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Week 13 - 17 | This and that, Strasbourg Music Festival 2015

I skipped a lot of weekly update since London! Time to keep things going now but there really isn't much to say since lately, I'm always cooped up at home. 

8 June 2015
Short hike again in Offenburg

After London trip, I was always at home. I had the "too-much-sightseeing" syndrome. Haha. Before my Lucerne trip I tried to hike just to make my feet comfortable for walking again. I don't want to get easily tired for the trip so my legs need some practice. 

I hiked again to the place where I went last time but the view was completely different now since it is summertime and the grape vines are growing everywhere. I can even see cherry trees along my way there. I found a wild cherry tree and plucked some to eat. They looked so different from the ones that are on sale in the market though, I mean like they are so much smaller. I guess that's what happened when the tree doesn't have much fertilizer. 

An open letter to my high school.. SMK Convent Teluk Intan

I don't know why I'm getting so worked up on this. I just feel like the issues in Malaysia are adding up and getting more ridiculous each day. This is why I like to ignore things. If I care too much I'll get really fired up and make a big fuss about it.

I just sent an e-mail to the school, hopefully they are using their e-mail and hopefully my mail is not filtered into junk mail. If they don't receive them, then hopefully this blog post will reach them. I really am very curious on what the authorities of the school are thinking. Genuinely interested.


Hello Madam/Sir, 

Hopefully this e-mail will reach the school. My name is Joey Kuan, an ex-Convent student. I am quite curious about the reason behind the new rules that has been imposed on visitors of the school ground. 

Translation: "Rules and clothing ethics of visitors"
"Things that are not allowed: sleeveless shirts, short pants, short skirts, coloured hair, earrings"
"No smoking zone"
"Courtesy is our culture" 

My 2 cents | Malaysian news. inappropriate joke from a teacher during fasting month, Canadian nudity & earthquake

It is not usual for me to voice out my thoughts about current issues openly like this (not in my blog but sure, sometimes I do talk about it with my friends). When I saw these type of news (political and religious issue) being shared on social media (my facebook is always showing me these stuff because I have so many friends sharing these type of news), I would normally just read it and move on with my life. All I can do is acknowledge it (occasionally share it), and that's it. 

**Off topic issue** 
I've also seen a lot people sharing gore and violent videos last few years (there was this one period where my facebook feed is just full of them). Eg. humans beating dogs, torturing cats, slapping the heck out of each other, chinese couple fighting, etc. Violence. Me, I don't watch them after knowing fully well what is happening or read comments about them, and I don't share them out. I mean what good does it bring to share these gory videos out? For awareness purpose or to show how sick people can be? And then people sharing them will say "I will kill this bastard", or "This is so cruel" and worse, those sharing without saying anything but just to share the video (Why? I don't understand but okay, it's your wall, you can do whatever you want with it). I'm only seeing hatred everywhere and it's just triggering chain reactions. So, I prefer to not see them or make them be seen to my other friends. 
There was this one time I finally spoke about this issue though because my mum was watching and sharing these videos every single day. I couldn't understand what she was thinking and I told her about what I thought about it. "What good does it do to you if you are always watching them and sharing them? It is not like you're making anything better". I forgot what was her reaction but thankfully, she raised both me and my brother well because we don't torture animals or people for fun or pleasure or any kind of reason. 

Today, I just felt like saying something regarding a few cases that has been happening in my home country lately. Just for the heck of it. And also my brain is just overthinking everything at the same time and I just wanted to express it out somewhere. 

3 days in Lucerne | Itinerary & Tips

Before I start off blogging about my trip, I would like to share a few travel tips based on my experience there. It will prove to be very useful to keep these in mind (and also big points for saving money in Switz!).  

Travel Tips for Lucerne/Luzern

1. Avoid paying 2CHF for using the toilet at Lucerne train station! Save your coins and use the toilet on the train instead or walk out of the station to find another public restroom or toilet in the nearest shopping place (like Manor or Coop City)/restaurants/hotels.
2. Avoid paying 6CHF for luggage storage service at Lucerne train station. Instead, walked around town to find a hotel and ask for that service. I stored mine on the last day at Hotel Krone and it was FOC
3. You can buy attraction tickets at the Tourist Information Centre. Yes, they do sell most attraction entry tickets there most of the time. I'm not sure if it is necessary but there was no line at the TIC and also the attraction ticket counter when I was there (during month of June).