Ipoh & Kampar one day trip

It was a Saturday! And we decided to go on a day trip to Ipoh and Kampar for a little snack here and there. Originally we have planned to go to Teluk Batik for a swim and a picnic but we changed our plan. The sun isn't very healthy for the skin nowadays. 

We started our journey at 10am plus.
And headed straight to Ipoh. The trip was kinda impromptu so basically, we were throwing ourselves into something we didn't prepare for. With a few calls to my Ipoh friend, we finally decided to have our brunch at the "Big Tree Foot" place. The Yong Tau Foo was swarming with people.

My girls, Liz and Jo Ann. 
We automatically swap out our phone to take pictures of the food.
Oh, the anti-social-plague, we have gotten it too. Hahaha.

A little bit of this and that and in total it only cost us RM7+ for these.
Other than this, we didn't order anything more from there. :(

Next stop, Funny Mountain Soya.
I've been there before so I brought them there to try the soya bean and tau fu foo
Food picture time! LOL 

Me and Ann

Me and Liz

Yum yum!

The weather was super hot. But the temperature in the car was unbearable, it was too humid. But when we came down from the car, it was really breezy. Being on the streets is better than the car. Haha! 
We went to venture the streets and tried to look for some Bird Nest Egg Tart, but sadly, it was really hard to find, cause even Ipohrian doesn't really know where they can buy some good egg tarts there! I have asked not one but two of my friends. And even Ann's friend too. LOL. But finally we went to Restaurant Weng Seng (thank you google and food blogs) that is near to the Super Kinta. We reached there and unfortunately, it was closed. =.=" Disappointment. 

And around 3pm, we decided to go to Kampar to try a new cafe. 
The  Alley Johns.
We didn't know what they sell in there, we just know it was new. The deco outside was really pretty and I was expecting something really good for snack time.

Wall deco was really vintagey and sweet

Mystery solved. They sell Japanese crepes and Dik Dik coffee here. The crepe was different from what we normally consume. I was expecting a crunchy crepe but this was super soft, the texture was something like pancake but thinner. 

Original and Mocha coffee. 

My Strawberry + Choco sauce + Whipping Cream Crepe. RM4.90

Tried something new and surprisingly I liked it. I only wish they would buy sweeter strawberries though, because it was very sour. They were quite generous on the amount of fruits though.

Pudding was okay only. Nothing special. But it wasn't too sweet.

andddddddddddddd.. more selcas of us.  

Even though it was quite a short trip, it was really fun and it felt great cause it's been awhile since we sat down and talked about what was happening in each of our lives. I'm grateful that this trip happened, honestly I was afraid of it getting postponed or cancelled. Usually most of my plans (like my recent Redang trip that I didn't plan very well. -.-) with them doesn't go quite well if it involves going to a place other than my hometown because of our different holiday schedules and also some times because of our jobs/work and also our family plans. 

Planning another trip again and it's happening very soon. So excited for it! 

Zakuro 2 @ Scott Garden

17th May 2013

It was the last day of my part time job on Friday. I finished my work at 7pm and made a dinner appointment with my ex-coursemate, Alister and my current coursemate, Soon Fatt. Yes, sadly this time, it was just the three of us. Sigh. Kien Bing needed to work and Robot needed to.. do his things. Saddened. T.T Nonetheless, it feels good to come out and have a nice chit chat dinner with them.

Funny story on how we ended up in Scott Garden though even though three of us don't like to drink alcohol, but we came here in the end. Because Puchong was too far for Alister and MidValley was too far for SF, I didn't care what place they chose because I was too busy to think of where to eat when I was working! So I left it for them to decide. And why there? Because SF never went there before and wanted to see what it looked like without considering what to eat. -.- There was just a few selections to choose from if you are like us (non-drinkers). Ah beng's shabu-shabu, Thai food or this. They do have a ChaTime there, but no thank you. 

Alister rocking his new short hair. LOL. 
Couldn't recognize him if I was to bump him on the streets with this haircut.

Another candid shot of a clown.
Even though we see eachother everyday during class, I rarely eat with him anymore. 
Idk why, but I prefer eating at home these days. LOL. :X Loner

A blurred picture of them together. 
No time for selca, I don't do selcas when I'm out with ze guyz. :(
I was having all of my hair up anyway because of work, so I didn't take a group picture too. 

Chawanmushi was rather nice. I don't eat chawanmushi normally, but I finished it all up in this restaurant. My taste buds are getting random these days. On a side note, I used to hate eating tofu and chilis, but now I can actually put them in my mouth and not hate it. 

My beef enoki roll set (RM42)
Overall, the food was satisfying and good. 

Will I come again?

I don't like the atmosphere there, too many drunkass and smokers and oh, the place is so dark. 
Not because of how the food tasted.

P.S. I'm not really good at describing food. Normally I will just go with tasty/good/recommended or just bad/don't try this ever/blergh (and any other simple Layman's term) but nothing more to depict it. I'm no good at this but of course, all of them are my honest opinion only. 

DIY Cross stitch

I've been picking up a new hobby again this month. 
I just randomly picked up a cross stitcher magazine when using my RM50 POPULAR voucher as I still have half of the value left to use. And this actually cost me around RM22+, wow, a craft magazine is not cheap I tell ya. But at least they have a decent amount of charts and also few guides to DIY your own pillow case and etc. And look, they also have a keychain kit!

I like the vintage-y feel to it, so I decided to follow the chart instead of finding another pattern. 
This is my first time venturing into this new kind of craft, so I made some mistake, I had to take out a whole lot and let me tell you if you make a mistake, you have to get rid of the whole string. Because they are connected, so if you have a loose string, the whole stitch from that string suffers the same fate too. I think I can train my patience by doing this. 

I started with the blue background when I did the green part wrong. I thought doing this would be easier for me. 

Almost done

And voila! My handmade wood keychain by me

But the back is very messy though. 
Is there a way for me to cover it neatly? I have read on the internet that I should stick a felt cloth at the back of it, maybe I should do that. I'm afraid it will look a bit weird. :/

And to my next project. Stitching The Avengers. 
What can I do with it? I seriously have no idea. I want to make a pillowcase but I realise it might be too advance (not to mention BIG) to me. So I am starting small first. Slowly and gradually, I'm gonna think of something I guess. Maybe I should make more keychains. Since they are small and easier to do. 

8/5/13 Skating day

Even though I haven't finished my finals yet, I went out for the whole day after my core subject exam finished. French is only a pass and fail subject, so no bother. Out I go! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Went to try the Pork Noodle in Restorant Pomander, SS15
We ordered a small portion of noodle and then ordered each of the extra add ons. 
This cost us a whooping RM13 for each bowl and we had to wait like for an hour for it because they have their "quality control" as in I think they made the noodle one by one (bowl). It might be a tad bit too sweet for me but still, it was delicious.
Be sure not to go there with a very empty stomachache though! An hour is a loooooooooooooongggg time. 

Immediately after lunch, we went to Sunway for ice-skating! It's been a long while since I've ice-skate. I mean... I don't ice-skate, I trip and fall when I came here the last time, like a few years ago. 

Idk. LOL.

Ivan and Soon En was with me, since they were free on that very day. Most of my seniors are working, so it's hard to ask them one group out. T.T 


Even though it was Wednesday, there is still quite a number that came to play. The ice melts too quickly and it wasn't really that stable to skate on for a beginner like me. I fell for 3 times that day, and my arse hurts like ugh.. 
It costs us RM17 for skating fees, RM8 for a pair of gloves and RM3 for a pair of socks. So peepol, please remember to bring your own pairs of gloves and socks. :X Save money!!

Dinner at Sushi Zanmai  

A random picture of ice hockey
Malaysia team was doing really well, and it was very entertaining to watch.

And then the jam on the LDP highway. This jam wasn't done by the Kelana Jaya incident. This was actually done by an idiot who, for some reason, parked at one of the lane in the middle of the roadside on one of the bridge leading to USJ. -.- Really? Dude, it's the middle of the road. REALLY? Whoever did that should dunk himself in the toilet bowl. 

Kensington Restaurant, Seremban

It was another night in Seremban, 
finally, I get to eat in the well-known restaurant that I have heard so much about.

The place was packed with people and I can see why. The place has a really relaxed ambiance.

Lemon float(? I'm sorry, I have been procrastinating this post for too long, and i forgot what we ordered. hahaha.) and iced Chocolate drink. 

Seafood Chowder. Recommended!

.... Wadya call that thing when there's like.. cream cheese and black pepper in it? Damn, I can't think of the name right at this moment. Doh! Accursed memory!
Cabonara with Chicken Ham is the name. This is LOVE! 

Apple crumble for our dessert. 
Omg, this just made me fall in love with the restaurant more. 

Overall, the dinner experience was satisfying. It was better than I had expected. 
I didn't know Seremban has THIS good of a western restaurant. I'm gonna come again when I have the chance. :D 

And lastly, here's a picture of us. 


27/4/13 Date day and Ironman 3

Pattern pattern! Hehe.
I kinda like the colour of my hair here, ombre effect. But sadly not in reality. :(

It was date day, and we decided to crash into one of the burger shops in ss15. Somehow, burgers are a hit these days, it's getting really popular around the area. There's Burger lab, Burgertory, Kaw Kaw burger and [insert some more names]. We decided to go to Crayon Burger for a taste. The menu has like.. around 7 types of burger you can choose from. You can choose either ala carte or a set which includes fries and a bottomless soda drink. The range is around RM11-16 for ala carte. You can order add on also and for set you have to add another RM5.

Happy with his burger and fries with cheese sauce. 

The Boss (Mild wasabi mayo, egg, onion rings, cheese, beef patty) RM 16
I kinda ate it the wrong way. Cause usually when I eat a McD burger, I always eat the burger layer by layer and not together. But this burger, I DONT RECOMMEND you do the same thing as me. It just doesn't tickle my taste bud that well when i eat it piece by piece. I thought it was too big for my mouth so I did that way, but no... Have to bite the whole thing to experience the wholeness! Lol!

Peanut Butter Bacon (Raspberry Jam, beef bacon, beef patty, and some peanut butter jam)
Yes! Peanut butter jam with burger! It was unique and it really special in a weird but good way. Recommended!

And for tea time, Delicious at 1Utama Shopping Mall 
Bugger, my background also can see he playing phone. 

Hot chocolate dip (?) Very chocolaty, this is quite nice. 
I just threw in the choco beads into the drink cause it tasted better that way.

Sorry I forgot the name of this drink! But I know it is some coffee float drink. 

Lemon, Lime & Ginger Cake RM12.90
This tasted sour and yet sweet at the same time. But not recommended for a person to finish it. 
Very jelat.

Macadamia Cheesecake RM14.90
This is the same too. The cheese is too overpowering, even with the both of us, we can't finish half of it. 

And look who I met when we were going back home. 
It's Alvivi! They were both playing the piano when I spotted them, and damn, they can play. 
I got spotted in twitter and they reposted this picture in their page. And the comments were very disturbing.. yet amusing. I'll just have to learn to close one eye and let it be. Lol. 

 At 11.40pm, it was time for IMAX 3D of IronMan hotass 3!

Toy set spotted in TGV of Sunway Pyramid

And look! It's the friendly monsters, life-size!  

A picture in the dark hall. 
The movie was really captivating and really great on the IMAX screen. Recommended even though it's double the price of normal screening but it's definitely worth it. Robert Downey Jr. still as hot as ever, like a fine aging wine. :X I'm getting out of topic here. But be sure not to miss this movie! 
Can't wait until Pacific Rim is out! I'm gonna be here again. :D