, so not much exposure there to the public eyes. But I think it's fine for now, or maybe I'll try to migrate to a page instead. 

Please click on the image below to view my shop! Thank you!

Or you can view my Facebook album too, I upload a lot more items here

If you're local or living in Malaysia, you can reach out to me at my Facebook profile.
PM me or e-mail me. I'm sure I'll be happy to reply!

I did another amigurumi key-chain of my own written pattern again! Yay! So now, I wanna share it with the world.

This pattern is inspired by Fat Rabbit Farm main character. Credits to http://www.fatrabbitfarm.com/ for designing this really adorable character.

Before I begin, there is a few things that crocheters should know. 
I have always made my amigurumi the normal way, which is I increase my amigurumi round with the continuous round technique. However, lately I discovered the Japanese way of depicting new rounds, that is the joined round technique. I like the Japanese way better because it's much smoother, I can clearly see the rounds and it makes joining parts easier since the rounds are really on par with each other. If you are using the normal way, I think you will find joining parts a tad bit difficult, they might come out wonky and stuff.

As you can see, in the Japanese way, they always add an extra chain stitch in the beginning of the round and end the round with a slip stitch. So, when you count your stitches, you can ignore that extra chain stitch/slip stitch (don't count them in).

You can however, use the continuous round way. I'll write the pattern without telling you where to add these extra chains as it's very easy and self-explanatory. So, you can choose whichever method you like. I personally prefer the joined round way because I don't need to any stitch marker to mark my beginnings once I get the hang of it.

Let's start! 

  • Yarns - 8 ply cotton yarn in light yellow colour
  • Black and red felt
  • Small bits of Minlon acrylic white yarn 
  • 3.0mm crochet hook
  • Fabric glue
  • Tapestry needle
  • Black thread and needle
  • MR - magic ring
  • ch - chain
  • sc - single crochet
  • hdc - half double crochet
  • inc - increase
  • dec - decrease 
  • ss - slip stitch
  • *   * - repeat 
  • F/O - fasten off
  • R - round
*Note: When decreasing, please use invisible decrease to minimize holes. Tutorial available here.


R1: 6sc in MR (6)
R2: inc around (12)
R3: *sc, inc* repeat around (18)
R4-7: sc around (18)
R5: *sc, dec* repeat around (12)
R6: dec around (6)
*For really nice and invisible finish, please refer here.

Make two
R1: 3sc in MR (3)
R2: sc around (3)
F/O & leave a tail for sewing.

Make two
R1: 5sc in MR (5)
R2-3: sc around (5)
F/O & leave a tail for sewing.

Make two
Ch 3
Row 1: Sc in second ch, inc; ch1, turn (3)
Row 2: hdc, sc, ss; ch1. turn (3)
Row 3: ss, 2 sc; ch1. turn (3)
Row 4: sc, dec; ch1. turn (3) (2)
Row 5: dec; ch1. turn and slip stitch into side (1)
F/O & leave a tail for sewing.
You'll have something like this... like a drumstick

Now, attach all body parts! 

Please refer to the video here on how to make a mini pom pom. 

As for the face, you can cut out the felt for the eyes, mouth and tongue. This was extremely excruciating for me because of the size of these things. I use a tweezer to help hold the felt cloth. 
As for the nose, it is impossible for you to cut that size okay, don't be ridiculous. I used thread and needle instead and made a french knot.
Glue the face and tail in.

Ta-da~ and there you have it. :)
I have some key-chain straps on hand, so I hooked it up. Hope you like it!

I also made a bigger size plushie.
For more info on the amigurumi & the pattern please go to my Etsy shop!

Till next time!

Charizard amigurumi, granny crochet & crochet top

This post has been in my draft for at least a few months, I think I finally need to upload this without having to add more things into this lengthy and picture heavy post.


First and foremost, I didn't create this Charizard pattern. It was all thanks to miahandcrafter for sharing this very realistic version of Charizard. The most beautiful version I've ever seen! And it is kind of her to share it with the world. If you're interest in making one too, please visit her site for the pattern and instructions.

I've made a few amigurumis before and I have to say, this is the most complex one I've done. It was a challenging process but I enjoyed it all the time. I realize I really like doing handcrafts stuff because I seem to abandoned my homework and other more important things than doing this. Hahahaha... Maybe I should quit studying and just make this is my life goal

Of course, I know I did this a long time ago but I only found the time to write about it right now. Nothing much to say about them though, just pictures. image

Joined body, arm, and tail

Joined arms

Joined wings, which I think is one of the most trickiest part! I followed the pattern and the wing has a little distortion, I only found about about this in the end, because of the different thickness of the yarns. Even though they are the same brand, the yarns may vary unfortunately.

Joined it's pink belly

Completed his round and thick legs

Pretty toes aye? I hate doing minuscule parts, because of the need to take care of tiny details

Attached the snout and ears

Now, it's almost finished and look wonderful already. 

Added the eyes, eyebrows and the flaming tail details.

I was super satisfied with the end product. It truly looks like the one in the cartoon except it is being realized in the physical world! The one who created this pattern is simply a genius!

After making this, I made a few more amigurumis for earning some extra pocket money. It wasn't much but at least I love doing them. 

And I bought a few more yarns to start my granny squares for pillow case! I found a really beautiful pattern online and I couldn't resist not buying them and start making it. 

Daisy daisy~

I also made some crochet buttons with some stitch markers.

The process is a loooooooooong one but I really am addicted to doing every single one of them.

And with a little modification, I did it! 

Hehehe. So happy with it. I'm simply loving the pastel colors!

I also accidentally brought extra two yarns (I don't know how I ended up with two extra ones that I didn't need in my shopping cart). And since I have them, I started using them on another project! Making a clothing piece! It's my first time doing a wearable crochet piece so I'm quite excited. I was afraid that I don't have enough yarn for them so I replace some parts with white colored yarn as I couldn't think of any color that is suitable anymore. Well, at least it came out alright, I think. 

The end product. 
Will probably post a picture of me wearing it when I have the picture on hand.

Monday, September 22, 2014

22/9/14 Hiatus

It's been awhile since I've written anything. It seems like time is flowing like it's nobody's business and we can't really control how fast time pass.

I've been so busy with a lot of crappy things lately, until I've put blogging as an uninteresting hobby in my usual regime. I have like 9 draft posts and lately didn't even bother taking pictures to blog anymore. I'm still thinking of writing my Ho Chi Minh Trip but quickly forgot about transferring pictures from my friends because I don't have much pictures in my phone therefore, no whatsoever blog post about it.

I've taken up crocheting again though. I successfully made a pillow case and a dress. I just bought 2 pair of knitting sticks and just started to learn knitting. I never liked knitting when I first tried them like 5 years ago, but decided to venture into it again. Then I found out I bought the wrong knitting size for the project. It's so hard to find the equipment I want in physical stores around me because most of them have limited choices, so I had to order it online. I always order on Cotton House Store because of the reasonable price but I had to order many things at once because of the high delivery fee. So, mostly I'll order a bulk at one go. And I can tell you, this is not a cheap hobby. The materials are damn expensive and it's not like I can make any big scale project with 1 skein of yarn. Even with the pillow case I had to order like 8 yarns because of the different colors it needed. Imagine that. I actually spent like RM400 in these 2 months alone for the materials and stuff. Most of my time is dedicated to them too. Speaking about time, I think it is ruining my daily life too because I tend to choose to be immerse in crocheting/knitting instead of more important things like studying for finals, researching for my FYP, doing my FYP, exercise or etc. It's not exactly healthy... I think I just need to sort out my priority.

Lately, I've been obsessed with cooking too. I mean, planing out grocery list and then go out and buy them with my own sweet time. Oh gawd, I don't think my way of doing it is the normal one because I seem to need a lot of time doing these normal actions too. I don't know. I just wish life would be easier. I just want my life to be doing craft, cooking, and watching my favorite anime/drama on the computer screen......... I sound like I'm aspired to be a housewife now.. Hmm, where did that came from? Life seems so much easier without all those maths equations, theories and innovation shit.

Actually, the main point of writing today isn't to share about all this, but I do feel better doing them. I just hope writing things out will make things better for me. Well, it did.. So, might as well write what I feel like at the moment. Some times, I think that I have depression. I'm not really sure how you define it. But every now and then I cry for no reason. Suddenly, actually. Like.. for no reason at all, I started to sit alone in the living room and cry, or even when I go to sleep, I cry as well. I don't think this is normal (with my still sane mind, I still know it's not). Of course I don't cry openly, I wept silently and always to be out of sight when I do this. Recently, I don't feel like talking to people also. I find company to be a hassle and a drag.  I don't really know what to say to them. Although when people talk to me, I will respond, and actually find it comforting when people ask me something or talks to me and actually feel grateful at the same time. But when we stop, I just don't feel like the one taking the next step to continue on the conversation. I isolate myself too when there are many people gathered there and talk. I don't really like the feeling of being ignored when I talk, for example, nobody responding to me when I say or ask something. I feel really frustrated inside and angry and then I will decide not to speak to anyone after that. Frankly, talking to my boyfriend doesn't help at all. Even though I do talk to him, but it's like every time I ask something, he thinks it's stupid or I'm just asking silly questions and usually answer in an angry manner or some times not responding to me at all. This actually made me feel worse than it is. I always tell him to stop raising his voice, no matter how many times I said it, he still answer me like that. I really hate it, very much. I think I've lose interest in talking to him over the period of time, because some times I don't feel like we're in a relationship, it's like I'm just there to exist. He doesn't accept the way I think of things, always argue and talk in a tone that tells me I'm insane to think the way I think, doesn't really think how I feel, doesn't even act like a gentleman to me... Although he is always polite and keen to help to his friends, but to me... And also, the way he make fun of people.. it is so mean, I don't know why he keep doing it. Seeing him doing it every time makes me feel disgusted of him. My mum isn't helping either. I know I pissed her off every time I get out of the house to go to my boyfriend's for a period of time. It's partly my fault too but I have a feeling that if I tell her too much, she might not like it. She even goes to the extreme to ask and argue about silly things that is actually insignificant and make it look like a huge problem.. like the topic of "Are you using that milk to make yogurt or to drink". Really.. that insignificant. And this really happened. At the end of the conversation, she started to scream insults at me for being "reading too much books/studied too much/why everything have to make sense to you in order to ask it". The past me usually with retort and argued until the end but this time, I keep repeating the word "Enough". That doesn't seem to help too, because she kept continuing. Might as well stay silent too in this case. Some how my choices seem to make a lot of people unhappy, whether it be doing it or saying it. Doing it might anger people and make them raise their voice at me, saying it might make them think I'm stupid..... I just don't know anymore. This is basically why I isolate myself and not talk at all. I'm really tired. I just wanna dig a hole and live in there for eternity some times.

There... not exactly all that I want to say cause some of them are too personal and not about myself. If you're reading this, just know this is my point of view. Of course in one's point of view, they don't find faults of themselves but just others. Maybe in the real world, the problem lies within me instead of how people treat me. I don't know, I'm just saying. So, don't be bias. If you're reading this till the end, don't feel sorry or troubled for me, because it is not your problem and I don't feel better like that. Just think of me as you normally would, normal. If you're someone I know, I hope that you talk to me normally as well. It's not like I talk to many people anyway. My phone doesn't always have whatsapp notifications from people that wants to talk to me. I think I'll like it even though I said I don't like talking to people. I seem to always contradict myself. I think that's enough blabbering today.

Friday, August 8, 2014

31/5/14 Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf &, DipnDip, Bangsar

It's August, and these pictures are from May. How I miss the days where I have so much time to blog every single day. *Tries not to cry. Lay down. Cry a lot.* Time is a bitch flies. Doing this somehow is a therapeutic thing for me, so why not decrease the number of my draft posts by one before it gets to 999. 

I've been hearing, or more appropriately, seeing a lot people coming to this place, mainly on facebook and Instagram where people like to post something up to let other people know what good food they are currently awaiting to devour. Not excluding me of course.

Three Little Pigs & The Big Bad Wolf is famous for food that stars pork meat and/or bacon (and none of wolf meat).

image Rum & Raisins Cheesecake, RM14 image
My mouth was itching when I saw the rows of cakes they have in the cake display chiller when we were waiting for our food to be served. So, I ended up ordering this. The cheesecake was surprisingly delicious! Mainly, because of the strong rum taste which all of us find appetizing.

Eggs Benedict, RM18
with pork bacon on toasted bread
Craving for egg benedict and I got some for me-self of course. Unfortunately, I've tasted better but I have to say, the poach egg is simply beautiful. 

image The Wolf's Favourite, RM 27 image
Creamy spagetthi with smoke pork bacon, topped with a  poached egg and crispy bacon bits
Signature pasta with lots of bacon! When in doubt, just order this one and it'll be enough. 

Rating | 7/10
The location is a bit weird... that's the first thing that popped in my mind. We had to pass through some grocery market section then only can we reach this restaurant. Other than that, I guess the food is quite delicious but of course kind of pricey (since it's Bangsar and it's a western restaurant, I can understand).

Ground Floor, Bangsar Village I, 
Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur. 
Phone |  03-2283 2270
Opening Hours | Everyday 9am - 11pm

*FYI, they have another branch in Tropicana City Mall*


Since we were in the area, decided to nom on some chocolaty goodness, because DipnDip is just around the corner! I was so full after Three Little Pigs but there is always room for dessert. 

Succès, RM14
Very rich chocolate cake with biscuit, served in 2 slices
Wanted to try this for a long time now and finally get to since I was with a bunch of friends. It actually reminds me of Kek Batik that I often eat (made by my classmates and myself) during my high school year. Honestly, I like homemade version better because we always added Milo in it but this one is just pure chocolate. It's still good nonetheless.

dip 'n dip Waffle, RM39.50
Waffle with your choice of fruit, all topped with Belgian chocolate of your choice

*new, not inside original menu*
image Crispy Crepe with Ice Cream(?) image
Forgot the name and the price since I didn't take any picture of the new menu. But this is too damn awesome because there's some crispy layer inside the crepe. I notice they only have the new menu in the main branch in Bangsar, and not in the e-Curve branch. Not sure they still have it or not, but this is really one great awesome treat.

Dip Crispies, RM12.50
A cup filled with cereal and chocolate, topped with mini marshmallows
Gave me the idea to make this at home next time with crispies, melted chocolate and marshmallows. Simple yet satisfying too.

Rating | 9/10
Who wouldn't be up for chocolate???? Unless you're allergic to it.

Dip N Dip
Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, 
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Phone | 03-2201 5052 
Opening hours | Saturday to Thursday : 11am - 1am
Friday 2.30pm - 12am

Thursday, July 31, 2014

Penang Food List 2014

I'm doing a compilation of the street foods(& others) that I've eaten during the three months of my internship. I usually do reviews individually for each cafes but as for street foods, I decided to compile it all in one post so that it's easier to refer to! Also, as a reference, I'll put those that I personally like at the top of the list with *thumbs up* next to the name of the place and also, those that I don't really like at the bottom with *thumbs down*, just for the heck of it. I'll also put a list of links to the cafes reviews that I have done at the most bottom part of this post, also in the same format, from the best to the not-so-good ones.

I didn't include the price because the price goes up and down with time and also, the biggest factor is because I didn't note down the price.

I've linked the places name with their foursquare location so you can easily search for the location and also comments. ALSO! I've made a compilation with google map (can find it at the bottom-est part of this post). Oh my, aren't I the best? Now, your food search will become so much easier.

Awesome places to nom nom

image Genting Cafe (雲頂餐室) image

image Penang Famous Chee Cheong Fun image
MUST TRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The best Penang ccf that I've ever tried! The shrimp paste is very thick and the chili is awesome. Seriously a must eat food in Penang!

image Hainan Chicken Rice image
The other stores serves mediocre food including this one. Hmm, not worth ordering if you're food hunting.

Photo credit to http://eat-what-ah.tumblr.com/
image Muar Chee image
There's also an uncle selling Muar Chee which is served with generous amount of grounded peanut and also a touch of fried garlic (you can ask him not to add it in if you don't like garlic but I think it's goes really well with the muar chee) which I think is very nice too! I will order one big packet every time I'm there. 

image Sri Nibong Kopitiam image

image Kuey Teow Th'ng image
I have eaten this for a few times because I really really like the soup! The best kuey teow th'ng ever! Although during my first time there, I felt like it was just okay but somehow I fell in love with it. Every time I went there to eat, I would finish all of the soup too, till it's last drop. I personally think the night version of this is better than the day version, the soup base gets thicker(I think?). 

image 金园茶餐室 Kedai Kopi Dan Makanan Taman Emas image

Photo credit to foursquare
image The BEST Assam Laksa image
I kid you not. It's my personal favourite! It can get quite sweet though.

Photo credit to Foursquare
image Wok-flavored Char Kuey Teow image
Another plate of goodness that is to die for. Seriously, I can't make up my mind when I'm there because the laksa and the ckt is so so so so so good. 

Joo Leong Cafe

Hot Almond Drink
Ouf, thick, creamy, and almond-y. image

Toast Bread with Butter and Sugar
The perfect old school breakfast served with 2 half boiled egg. What a great way to start your day aye?? You can fine-tune the amount of sugar you want on your bread because you have to add the sugar yourself. 

Tai Kie Lye Coffeeshop

image Yam Rice image
Delicious yam rice served with mixture of pork. I can finish the yam rice without any other dish. 

image Pancake image
The famous Aki Pancake offers a whole load of choices! I swear, the first time I was there I don't even know what I should order because there's simply too much choices (for the filling). I personally like the chocolate and peanut butter filling one though. The pancake can be a bit expensive though.

Belacan Fried Rice
I actually ordered wrongly. Because there's two shops serving Thai food and they were next to each other. I happen to order at the wrong shop that is serving the one that is not really edible. I swear, one mouthful and that's it for me. Not taking another single scoop.

image Awesome Belacan Fried Rice image
The tastiest belacan fried rice in my life. Be sure to order from the shop on your right (which is the end of the shops) which will display a photo of this dish on their table. 

image Ais Tingkap Taufique image

image Ais Tingkap image
The only place that serves this one-of-a-kind drink. Perfect during a hot weather. 

Fried Prawn Fritters
Not bad for a snack too but can be a bit too doughy and oily.

image Kimberley St. (汕头街) Hawker Stalls image

image Duck Kway Chap/Koay Chiap image
DAMN AWESOME OKAY. But damn... the calories count.... but it's so so so so good. Served with a generous amount of duck meat and the insides. 

image Hokkien Prawn Mee (三條路888福建面) image

Photo credit to Boon Yan, a friend of mine who kindly "borrowed" his picture for me :)

image Hokkien Prawn Mee image
Unfortunately I didn't take any photo of this piece of divine food. I was too hungry, I ate it all up before I get the chance. I don't really like Prawn Mee but this is heavenly.

image Cendol image
Need I say more?!!? Really didn't expect the cendol there to be that good! Really surprised me.

Balik Pulau Hokkien Mee & Laksa

The shop is a bit tricky to find because it's located in a very discreet area. Can refer to their facebook for contact number to ask their whereabouts. And it seems like they are closed down since April.. Not sure about this though. 

Homemade Assam Laksa
Love the assam laksa here. Better than the Ayer Hitam one in my opinion.

image Passion of Kerala image

image Banana Leaf Rice image
My second banana leaf rice in my life. I'm in love with banana leaf rice after this meal. Constantly looking for other banana leaf rice store. Hahaha.

Fried Sotong
Very crunchy but a little bit oily.

Fried Bittergourd
Same here. But this is surprisingly nice too. 

Raja Uda Tomyam Mee
Joo Heng Tomyam (裕兴东炎面)

First time ever having tomyam like this. It felt like I'm having a steamboat. And the most surprising part was the bacon!

Raja Uda Tomyam Mee
The tomyam is quite spicy, very sour and salty too. The fried fish was too salty. Overall, salty is the word. I was very thirsty after the meal. 

image Kwang Hwa Tomyam Mee (光華旁) image

Another shop serving Raja Uda Tomyam Mee. Which I prefer actually.

image Raja Uda Tomyam Porridge image
I didn't know they have porridge version, this is very delicious too. 

image Raja Uda Tomyam Mee image
I like this version better than the Joo Leong one because it's not that salty, just nice.

image Sin Kim Seng Cafe image

image Pork Herb Knuckles with Rice image
A not very well known place but never eaten anything like this. It's super yummy, packed with herbal flavor. Reminds me of bak kut teh but it's not exactly the same. RM6 for a generous amount of braised pork knuckle. 

image NSN Kopitiam (979飲食中心) image

image Salted Vege Soup with Pork image
Another awesome discovery in Batu Maung. Very appetizing and they put generous amount of ingredients too!

image Ah Chye Rojak image

Recommended by a friend of mine who is living in Sungai Dua. Sorry, I couldn't pin point the location but I bought it when there was a pasar malam going on in that area. 
You can contact them to ask them where they are situated though, 012-4235932 / 04-2265932. They also sell them in Gurney Drive according to this website.

image Rojak image
I still prefer the "Penang Rojak King" in Seri Kembangan although they do taste similar. Except the rojak here put less peanut sprinkles and there is additional "yao yu" in it (which I didn't like). Would prefer it more if he put more crispy prawn fritters or fried yao char guai. Either way, the rojak sauce is auhhhssuummm.

Good places to nom nom

House of Kolomee

Fully automated system for ordering and even serving. 

Angchow Kolomee
Dried kolomee seasoned with homemade redwine, serve with stir fry angchow chicken.


Braise Combo
Dry kolomee seasoned with homemade braise sauce serve with chicken wing, tofu, and egg.

Overall, the food was very nice. Be sure to order the sambal too (but it'll cost you) to eat with the kolomee which I think is absolutely perfect. 

Chulia St. Night Hawker Stalls

Curry Mee
Famous curry mee along Chulia Street. A lot of tourist and the soup is very sweet. For me, it's quite good even though I don't eat curry mee. 

Siam Road Charcoal Char Koay Teow

image Char Kuey Teow image
One of the famous Char Kuey Teow in town. We waited an hour for this. The food is a little bit too watery and very oily. The taste was good but.. it's just too oily for me. Not really worth the wait if you're very very hungry, but trying once is okay.

Sunshine Market Food Court

Lai Hoe Tomyam Maggi
HOT STUFF! Super spicy in my opinion but it's good, sourish and very appetizing. Just don't try to eat this with an empty stomach.

Banana Leaf Rice
Great banana leaf rice! Really like the vegetarian beef meatball and the curry. 

Photo credit to Sky F. from foursquare
Ice Blended Red Bean 红豆搅
This was also recommended to me by the locals but I don't like red bean so I didn't order any. For those who do, please, by all means, try it. 

Pulau Tikus Market Hawker Stalls

Luk Luk
Lots of choices to choose from.

Red Chopsticks

The shop offers tons of choices including Nyonya cuisine. Not really a place for food hunt but just a normal dinner place. 

Almond dessert(?) 
Forgotten the exact name. Not much almond flavor but very sweet and fried yao char guai was very hard like rock.

Forgot what this is, but it's not bad. 
Sorry for the half-assed review for this. 

Maxim Dim Sum Restaurant (美食之家)

Plenty of choice, plenty of people too. Be sure to go early to avoid waiting too long. Taste-wise, so-so.

Old Winston Coffee Garden (点心之家)

A HUGE place to cater an insane amount of people. Even when it's almost 11pm, people are still crowding in this place for dim sum. The food is almost the same as Maxim Dim Sum but I personally think this place is dirtier. Also, it's hard to find parking here. 

I find this bacon wrapped dim sum interesting though because.. I never see people using bacon as a dim sum dish. The custard bun and pork bun was sold out when we got there. So be sure to be EARLY too for more food. 

Pak Hussin Tomyam

Cheap and nice Thai food. Frankly I like all the dish they served. Although some of them is a little bit cold, but taste-wise it's good. 

Laici susu. The first time I'm tasting it and I have to say it's surprisingly good too. Probably be asking for this drink in the next mamak stall that I'll be dining in.

Kedai Makanan Seong Huat (祥发茶餐室)

Dry Bak Kut Teh
It's quite hard to find a good place that serves Bak Kut Teh in Penang especially dry ones because it's rare in here. But luckily I found a really great one in Sungai Dua! Thanks to my colleagues who one day brought us here for diner after one of our badminton session. Almost everyone of us was ordering this. I have to say this actually almost taste like the ones they serve in my favorite BKT place in Puchong.

Kapitan Restaurant

Nasi Briyani Claypot with Mutton
Damn nice lah weh. The rice can feed two of me but I can still manage to finish them raw because the rice is just nice on it's own too.

Naan & Tandoori Chicken
The naan can be a bit tough but overall it's still good. Really like the sauce though and the lime onions which goes really really well with the chicken.

Ken Curry House

Asam Fish Nasi Lemak
They serve in sets. Asam fish was quite good, they also served pickled radish/vege which I seem to taken a liking to eat.

Nasi Lemak Kukus Pendekar Mustar

Nasi Lemak
It looks a bit like a home-cook meal. Lol. But I really really like the beef rendang and also the fragrant nasi lemak! 

Air Itam Asam Laksa 

Assam Laksa
I actually yearned for this for quite a long time when I was there. But when I finally tasted it, I felt like it wasn't that good like the last time I eaten it. Maybe it's because I found a better one. 

Joez Coconut Jelly 

Coconut Milkshake
Coconut juice, coconut meat, some edible pearls, a lot of sugar and vanilla ice-cream. Would love to have this in my hands on a sunny day. 

Coconut Jelly
Need I say more?? Who can resist them? 

Leong Huat Seng Kopitiam

Fish Head Meehoon Soup
It can be a bit salty but the soup can be really nice... The trick is to add a little bit of water. That's what I did anyway. Thanks to the generous amount of vege, it's sweet too. 

Selera Sim Food & Drinks Service Centre (沈饮食服务中心)

Jawa Mee
I don't really eat Jawa Mee, but I've eaten this twice just because it's different from the ones I normally see in my life.

BB Café (BB 飲食中心)

In the evening, the shop is closed but there will be a single shop serving Bak Kut Teh around the cafe.

Chicken Floss Steamed Vege

Bak Kut Teh
The portion was suprisingly SMALL but the soup is unlimited. The soup is thick and delicious. Just wish that they would give more meat.

Fried Tofu

Edelweiss Café

B52 (Pork Sausage with Rosti)
There were just two of us having dinner. We ordered just one thing and it cost us almost RM50. Super duper expensive. Be prepared to burn a hole in your pocket if you're coming here. Well, at least the food is nice, I'll give you that. Was tempted to order the cheese main course but it'll cost me RM100. Well, maybe another day.

Kim Hin Cafe

Chinese assorted dish
Frankly I forgotten what dish we ordered but overall, the food is really yummy and they serve them really fast too. Not a bad place for a dinner. 

My Voice Cafe

Big Arse Bowl of Ramen Noodle
They have a few flavor to choose from and also you can choose the servings too (minimum 2). We ordered 2 servings, and is just nice for 2 people. As for the flavor, I was taken aback because it taste kind of authentic and very good too.

Nasi Kandar Line Clear

Nasi Kandar
Don't know what the buzz is about. It's just another bowl of nasi kandar. 

The Cruises Steak House

Great steak but service can be slow. Especially during lunch hour, you'll get a headache when finding a parking and a place to sit inside the restaurant too. 

No-no places to nom nom

FYI - I didn't include this in the google map.

Lemon Jelly & Asam Laksa Weld Quay

image Lemon Jelly image
A let down. Taste like sweet plain water with jelly.

Asam Laksa
This is just so-so. Not bad either.

Cecil St. Wet Market & Hawker Stalls (七条路巴刹)

Was there to try the Duck mee, but it didn't open when we were there (twice). So have to settle with the other food stalls... And it was disappointing. 

Okay.. but... don't really like it.

F*cking tasteless. Worst Char Kuey Teow ever.

This one caught my attention because of the comments of the fried sago on foursquare, so decided to give it a try. Never really eaten fried sago before.

image Fried Sago image
Turns out.... it was yuck.. Everyone of us give it a pass after a bite. It's just sago cooked in soy sauce(?), taugeh and chili paste.

Kampar Fish Jelly Restaurant (金宝自制特式酿料饮食馆)

Yong Tau Fu + Mee
Noodle and the YTF tasted bland. But the "Pok Pok Chui" is seriously very crispy. 

Telok Bayan Cafe

Claypot Chicken Rice
Burnt and hard rice. I think some is undercooked too. Very sweet. Hmm... Not going to have this for the second time in my life.

Tomyam Mee
EXTREMELY SPICY tomyam mee. Trust me, you'll boom your toilet the next day and have a very annoying sore throat too as a bonus.

Expected to be crunchy but it was like eating bread. I didn't really like it. 

Lorong Selamat Char Kuey Teow

(Aunty with goggle)

image Char Kuey Teow image
Tasteless and super duper expensive. I don't know why it's famous! I mean, it doesn't even taste like anything. Banned forever!!!!

Big Ben Breakfast 英式早餐

image Breakfast Set image
I can basically cook this up at home in a few minutes. Not worth the money in my opinion. The service was bad too. Don't like the attitude of the shopkeeper. 

Penang Road Famous Teochew Cendol

I didn't try the overrated Cendol during that period of time when I was there but I did try them before in my previous visit to Penang. I didn't really like it. I don't know why so many people go there for it, maybe because it's just famous. The cendol is just normal, nothing special, but some say it's the best. Frankly, I beg to differ. I've tasted better. 

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