Celebrating Mum's Birthday | Crochet Panda & Penguin Beanie

Went to buy Le Trianon cake for Mum's birthday. I was craving for this since a long time ago which is also the first time I've tasted it when le bf's sis bought it back. The cake is so darn good, worth sharing with friends and family even if there is no special event going on! 

Le Trianon is situated on the LG floor of Citta Mall. And yes, this is it. This is how the shop looks like. There is not much thing there, there is only a cashier counter. I ordered it few days before I went to collect it though. But I guess walk-in is also okay. They also sell it in individual size, not only the usual big sized cakes. Seriously, a must try!!!

Not very well dress for the "event" but oh well, we're celebrating at home anyway. Hahaha! Had an early celebration since le bf was there with us. Blowing candles on our birth-date is too mainstream for us. 


I've finished my custom order of TVXQ mascot for Michelle! I am happy to announce that it is now in her hands. Thank you Michelle! 

And also completed another order. For Zaimah, a penguin and panda couple beanie. IT'S SO CUTE! I've never really tried making customized beanie before, but I'm really happy with the outcome for these two! Thank you Zaimah for requesting these custom beanies! I had a lot of fun in making these two!


And also, I've been shopping online a lot these few days. Well, I mainly buy my tools and supplies online. But I think it's the time of the year to order my contact lenses since I've opened up the last bottle I have with me today, and also some clothes from ohtemptations. There's a lot of  online shops selling clothes but I always order from them only even though they don't have much selections. It's just that I really like the quality of the clothes and also I'm a bit afraid that the clothes from other online shops will not fit me very well. The models are all so skinny and thin, of course it looks pretty on them... But what about the average size girls aye?? sigh sigh sigh.
Random ranting. lol. TMI. 

Charme Mesmerize Brown Review

This has been in my draft for way too long! Not gonna have much word in this post, as the picture will do all the talking

Lens : Charme Mesmerize Brown
Bought from: ViviFashion

Color & Design : ❤❤
Enlargement : 
Comfort : 
Overall : 

I like this series as it is really natural and it gives off a natural and teary eyed effect. That's it... For my comment. Though I don't really feel very comfortable wearing this lens for long hours. 

Oh, and this is not a sponsored ad. I usually buy my lens from ViviFashion cause it's very cheap and I trust this blog. I've been purchasing the lens from ViviFashion for a few years now. But recently, they have changed the price list. I'm thinking of buying from another site. See how it goes.

Fennel... Yuck

Have you guys ever eaten fennel before? 

I have just tasted one just now. Raw. Because I'm following some clean eating recipe. It's the first time I'm encountering this ingredient. I was suppose to have this for lunch tomorrow as a salad but.... I had a taste test just now, and I cannot consume more than one tiny bite. In the end, I threw it away. Because it is too strong for me. I know it's kind of wasteful of me but I doubt anyone in the household will eat it, plus it's been in my fridge for more than a week.

If I were to describe it, I think it's similar to celery but stronger and more tangy but it's much sweeter. I don't really like celery, but I eat it raw/juice it for health reason. I don't mind if it's stir-fried with carrots though. Maybe it's because my mum normally cooks it with other things so that the smell is covered. 

Okay, no more fennel for me.

This is basically how clean eating goes. Bland and bland because it's au natural and require less processing. I usually put a lot of salt in order to give it some taste, else it will feel like I'm eating grass. I don't mind baked chicken with salt and pepper though, I actually find them really tasty.

Ran 8km today, rather slow actually and I was having difficulty in running half-way. LOL. I ran too fast until my body cannot take it. I felt like I can't breathe. Bad idea. Or maybe it's just me not used to running this distance without resting. But anyway, glad I did it! Normally I would just end my workout in between 3km to 6km but I pushed to 8km today. Started quite late so I finally finished when the sun was almost down. I wanted to wake up early to run but ended up oversleeping. 

Better luck next time. And my coding ain't going well. GOSH, WAMP is giving me a headache. It was fine last few days, but it didn't work today! ARGHHHH.. And I spent like few hours fixing it and still it is not fixed! Vomit blood. I guess I'll have to take a rain check on meeting with my supervisor... again............ 

Dinner at Duck King & Little Yun Ho Mascot attempt #1

Me and le bf's family went to The Duck King at Jaya One for dinner gathering. It feels like an early Chinese New Year though because of the atmosphere and the overall food that was served. 

I didn't want to believe I was getting fat, but this picture just give me a slap in the face. I cannot ignore it any longer. Plus I had to expand my waist belt as I was eating halfway through the full-on course food. LOL. So much for clean eating. I really let it all go last week. Didn't care how much or what I was eating. And yesterday... was my most hardcore attempt to gobble down food. I even had a Siew Bao, a pork bun, a cheesecake and some Starbucks before dinner. *laughing and tearing up*. And I am now again 51kg, nothing changes. Oh my, it's really so much easier to gain weight than lose them. I basically just wasted 3 months healthy dieting with 1 week of super YOLO days. 

But from today onwards, I'll be back on track!!! My appetite has been better now and not feeling any nausea anymore. Plus I have to start training for my half marathon. 
Jogged 5km this evening *tick item*. Was planning to sleep earlier today so I can wake up earlier tomorrow for another run. But ended up doing this and that and blogged since I was telling myself to get back into blogging mode. And now it's 11pm. I was suppose to be on the bed by 10pm. 
However, I have seemed to fail to do anything for my FYP and I was telling myself that I will be too busy to do that everyday but in the end, I have zero output on that issue. F*ck. And I have deliver something on Wednesday. Good lord, how am I going to push myself.


On another note regarding the TVXQ mascot amigurumi, I've done a sample for Little Yun Ho Mascot! And it's destroyed now because I'm fine-tuning it to the customer's order. Even though it's small, it needs a lot of work. But first things first, coding. 

Coding coding coding. Tomorrow full day coding, no crocheting for you Joey.

Elsa Amigurumi Doll!

So, I've finally finished doing my Elsa doll! It was my first attempt in doing a human doll amigurumi and it was a bit tricky since I'm not used to attaching hairs to an amigurumi and made it human-like. If you're wondering where I get the pattern from, you can find it here on ravelry. This was one of the prettiest Elsa doll pattern that I've found so far. And I used it as a reference, I tweak it a little according to what I was aiming for. 

I also have to say that the hardest pat of all was making the eyes. At first I thought of just using buttons as the eyes but then I just feel like trying out and make a more cartoon/anime type of eyes for her. Since the face was quite small, I had to make really tiny and delicate details to it so that it could fit on the doll's face and not look weird. I had to split my 4ply yarns to 1ply and then work from there. And I made it! Unfortunately the left and right eyes are not symmetrical.  

And this is my final product. I even made the dress detachable but not the arm parts. I thought it would look nicer if it's crocheted in with the doll's arm and look less bulky. I was also going to sew the dress with it but ended up using snaps instead. 

As for the face, I've used this picture as a reference. Even though the eyes are not... really looking sideways like the above. 

Okay, I know it looks like she's looking a little retarded with the eyes focusing in the middle but I added the white there, it's just covered by the black outline. I guess it's not half bad considering this is my first time making such delicate stuff. *Self-praising and self-pitying*

As for the hair, I used this as a reference because I think it looks really awesome!

And I've also decided to make the dress splits behind instead of the front. Actually I never thought of doing a split. I intended to make it a full covered dress but then after I finished crocheting the dress piece, I realize Elsa's feet couldn't fit into the dress if I don't do the splits..... Therefore, this. But it is covered up by the cape, so no biggie here.

With this, I announce this project as done! But could be better made in the future if I have the chance to. Will update this soon in my Etsy shop and add it into my listing!

Done some shopping in Sunway today and there was a free health screening for everyone. So, me & him went to check it out. I think I've been eating unhealthy-ly this week therefore the result. Hahaha. Need more water, protein and exercise in my lifestyle. I'm neglecting working out too this week, right after my run. It ruined my appetite for a few days, and I was craving so bad for sweet and heavy chinese food. Ugh, I miss them so much. It feels like cheat week. Better get back to the "active" routine next week! That's it for today!

Oh, one random question for today. Does anyone know where I can find black string cord around the area? I wanted to make my own choker. I finally found some chokers on sale in Sunway today but it was very expensive (RM30+) so I decided to make one myself. Daiso and Ace Hardware doesn't have them..

So much crocheting to do

Yes! I'm on cloud 9 because not only I have one sale this week, but TWO! Things happen when you're not expecting it to. 

I made this as a sample for my friend and now it's been shipped to his new home. *tears* This is actually my second sale on Etsy. But it is a ready made item, so it was shipped right after the day that it is ordered. 

But unfortunately I'm a green horn in this entrepreneurship thingy-ma-jingy, I didn't quite profit from what I sold, because of postage miscalculation. The rates I checked online were different from the one they have now on the PosLaju system. I had to find out more about it from the office itself today and turns out, I could have taken the much cheaper but longer delivery option. Learning from my mistake!

And this, this is my first official international sale. My second Charizard I've made in my life. I've just finished it not long ago, going to ship it by tomorrow. I hope it will reach safely to his new owner! I'm so grateful for Etsy for giving the chance to reach out people from around the world. And also to both my new customers! *heart eyes*

And for my next project/order... Well, not an official order but I guess it's worth a try. 

Picture borrowed from ravelry

Picture borrowed from epickawaii.etsy.com
I will be venturing into human dolls! I've made Annabelle before but that was just some goofing around.

..and also two custom TVXQ mini dolls for a friend's friend. Thank you Ada, for directing your friend to me! I have another opportunity to make an original creation again. Hehe. Also, thank you Michelle. I will do my best to make these babies! So much to do, so little time.

Okay, back to work. Wow, my FYP coding is gonna suffer this month but I can't help it when I love doing these than coding. 

Loss of appetite

Not much going on today so.. This is gonna be a short one. Appetite is still not back to normal. Constantly felt like someone or something is jostling my throat and stomach. Have the urge to vomit throughout the day. Only felt like eating specific things. 
My boyfriend and my mum thinks that this happens because of the things I ate yesterday which is quite oily and heavy. I think so too since I started eating clean for awhile and suddenly ate too much unhealthy food yesterday so I'm suffering right now. Even though I lost my appetite, I still manage to eat pass my quota today. Lol. Because I ate quite a number of buns. 

Can somebody reach me how to vomit properly? I think I'll feel better after that but the problem is I keep vomiting air instead. 

Urgh. FYP is going slow. And I'm still lacking behind and going so very slow. Supervisor ain't gonna be happy with my attitude. Have been slacking a lot lately. 

Great Eastern Run

Okay, I'm cheating today, because I skipped my post yesterday but I didn't have the time and I was super duper tired. And it's affecting my brain cells. Don't know why but it's affecting on how I perceive taste. My mind is now functioning to match foods with really unappetizing taste which made me lose my appetite. 

Back to le GE Run. It's my first 12km run since I've always join 10km run so far. I think this is my 4th Run now if I'm not wrong. Although I feel crappy that week I'm glad I finished 12km and I think I was better this time in terms of stamina since I've been training more frequently, running farther for each session without stopping to walk that much. 

I'm surprised my average pace was 8min/km, I thought it would be like 8 and a half or more. Because the slopes were killing me. Seriously, it felt different and more motivating when you're running with everyone else. When I jog alone, I feel like a turtle and feel so lazy to run too.

A picture before we start our run. 
Oh, I didn't notice the photobommer behind us. Gosh, talk about photogenic. Hahahaha!

Some how I look like I'm about to cry. LOL?

And the pictures after it. Sorry Aleena, we were having too much fun taking pictures before you reach. Hahaha!

Yeah! November run ticked off from my list. There's no run in December. But no slacking off though unless I wanna die on the middle of the road during We Run KL in Feb. 

We went for Yut Kee Restaurant after that for our brunch. Ordered almost everything from the first page menu. It's my second time here and I have to say, I still don't like the roti babi. The bread is soaked with too much oil! I feel like I'm eating oil rather than eating bread. I love bread and this I cannot put in my mouth.

*Short Review & Tips* 
The only thing I recommend is the Pork Chop, Chicken Chop, Roast Pork and the Hainan Mee. I wanted to eat Belacan Fried Rice so we ordered, and it was just mediocre. Oh, a bit of a warning if you intend to order French Toast, it's not what you think it would look but the homemade kaya is very fragrant. 

My man and I went to catch a movie around the evening. Interstellar was a mind-blowing movie. A seriously must-watch movie of the whole century. If you're into science, fifth-dimension theory, gravity, stars, and all that shit, you're in for a real piece of work. It is a really deep movie so... just be prepared with a empty mind when you're watching it, else you'll suffer a minor headache or worse. Hahaha. 

Random moment
Anyone realize the burger portion of Burgertory getting smaller? I had them for dinner and I though it was like 20% smaller than the usual big yummylicious portion. Never the less, it is still tasty. Hmm, jeez, the standard of living in Malaysia is getting higher and higher. I'm not sure how the middle-class/lower-class people are going to survive in this country for the next decade. Well, it's a rich man's game out there and we're just merely victims.