and may the wandering souls find  their peace of mind. :X

Omg, I'm so lazy to study and do anything right now


Me and my friends started to talk about the good and bad times we went through during our high school time. And we shared some stories. It's not about me, but just to share my thoughts and give some opinion. I can relate to(?) I guess.

Hmm.. So this guy friend right here, I'll just call him "Rio" for the story's sake. Rio has a girlfriend, and she gets jealous easily. Even when Rio is talking to another girl.
But this Rio likes to flirt around with many other girls (who doesn't? It's normal right? It's instinct I think, don't care if the a person is single or not)  and often goes out with his friends without informing her girlfriend, including clubs and even a normal tea time session.

Why? Rio said her girlfriend will get jealous easily and will be mad at him if she knew. So, he decided to not tell her anything and lied to her that he's doing other things.
But this is what I think. Since his girlfriend is a green monster, I think it is better for her to know the truth from him rather than knowing it sooner or later from someone else.

Not only that actually, for a girl, if she knows her other significant is somehow contacting or going out with another girl (who last time has something to do with the guy, eg. an ex-girlfriend, a crush, someone who the guy had court before), don't you think it would make her very insecure.
It's actually not the other girl's fault, but the guys. But often we blame on the third party. It's society. If the guy doesn't make any move to engage, for sure the other party wouldn't do anything since they know they are in a relationship.

........ NO?

But the third party should be smart a bit lah. Don't contact or go out so much with the guy if she knows he's being so secretive. What if next time their bf also do like that to them? Doesn't feel good right? Karma will hit them for sure. So girls/guys, janganlah bodoh sangat. Kenapa nak buat drama drama yang membarakan orang. Tak baik la camtu. Kan kan? Baik jangan layankan orang yang tidak memberi faedah kepada kita. We'll just give ourselves more problems and a really bad name.

If Rio really trust and respect his girlfriend, I think he should tell her girlfriend the truth and at least bring her girlfriend out too when he's going somewhere with his friends instead of keeping a secret from her.
Some times, people can be so dense.

Need to 发泄 awhile

Stop doing whatever that is wrong please.
That doesn't contribute to your well-being OR EVEN other people.
Stop doing things that kills you and stop giving fucking stupid reasons for you to continue it.

I've said this too much times, I can't remember how many but it's just too much.

Giving reasons such as social and what not? Please, those are just stupid reasons and fucking stupid excuse for one to even start smoking. The fuck? It makes you look cool? It makes people want to talk to you more? So if you don't smoke people don't wanna talk to you is it? Doesn't make any sense at all. Seriously.

Let me tell you the facts.
No, smoking doesn't make your friends think you are better, that doesn't mean it will make them talk to you more or accept you more. If they don't, just because you don't smoke, well, you can throw these friends away, since they don't care that it kills you and them too.
It's cool? What are you? 15-year-old kid going through puberty?
Social? What? So does that means I can't talk to people? Because "I" don't smoke? Oh, do I have to be an inconsiderate and insensitive smoking bitch to make you oblige to talk to me? Please lah.
All of these are just reasons for you to take that lighter and light up another cigarette for yourself.
The truth is, you're already addicted to it and you don't even know it. Because nobody says that to your face. You don't wanna listen to the truth, you wanna listen to the others addicted smokers so they can comfort you and not guilt you. Then you continue to do fucking nothing about it.
If you don't even dare to admit you smoke, it means you know that it is wrong. BUT you're not stopping it. You should!

Trust me, I see with my own eyes. Social? I don't think so. All I see is addiction. For some it is too late to stop because it's already starting to seep into their blood. But with willpower, it can be stopped. It's a matter of choice, NOT REASONS LIKE THESE.

And I cannot stress enough that I really really.... really despise cigarettes. Really. Really really really. 

Why can't people think about their own health and people around them? 
Worse case scenario, I'll fucking throw any cigarettes that comes into my sight or burn them all up and stuff into that mouth of yours if you love it so much.

Malacca Food Trip

23th & 24th July 2012

For the second time, I have ventured into the streets of Malacca in hunt for good food with my friends! First stop for our brunch, and to satisfy my craving for nyonya laksa, Jonker 88!

 Tried one of the "kahwin" dish. Frankly, it was more delicious than the asam laksa itself. But taste more awesome when i add more of my laksa soup to it. Freestyle mixing~ Oh and the durian cendol was !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm salivating right now.