Weekend with Wolverine, Squash and Marriott Hotel buffet

It felt like a looooooonnngggg weekend. Since I had no class on Thursday (it was all canceled) and also Friday was a public holiday for Selangor. I ended up going back to Shah Alam on Wednesday night. And then Monday, I had food poisoning so I was dying on my bed and today, Tuesday was a no class day for me either.

Damn, feel so lazy to do anything right now. 
Especially studying. I have midterm tomorrow morning but I just can't seem to read my notes and tutorial answers quietly. Short attention span. Constantly checking for other stuffs to read and also do. Just started to crochet baby blanket, hope I bought enough yarns.. But I doubt it. And now, I'm here blogging! Yay! Lol.

Was trying to take a picture of him trying to emulate Wolverine's expression of anger. 
But all he ended up doing was making me laugh with his clown faces. Lol, didn't captured the funny faces ones, because he was changing his expression way too fast.

Thanks to Nuffnang for the complimentary pass. Though, I'm not so sure about it being worthwhile though. Because I had to travel all the way to their office at KL to collect it, which was 45 minutes away from Cyberjaya and then back here again. I think I can buy my own tickets in exchange with the toll and petrol money. I can't even do online booking with this thing. I had to queue for it too!

The movie was okay. 
Not something that I would go "weeeeeeeeeeee~" or "OMGOMGOMG" when watching the movie. It was a good movie, though it wasn't really great. If you know what I mean. It is still worth watching if you have watched all the X-men movies and are also a fan of Marvel comics. Although I myself have watched the sequels, I can't seem to remember them very well. My boyfriend had to stream the X-Men Origins: Wolverine for me in order to refresh my memory on how he came to be. 
Anyway, the movie has a very strong plot. Actions, not very much but still okay. 

My rating for The Wolverine

On Sunday morning, me, my mom, Xiao Ming, and Soonen went for squash. It was my first time playing squash. It looks easy, but damn, it isn't! I was getting frustrated by myself when nobody was directing or teaching me how to play the damn thing. I kept serving the ball too low or just not powerful enough and then I couldn't hit the ball the second time after I successfully served it. It was fun even-though it gave me some muscle-ache the next day on my right arm and also my right buttock. 

After squash, me and him went to Marriott hotel to have our lunch with Ah Lok and his family.
Kinda awkward for me. I mean... eating with a bunch of strangers. Ah Lok and his relatives. LOL. Didn't know what to say either. I was so nervous I suddenly blurted out "Happy Bilated Birthday" to Aunty Lok at an awkward timing. 
Well, at least I said it. Better than not saying it right???

Acting cool with his peace-sign. 
Me giving a wtf face.

The man with his huge-ass camera set. Professional is in the house. 

Ate like few plates of food and desserts. Didn't feel really good with a too-full tummy. Who knew, the next day I became very sick. Couldn't even move much, felt like dying. Just felt like sleeping on the bed and not move. But the tummy just wouldn't let me lay in peace. Not only me, even he was suffering from the same symptoms. I think we both were having food poisoning. 
Weird thing was, everyone else who ate the buffet wasn't experiencing the same thing. I thought it was my mum's cooking but my mum wasn't sick either. LOL. Don't know what it was, but I think it was the combination of my mum's cooking and the buffet. That's the only reason I can come up with, that made sense. Feeling much better today, but my tummy is still very picky on food. 

Okay, it's 11pm now. Have to scan through my notes and prepare for 9am midterm 2moro. 

26/7/13 Burger Lab

It was already 8pm when we arrived and the queue was LONG. 
Well, actually not very long but we had to queue outside of the store. It's crazy, seeing all these students nibbling and devouring burgers in there. Many would opt for take out (like us) since there isn't any place to sit.

The decoration was something that you don't often see and I think that is why so many youngsters are attracted to it. It's like a cool place to hang out, despite the crazy queue before it is open until it is closed. The food-makers were all youngins too! I think most of them are in their 20s or so. 

The food however. I think it's kinda overrated. :|
I don't know what the fuss is about. Me and my friends were curious about it, that is why we ended up having our dinner there. Even though we had it with our empty stomachs, it doesn't taste like.. something I would have expect to taste like seeing so many people queuing up for it. I didn't take any pictures of the food, as they looks the same. It's just charcoal burger with the fillings that you desired. 
Seriously overrated. Super disappointed. :/
And also it is very overpriced. RM18++ for a burger? And if you wanted it with fries and soda, you have to add in another RM6. What the heck? 
It's like a more expensive version of Crayon burger BUT it is also less tasty. 
I think Burger King can even top this.


24/7/13 Yut Kee Restaurant @ Jalan Dang Wangi

Travelled from Cyberjaya to KL just to collect some tickets from Nuffnang's office. Pretty impressed with the number of people in there and also the very orangey interior. 

But of course, wouldn't miss the chance to try out something nice around the area. With the help of google and some few reviews, I found Yut Kee which was just around the corner from Heritage House. Decided to head there and try their must-eats.
At 1pm. The place was packed with people. The usual crowds I presume. 

Pork Chop RM10
It was pretty weird to see a very Chinese-like restaurant to serve foods like this. This is not any ordinary pork chop. The gravy was something else! No wonder this was so popular. For ten ringgit, I'd say this was a steal.

Roti Babi RM8
I didn't really like the roti babi though. First of all, it looked very unpresentable. I mean just look at it. I held very high hopes for this one, but this is just mehhh. Maybe because I don't like tunas and also the portion is too small!  

Marble Cake RM1.10 per slice
I saw a lot of people buying the cakes from the counter and also ordering to their tables. So, I decided to buy some to try too. Beside this, they also sell rolls. This is not half-bad actually. 

I still hate KL roads though. 
Lol. Random. image

Kedai Makanan Yut Kee
35 Jalan Dang Wangi, 
50100 Kuala Lumpur, 
Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur
Phone: 03-2698 8108

23/7/13 Watami @ 1Utama

Another day at 1Utama for another premiere movie screening. It looks like I'm going there every week right now. My petrol and toll bills are ++++++++-ing. Not forgetting his food expenses, it is also +++++-ing. lol!

Today, it's gonna be Japanese cuisine again.

They have another set menu to choose from which are for 2 person after 5pm, but we didn't order that because I think the set menu has too many food! I don't think they were meant for 2 asian sized person but rather 2 godzillas. image No offence if you could finish it, you guys are definitely champions in the food chow-down department. image
 Aonegi Gyuniku Maki Kushi RM13.90
Beef & Spring Onion Roll Skewer
A very yummy combination, this reminds me of the asparagus wrapped bacon. image

Watama Salad (Half) RM12.90
Watami Salad with Chicken, Shrimp and Tuna Mayo
Some healthy appetizer before the main meals. I enjoyed this salad very much. imageimageimage

Tokyo Gyu Don RM22.90
Beef Rice with Hot Spring Egg in Tokyo Style
Wanted to eat the Curry don, but they said they don't have curry at that particular moment. :( So, I went with this. They were very generous on the beef! And I just love soggy japanese rice soaked up with half-boiled egg. 
*thumbs up*

Watami Tonkotsu Ramen RM22.90
Watami Ramen in Special Pork Broth with Pork Slice
The ramen soup was just mediocre, not very fragrant and also a bit too bland. And also, I think they overcooked the ramen, as it was too soft.

Overall, they were very generous on the portions of the Gyu Don and Ramen. But we still manage to finish all of the food, feeling pretty full though. They also offered a membership card that offers 10% rebate of your current meal on your next visit. Did I made any sense? They were pretty smart on this though, that means I have had to go again and again to get my rebate. DX
I wouldn't mind being a patron because the food came out really fast and most of them tasted very good too.

Watami Malaysia 
1 Utama 1st Floor, Rainforest, 1 Utama Shopping Centre,
1 Lebuh Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
T: +603-7727 1399


Movie Review: The Conjuring

Thank you Nuffnang for the premiere tickets again. 
*[Have you noticed that I have been very hardworking lately by posting movie reviews every week at the moment? lol. All thanks to the free tickets I've won from Nuffnang & Churp Churp]*

The Conjuring is a movie that is based on the true story of a family of seven who recently moved into a new house. The family consist of the parents and their five daughters. There's something about moving out that freaks me out some times. You'll never know what history the new house may have.
Honestly, when I first saw the trailer, I thought it was about a haunted doll. Turns out, it wasn't. It was WAY bigger than that. The doll was just a "ke-le-feh".

It turns out that the house was actually haunted with plenty of spirits that were also the victims of the most hateful and demonic one. Day after day, the hateful spirit will try to scare and intimidate the family members especially the youngest ones. Slowly, it become more powerful by feeding off from their fear.

Luckily the mother sought help from Ed and Lorraine Warren which were professional demonologists. Lorraine has a special gift and she could see bits and pieces of faint memories of people and also sense these supernatural beings. 

With the help of The Warren family, they got to know that the hateful spirit would latch itself and possess the mother of the family and then kill all of the family members. This was what happened to the other families that used to live in that very house. 

In the end...... I don't wanna spoil this, so I guess you guys better go watch it and find out yourself what happens in the end. image 

It was actually a pretty good movie. I was hooked all the time and  the movie gave me quite a few good fright. Some of the scene was pretty unpredictable and I've got to say, I admire how brave Lorraine was. She was like a kindred soul with a fighting spirit of a warrior, so determined to defeat the evil spirit. image  I was kind of disappointed on how it ended though. I thought there would be more of the exorcism actions like the other movies or so. But I guess not. 
Considering I am not a big fan of horror movie, this was actually pretty entertaining to watch.

My rating for The Conjuring is 
imagebecause it made me jumped so hard in my seat image
*scaredy cat*