Batam weekend Getaway

Planned a short weekend getaway for the weekend to celebrate puddin's birthday. Batam is just a short 45 mins away via ferry. I thought it would be an inexpensive trip, but I was so wrong. Most probably because it's more touristy than the other parts of the country.

Okay, let me breakdown the main expenses.
$ = SGD

Turi Resort, Riani Deluxe Beachfront (Agoda) - 238.99$
Ferry to Batam through agent - 85$ for 2 person round-trip
Majesty Spa 3.5h package - 194.57$ (IDR 1, 980, 000) for 2 person

I think overall, we spent like 74.25$ for food at Turi Resort and 100$+ cash also for food outside and snacks. So the total damage is around 750$ for two person for that one weekend. It's bloody expensive for a short weekend but, I did indeed booked a more luxurious resort for our stay, so by right, I shouldn't be whining at all. It's just a bit painful for my wallet.