Week 20 | Let the "trip" begin

It's officially my last week in Offenburg! I received some farewell gifts from my friends and housemate. Thank you you-guys-know-who-you-are! I've even received a blond hair dye kit as a gift but unfortunately, I'm back to black. Ain't no way I'm going back to blonde. Hahaha! Appreciate the thought though (and it's funny).  

Week 18 & 19 | Last weekend in Offenburg


I feel like I'm having a writer's block right now, even though I'm not really writing anything serious out here. Maybe I had too much sugar in my blood these few days, I ate too much homemade desserts. *barf in guilt*. 

After a few months of dont-care-what's-my-face-is-like, I picked up the hobby of playing with make-up again. I believe I'm not the only one that does this once in awhile. Right ladies? Make-up is fun. It is like an art drawn on the face. Plus I had some of the make-up for years, and I feel bad for not using them and then throwing them away (when they expire). One way to waste them in a good way I guess. 
I always have this problem with "panda eye-bag" after a few hours of application (mascara or eyeliner), hate that. Argh. That is why I prefer putting on BB cream and eyebrow pencil only. I read that the solution to this is to put some powder on the under eye area and also on the eyelashes too. It didn't work that well for me (when it's warm), because my face gets oily easily. *Sad face*. 

Getting myself back up

I've been feeling really really bad these past few days. It is of course not the first time I feel this way, I occasionally have these "bad times" through my life. I notice that it usually happens when I don't have any significant things to do and also I tend to lock myself in the room for a few weeks. When I don't have any specific aim or work, I usually just sit in front of the computer and watch a lot of movies, dramas, youtube videos, tumblr.. you get the jizz. Basically things to do to waste my time. I know, it's not very healthy. When I get into this "mode", I usually get more depressed than usual and also affects people around me (especially to the people who chat or talk to me every day). 
I realize I need to do something about it, but I just procrastinated everything. Even going for grocery shopping sounds like a chore to me (normally I would be very excited), I'll wait till I literally have no food left in my pantry or fridge. Skipping classes. Turning down invites to go out. I know what was happening, but I didn't change anything to avoid it, I just embraced the depressed version of me. Then on one fine day, my negative vibe even started to affect my relationship. I was miserable. I was overthinking. I was just being a magnificent pain-in-the-buttock. My man told me off... and gave me a long lecture. His word was kind of harsh but I needed someone to tell that to me straight to my face, else I would not have snapped out of this dark world I've put myself into.

I took his advice, and went out for a walk. You know what? It seems like it's just the thing I needed. One thing lead to another and I think I'm getting better. I don't feel that bad anymore.