May & June '18

// Happening in May & June // 
long weekend in thailand
games & books
luge sentosa
a day with the girls

I think I don't even know how to blog anymore. It feels like I'm going to leave out a lot of stuff that has been happening for the past two months. Or maybe not..? There's only a few major interesting events to talk about anyway. I think I am mostly at home with my PS4 even when I am free or even in the weekend. Anyway, who is still reading my blog? Wait, the better question is, who still read blogs? I don't even read blogs anymore, to be honest. More or less, I will occasionally search for blog post if I needed some information for my travels. Other than that, I really do not care (mostly about how other bloggers live their lives). If you are reading this, I am not even sure why you care about how I am living mine??? Oh, funny thing it is, innit? And yet, here I am writing a public blog post that can be accessed by a million others on the internet (if they know how to find my blog). The irony. 
I'm not sure what I am on right now. I always go off track and trying to sound like I have really deep thought, when the truth is, it's just random stuff flowing out of my brain that doesn't mean anything. Not really deep, maybe, just random, mostly.

Right right, I digress.
I'll continue on with my... stuffs. I'm sure the total number of words in the paragraph above far exceeds the one that I am going to write in the sections below. I guess picture tells a thousand words, or so I've been told.