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Day 9 // Osaka
/ Universal Studio Japan

Finally, D-Day has come! Universal Studio Japan Osaka! I think this is one of the must go-to place if you are ever in Osaka. Well, at least once I must say. Especially if you are a Harry Potter fan (oh, me me me!)!

I bought my ticket beforehand on Klook, I also bought Express Pass 7 for the three of us so that we would save time, and it did save a lot of our time but unfortunately we did not really took all the rides that was included in the express pass because we were feeling quite nauseated after 2 rides.
Out of all the rides, I would recommend:
  • Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey™ in 4K3D 
  • Flight of the Hippogriff™ 
  • JAWS 
  • Space Fantasy

There are also a few more hardcore ones which are the Hollywood Dream Backdraft and The Flying Dinosaur. I was hesitating to take them but since both my family members are not big fans of super scary ride like these, I gave them a quick pass also (easier than admitting that I don't like scary rides).

If you are planning to buy the Express Pass, I would advise you to check your Express pass ticket properly as there are a few rides that will only let you use the Express Pass in a certain timing which is written on the fine print. Unfortunately, the ticket will be in Japanese, so you might need some help from Klook for the translation. It will look like this:

As for me, I know how to read some Hiragana and Katakana, so I kind of guess the rides name. Learning a new language comes in handy from time to time.

Christmas special!

people really dress up to these occasion though

Our first ride was actually the Space Fantasy - Dream Come True ride since it was in our Express Pass list but there wasn't anyone queuing for the ride when we were there, so the Express Pass is not really needed for this particular ride. Maybe it was still early.

Next is the Minion Ride. Honestly, I hate Minions. I will never understand why these yellow banana thing is loved by so many people. They are not cute and very annoying. There, I have said it. But I still went on the ride anyway, since it is included in our pass. I didn't like the ride. It made me very nauseated. Anything that requires me to wear 3D glasses, I may barf.

Banana scent....?

Mr Jaws is also dressed for the occasion. 

Finally, the moment that we have been waiting for. I was so excited to finally get to visit The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. We actually spend like 4 hours solely at the Harry Potter ground. HAHAHA. Muggles will not understand this. We had to walk quite a long way though the "forest" entrance, then when I heard the familiar Harry Potter theme song, I got goosebumps. 
I mean, walking through Hogsmeade with HP theme song playing in the background, I felt like I was immersing into another world.  

Of course, it's a must to drink the butter beer! It's delicious! Taste nothing like beer, don't worry. My face says it all.

Bought this curious chocolate at Zonkos Joke Shop. I was tempted to buy a lot more stuff, but the candies are expensive af. So, I just bought one which I think we could eat and enjoy. These chocolates are actually made with chilis so it can get very spicy. 


Must buy interactive wand, no matter how exp it is. LOL

Of course, if you don't know already, if you buy the interactive wand, you can play around at secret spots to trigger "magic" spells. The wand comes with a map that tells you where to find these spots. There will also be a mark imprinted on to the ground with the wand movement and enchantment for that particular spell.
Me and my brother were so excited to try it out. Unfortunately, it was so very awkward, because during the day time, there will be an attendant waiting at each and every spot. They will teach you how to use the spell and will ask you to read the spell out loud to make it work. Honestly, I think it is better to not have attendants standing around. It would be so much more fun and not awkward. Fortunately, when the sun sets, these attendants are seen no more. So, we went around once more to play with it. 
The interactive wand not only works at Universal Studios Japan, it also works on other Harry Potter world on the planet! 

Time for an early dinner at this enchanting restaurant

These looks like prison food. I think USJ should work on how to display their food. Lol.

Butter beer again! This time, it's served hot.

I love this polaroid effect. I thought my picture was a goner but this is sheer beauty. 

Light show at the castle at night. It gets very crowded by nightfall!

Hogsmeade at night is also a wonder

The Christmas tree at night.

There was this Jump Shop just outside of the USJ entrance, so we went to look around. If you are a fan of anime, I would highly recommend stopping by this shop to have a look see. They stock up mostly new and popular old animes items. The t-shirts are really cute, but unfortunately, they didn't have any from the anime I like.

On the way back, we stopped by a convi store, and I bought myself a CanCam magazine and look what free item they gave away with this mag. An O-ring for selfies. 
Honestly, I tested it for a bit, and then it is now stashed away in one of my cupboard. I am too shy to use it outside, it is too extreme for me. Hahahaha!

Day 10 // Osaka
/ Kuromon Ichiba Market
/ Nipponbashi
/ MEGA Don Quijote Shinsekai

I was so excited to go to the market. Because the one we went to in Kyoto was simply enjoyable. I was really looking forward to see the one in Osaka. Unfortunately, it was kind of disappointing because it is more tourist orientated and the prices of the food are so much higher, and not that great . 

The scallop may look fancy but taste-wise, it is just mediocre.

Bought one just to try it out, heard a lot about croquettes (Honey and Clover reference), and finally I get to try a real Japanese croquette. It's quite nice.

My mum and brother spotted a store that sells fresh soya bean drink. I knew something was wrong when my brother keep asking me to drink it. The taste and texture was not what I expected at all. It was just pure soya bean without any sugar so it is not sweet. It was very creamy and thick. But we couldn't stomach it because we were not used to it. I tried my best to ask the kind shop lady for some sugar in Japanese, and I succeeded. So proud of myself. HAHAHA.

I think Osaka is pretty famous for these crabs, so of course we did not pass the chance to order them. Again, just mediocre. I think I was expecting too much from the seafood and also the sashimi. I would advise people to skip this market if they are also going to the Kyoto one, because the seafood served in Kyoto is cheaper and also better in quality, I feel. 

They have this huge mini market in there selling varieties of snacks to be bought back. Good place to buy food if you plan to cook and eat at the dorm. 

We bought a lot of pickled scallop and from our experience, you are better off walking around the whole market first before deciding to buy from a certain shop. The prices might differ quite a lot. Lesson learnt there. 

If you spot a fruit monger, you simply have to try this muscat (which just looks like green grapes, but is it not!). It so sweet and very fragrant. It does not taste like grapes at all. It's tasted more like a hybrid of grape and mango. They are mostly priced around 1000 yen or more. We tried the 3000 yen one also, it is of higher grade and therefore, much sweeter. 

After that, we just spent our day shopping at Nipponbashi for Otaku things. My mum was so bored for the whole day. lol. Poor mum.

Visited quite a number of shops, but did not really found much things to buy. Most of the items sold are mangas and items used in cosplay. Animate is huge, and apparently, each floor is ran by different company, so you cannot pay one's floor item at another floor's counter.

I bought a Kitsune mask at Animate and a cactuar carabiner at some random small shops along the journey. I'm mostly a square enix fan so yeah but there wasn't much items on display for those. Not nice ones anyway.  

At night, me and my brother went to this Mega Don Quijote branch in Shin-Imamiya, which is just one stop away from our dorm. My main objective was to get another name seal for le bf so here I was. Unfortunately, the Hanko box was sold out at this branch, so we just have to made do with just the Hanko. 
Mega Don Quijote is a maze, and they sell everything here. From food, to electronics, to skincare and make up, and also some funky under 18 X wearable too HAHAHA. A good place to buy snacks and souvs. I would recommend coming here and expect to stay for 2-3 hours because there are so much to choose from!

My last post regarding my Japan trip sounds so half-assed.

That is it for my Japan trip. *Sad face* I definitely need a trip to Japan again. Looking forward to the next one.

Day  //  Nov 17 // Osaka

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