Brown Pocket, Gurney Paragon

My first time journeying into Gurney Paragon. It's actually quite similar to The Gardens and I think the shops there are quite high-end. 

Decided to have a tea time at Brown Pocket after our karaoke session. It was raining that day and it was the first time since the dry spell has befall on us. Oh, maybe it was our singing that has finally brought down the rain. Should have done this sooner if we knew. 

My fellow colleagues X interior of Brown Pocket. 

Some... beverage....that I'm not really sure what it is. Just taking pictures. Half assed blogging hahaha. 

Triple Chocolate Waffle
Some how I managed to forget to note the price down again and when I searched this online, it seems like mine only has one waffle but normally it has two. So, I'm not sure if I have ordered a different one or the mini version one. Despite that, I think I find this lovely and sweet. A recommended delight. 

Rating | 7/10
Despite the lack of informations in this blog post, I'd say Brown Pocket has a different concept than most of the cafes that serve mostly mille crepe and cakes. It's rare to find such a delicacy. I guess it is quite expensive, not recommended for everyday yumcha place.

Gurney Paragon (163D-6-11), 
10250 George Town, Pulau Pinang.
Phone | 04-218 9668
Opening Hours | Monday to Sunday : 10am - 11.30pm

A visit to Butterfly Farm

Went out with this little lady right here during my second weekend here in Penang. I'm very lucky to have met Aleena and get to know her more. I never really talk to her much since she's actually one of my best friend's cousin and every time we went out, I have had very less interaction with her. Honestly, she scares me some times but yet funny & cute at the same time. I bet you can't imagine that, not until you have met her. HAHAHA! After going out with her, I came to know that she's actually quite a caring woman, she really know how to take good care of people and some how let me feel like a little sister.
Wow, sounds like a intro much. 
I hope you feel flattered though! Hahaha!

I didn't want to rot at home for the whole Sunday so I asked Aleena out the day before. I only remembered that she was in Penang too when she commented on my photos. (I have such a bad memory) It turns out that she was going to bring her friend and his family around for a "Cuti-cuti Penang" tour. Wouldn't wanna miss that out right?  

First stop was P.Ramlee's house. Which... wasn't relevant to me. As I wasn't a fan of P. Ramlee and I didn't know much about him. I never watch any of his film too. Oops. But it turns out that, Aleena's friend's 8 years old daughter is a die-hard fan. I was super surprised, I guess she has an old soul for movies huh?

Just a random picture of the beach at the hotel that they were staying at. 

Next stop and the most interesting one is Penang Butterfly Farm. Never really had the kick to wanna go there but that all changes after I went in. It's a pretty rare sight to see that many butterflies together at a place and it's seriously worth a visit even for locals. 

Be sure to show your MyKad and get your discounted price! It cost RM18 for an adult. There's also a family package too that includes two adults and two children which I forgot how much it cost. But just a FYI.


Such cute little things. 

Okay, I'm just gonna spam pictures of butterflies, bugs and some reptiles.

.... Amazed by the flatness.

Can you spot the stick insect?


Not much to write about this post, but just pictures.
Remember to visit if you're in Penang!
Malaysia Truly Asia 2014
I wonder why it's "truly" Asia. I mean, isn't it obvious enough? Hmm?


ChinaHouse, George Town

Time for another cake session! Thanks to Aleena for taking me to ChinaHouse. It's actually a very well-known place as it was on my to-go list without me realizing it. 

I've come to realize that most of the coffee shops in Penang have a pretty loooooooooooooong interior. It looks pretty "crampy" but it's actually quite spacious in terms of length (?). Am I making any sense?

They also have a cake display thingy next to the cashier (the ones that you usually see in Secret Recipe) so I thought that the only selections are there but it turns out they still have a table full of cakes behind. I think there's around 25-30 cakes to choose from. Talk about varieties. 

With Aleena

Cafe Latte, RM10

Blueberries Mango Coconut Smoothie , RM16
This was super weird. At first I thought they would use coconut juice but then I can taste something like santan in there. I didn't like it. After the third sip, I stop drinking it. It was unbearable. Not recommended to those who doesn't like strong santan smell. 

Passionfruits & Lemon Sponge Cake, RM15
image Recommendedimage
Totally love this! The sponge cake is very soft and spongy. The spikey sour taste of the passionfruits goes really well with the sweet raspberry sauce. 

Salted Caramel Cashew-nut Cheesecake, RM15
image Recommendedimage
Melt in your mouth cheesecake! The caramel was lovely too and they were quite generous in the amount. Also loved this very much but I don't think I can finish this alone because it's quite "heavy".

image Recommendedimage
 The tiramisu was really nice! Crunch caramel and nuts at the top, spongy cake for the body, and thick and creamy filling inside. Yum yum!

Lemon something something cake?? 
Sorry, I didn't note down the name! But I really didn't like this one. The meringue top was just too sweet for me. The cake taste like nothing at all. Not recommended. 

There's crayon on every table so you can doodle anywhere on the table. image

What I drew out of randomness as I didn't know what to draw suddenly. Didn't like to hold a crayon while I'm eating too because it will dirty my hand. 

Rating | 9/10
The overwhelming selections of cakes was a surprise and yet, they manage to control the quality too. I just found out that they change their dessert menu daily according to their facebook page. WHAT?!? OMG! I think they deserve a cake-baking fanatic badge. There's a whole bunch of drinks to choose to and some times they will add in new drinks so you can always try something new I guess. Great place to hang out! The deco was very artistic too, definitely a place that is hard to come by. You have to at least visit this place once (or 99x)!

153 & 155, Lebuh Pantai 
and 183B, Lebuh Victoria, 
10300 George Town, Penang. 
Phone | 04-263 7299
Opening Hours | Monday to Friday 9am - 12am
Saturday to Sunday 9am - 1am

And here's some selca pictures of me and Aleena!

Will come back for more!!!! And maybe go there at night since they have live music. Hehe.