12/4/14 Moontree 47, Georgetown

I was craving for some good old fashioned western styled breakfast and that led us to this place. The cafe was pretty hard to spot. We passed by (while sitting inside the car) twice but still can't pinpoint the exact location. Since the street has limited parking, we decided to just park at a spot and then hunt on foot. 
Funny story was that we were trying to spot the number "47" as the buildings were suppose to be sorted by numbers right? But then when I came to number 46, it skipped to 48. Then I had to ask around. Lucky for us, this other shop's shopkeeper were friendly enough to show us where it is. 

Turns out it's just beside the Camera Museum. They sell postcards and souvenirs too. Wanted to buy one and post it back home but due to some time constraint, we had to leave straight-away after our breakfast.

A little "Alice in the Wonderland" feel and look here with all the clocks. 

It feels pretty comfy and I was surprised that not many people are up and awake to get breakfast here but then this is a good thing also I guess, because it felt calm and quiet which goes really well with the settings.

If you are a cat person, be sure to spot a sleeping cat there. Man, that cat really can sleep! It won't even budge when I shook him. 

Feast your eyes on the menu! Thank me later. 

Mezzo mezzo (Hot mocha), RM12
Finally, I ordered a caffeine drink. It was morning so I guess I wouldn't have trouble sleeping at night as the effect will wear off during the day. Unfortunately, I didn't like it because.. it tasted too diluted and doesn't even taste like mocha. Not my "cup of coffee".

Farmer's Egg Gratin, RM15
Totally loved this, nothing beats an awesome breakfast. It's a shame that the portion isn't bigger than this, couldn't get enough of it. 

Good Morning, RM20
Can you tell me how good looking this plate of food looks?

Sun Kiss Toast, RM10
For people with sweet tooth who would like their toast served with ice cream and a touch of citrus-y orange.

Rating | 8/10
This place offers a peace and quiet ambiance and it somewhat feels a bit like my old home, felt nostalgic suddenly. Totally love the concept and felt super comfy sitting there. The food that they served are quite delicious as well but wouldn't say the same towards the drinks that they served, most of them are very diluted. Would love to come back here again for another weekend breakfast. 
P.S. Moon Tree also offers a place to stay, please feel free to click on this link to check them out.

47 Muntri Street,
10200 Georgetown, Penang 
Phone | 04-264 4021
Opening Hours | Thursday to Tuesday 9am - 7pm
Closed on Wednesday

11/4/14 The Little Big Cafe, Georgetown

Friday night and we're out hunting for a new place for dinner again! Pei Ying introduced us to a popular burger joint in town and she claims that they serves the best charcoal burger in town. 

The place look kind of cool. It was a shame that we had to sit at the barrel table because it was very uncomfortable for me. Didn't know how to positions my legs while sitting on the stool.

The menu on the wall. 

The cashier area

Just chillin

A3 Pork & Egg Dilemma, RM15.80

B2 Black 505, RM15.80
Apparently the charcoal bun was sold out so we had to choose either muffin bun or ???(my memory is very bad, I think it's normal bun but I'm still not sure). So I chose the muffin one and this was it. As for the burger, it's nothing special I guess because I've tasted better and unique ones back in Subang Jaya. I liked the muffin bun though but not the beef patty.. 

Rating | 5/10
I tend to compare food that I've tasted before so I guess this was not a good one for me as I had tasted much better burgers in a lot of burger joint before, especially in SS15. Sorry guys, but this was not satisfactory for me.

14, Nagore Road (Near New World Park),
10050 Georgetown, Penang.
Opening Hours | Thursday to Tuesday 6pm - 11pm 
Closed on Wednesday

10/4/14 55 Cafe & Restaurant, Georgetown

It was Thursday and it seems like I was catching the early TGIF fever. It's always better to go to town on a week day night (except Friday) because there's not much traffic jam.

It seems like 55 Cafe is one of the most popular cafes in town. So, let's see what's my verdict. The place was still full with people even though it was already 9.30pm when I reached there and people keep coming in after that. The kitchen closes at 10.30pm by the way. 

In my honest opinion, I think they overcharge their customers. The price of the food and also desserts were unbelievably high even though it is just another coffee shop in Penang.

Carbonara, RM29
Decided to order carbonara because it was recommended by a lot of people. It was very creamy, love the sauce. Even the presentation of the dish was really good. 

Hazelnut Chocolate, RM12
Sorry folks, no 3D coffee foam art. We wanted to, but we had to wait an hour plus for that to happen. Obviously, we didn't had the time but of course it doesn't have much impact on the taste of the chocolate drink. It was normal, nothing much to say about it. 

Tiramisu, RM15
Yes, finally found a tiramisu with a hint of rum. I've eaten a few tiramisu cakes but never found one that has alcohol in it. Not the best that I have had but it was pretty good.

Rating | 7/10
The food that they served tasted a little above average than the norms, but not something that I would go "Oh, I want to go there and have that again". I don't know why but I was really taken aback by the price because it was a tad bit higher than most of the shops here in Penang (and also KL). I think the cafe is popular for it's 3D art cafe and that's what attracts the customers, I guess? As for me, one visit is enough even though I didn't get the chance to take a picture of the foam art.

55, Lorong Stewart, 
10300 Penang, Malaysia
Phone | 04-262 2611
Opening Hours | Everyday 8.30am - 10.30pm

9/4/14 De Moonlight, Georgetown

De Moonlight was having a voucher sale on Living Social and when Aleena asked whether if I'm up for it, I took up on her offer. I'm on an expedition to explore as many coffee shops in Penang anyway. De Moonlight cafe was rather new in the area as I heard and it is a very small cafe.

A mural near the entrance of the place. 

A mixture of hipster + vintage interior

The back room

The famous painting that everyone has been taking photos of...

Unfortunately, pictures are just pictures. When you see it in reality, you wouldn't feel like sitting there because the seatings were just next to the kitchen which felt a bit warmer than usual and the smell of wok fire is overpowering behind there.

The table was quite cool as you can see, there are keys spread out for display. 

As for the menu, somehow I felt like it lacks of choices.

Hot Chocolate, RM8
Ordinary diluted chocolate drink.

Peach Tea, RM7
Not much to say about this either. It's.... peachy I guess?

Tiramisu, RM10
We heard it was one of the must try thing in De Moonlight. Although when we tried it, it wasn't anything much. The main highlight was actually the peanut butter ice cream. Goes really well with the cake and also the main reason for me to not stop eating at the first bite. 

Egg Mayo & Cheese, RM9
I was having a tough time with the sandwich as the yummy bits keep falling apart on me. I guess I have a hole in my mouth. This was quite nice in my opinion, enjoyed it. 

Fish & Chips, RM18
I was expecting a crispy battered fish fillet but then I found myself shoving soggy and too soft thing in my mouth, I find it very weird. Very very weird. Even the fries feels soggy. Not ordering this ever again. 

Rating | 5/10
I initially thought I would find some really good things here but I let myself down with my high expectation. The food was kind of pricey considering the quality of the food that they served. The cafe itself was very quiet and somehow the street looks like a ghost town when we came here on a weekday night. A perfect place for a secret rendezvous, I guess?  I'm not sure this happens during the weekend too or not. The cafe close down pretty early too. I felt pressured to leave when they asked us to clear our bills at around 8.30pm. Not much here, the only thing that I can recommend is the sandwich and that's it. 

De Moonlight
No. 316 Lebuh Pantai, 
10300 George Town, Penang. 
Phone |  016 486 9668
Opening Hours | Monday to Friday 11am - 9pm
Saturday & Sunday 10am - 10pm

Let's end this post with a picture of my "coffee-shop hunting partner"! I bet you guys are getting sick of my own selfies anyway. Hahaha. 

6/4/14 Brew 32 Coffee House, Georgetown

A weekend visit to one of the most popular cafe in town. 

Say Hi to "Yu Fah" if you're passing by the area! She will be waiting for you near the entrance. 
*if you watched old HK comedy movie before, you'll know what I mean* 

The interior. Sorry for the bad lighting, not sure what was causing the vertical flash lines.

Durian Crepe, RM12.90
This is the first time I've ever found a durian crepe in Penang. Unfortunately, I don't like it. Some how it doesn't seem to hit the spot. 

Bailey's Caramilk, RM10
A milk beverage with a hint of alcohol in it. Again, my first time seeing alcoholic milk beverage. I like the aromatic smell it has. Worth trying. 

Iced Chocolate, RM10.90
Nothing special. Normal.

Iced Blended Vanilla, RM10.90
Lack of taste. Sad.

Rating | 6/10
This is a rating from a non-caffeine drinker because none of us tried their caffeine drinks. I think the beverages were just average, nothing special and wasn't really that great. There's not much seating available for groups either. Environment wise, not much to say either because there's more places that offer better theme than this one.

No.32, Jalan Green Hall, 
10200 George Town, Penang
Phone | 012 - 400 9633
Opening Hours | Sunday to Thursday 10.30am - 10.30pm
Friday & Saturday 10.30am - 12am

5/4/14 Hiking to Muka Head LightHouse

Hiking was actually on my to-do list. So, yeah, I can tick that off! It's a very rewarding journey I must say. There's this thing that boggles my mind though. 
What's the difference between trekking and hiking?

Well, lucky for you. I've got the answer with the help of google and if you're wondering too, here is the answer. 
Hiking is an outdoor activity of walking in beautiful natural environments on pre-charted paths called hiking trails. There are day hikes and overnight hikes. 
Trekking is a long journey be undertaken on foot in areas where there are usually no means of transport available. Trekking is not necessarily mountaineering; it is walking for a number of days, usually on uncharted paths, in challenging environments which are likely to be hilly or mountainous.
So, I think it's right that we assume we had hiked for few hours. 

The beach view at Taman Negara entrance

Geared up and ready for hiking!

Trail guide for visitors



and after an hour, we have reached the Monkey Beach

It's important to bring sufficient water if you're there! If you don't, don't worry, they do sell drinks along the beach including big ass mineral water bottles.

People and their gadgets nowadays. LOL
Just love the effect of the GoPro camera

Had a long rest at the beach before we started our hiking journey again, to the Muka Head Lighthouse which was 30 mins away from Monkey Beach. The journey from the entrance to the beach wasn't really that tiring but the one from the beach to the lighthouse was.... overwhelming. I can't feel my legs after all the stairs. There wasn't much people going up there either. Only saw 3 other people when we reached. It was already afternoon and I guess it's not the best time to be on top of a hill but luckily it was cloudy that day. We were a bit worried about it raining but thankfully it didn't either.

And we chilled at the top of the mini lighthouse for awhile. Enjoyed the view and the breeze. 

The view inside the lighthouse was quite beautiful. I didn't notice it until I checked the pictures online and saw many people actually took photo with this window. I probably was too occupied with climbing the stairs so I didn't notice my surrounding. I decided to follow the norm and do the same thing. 

It's a refreshing activity to do during the weekend. Would love to hike again if I had the chance. To Pantai Kerachut next time!