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Woah, I think the past week had been very overwhelming for me because after my final exam, I only have one week of holiday left before I start my internship. Firstly, I didn't have any plan for the holiday, as I planned to have a good rest at home (playing my pcsx2 or what not) or maybe go hang out with a bunch of friends when they are free. But something drastic happened on that fateful Sunday. And suddenly, the next day, I was flying to KK with two other crazy people like me. I'll update more about it when I have a good access to the internet!

I'm going to be inactive for awhile because I have really bad access to the internet at my current rented home. I have super high speed internet at work but then using it for personal use would be unethical unless I decided to stay back after office hour to use the wifi to the full extend. There's another issue though, most of my pictures are in my desktop and unfortunately, I didn't bring my external hard disk with me so I can't transfer it physically. Drat! I should have brought it here. I thought I was bringing too much stuffs to Penang but it's like I'm missing so many important things here. I'm borrowing Saikkin's pendrive today, so I think I can manage it soon. Thanks dude!

That aside, it's my first week of intern and today was my second day. Truthfully, I wasn't very nervous. It actually felt like I was prepared for it or my subconscious is too ignorant to feel anything. Or maybe I was born ready for this job. 
Okay. No. I was just kidding. Can't you tell? 
Jokes aside. Yeah. Before the first day, I was actually fretting about how I will present myself, which clothing should I wear, how much time do I need to prepare before I get to work, how much time will I need to use to get there including the duration of the super traffic jam. I ended up waking up at 6am and went out at 7am. Heck, I even wore make-up yesterday since it's a big company, and many people will judge you based on your first impression right? I reach there around 7.30am, which is around half an hour early but thankfully, the one who guided me was there early too so I didn't have to wait too long. Got my access card with a picture of my face printed on it, wow-ed by it because we have to scan the access card at the corridor in order to gain access to the department if not, the alarm would go off. Damn super high tech. My senior gave me a tour too but the place was too empty as it was too early for them to arrive to work. So, basically, I went for tour twice and led by two different people (but both of them wasn't my supervisor. Haha! He was late as he had some family things to attend to).
I think I'm very lucky as my team was very super friendly and laidback but of course when it's time for some seriousness, they're serious.... I think... Hopefully. I'm also the first ever female member to join their team. Apparently, just by being in that team, it was a milestone for them, said everyone on R&D floor. Haha!
My supervisor treated me like a friend and a colleague, he's very friendly. No pressure when he's talking or discussing things with me. I have met the other staffs, and I can tell you, some of them really do give you a stressed atmosphere when it's work time. Even when they casually walk up to me and talked, I can feel the pressure already. It's like they are questioning your existence in the company.
Also, the "boss" for software team. He's very eager to talk to me and really good at taking care of people. So much that I sometimes feel paiseh. He even apologized to me about something minor when in truth, it didn't offend me or affect me at all. LOL. 
And then there's the funniest guy in the building, Unker Ho (that's how they call each other instead of "uncle"). He was the one who gave me the second tour and brought me around to introduce myself to the rest of the R&D department. So lucky to have someone so funny and positive in the team. When you lay your eyes on him, you'll automatically become happy. He's very eager to teach even when I'm quiet or even if he's not my supervisor, so I'm grateful to him too. 
It seems like I'm lucky to have so many people to look after me during these three months. I think I'm in good hands. 

This building....
This internship....
The employees here....
are not as what I had in my mind. I thought it would be a lot scarier and gloomier or something like that. Or maybe some really hardcore tension too. But it seems like I was wrong. I don't know if it's just because it's just my first week there but hey.. it looks fun really, inside there. 
I was wearing a formal clothing. But all I see was jeans and t-shirt, some guys even wore shorts which actually looks a lot like what we wore on campus, which is casual. I've heard that we can even wear pajamas to work too unless if it smells. LOL. The girls aren't wearing any make-up. Most of them are with their natural face. Okay, I think I got really self-conscious because I was wearing them. LOL. The gym, oh my gawd, the gym.. every equipment has a touch-screen with wifi so that you can surf the net, facebook, or youtube while you're working out and it even track your workout parallely. PLUS they have an aerobic room which has a whole lot of mirrors. Dayum. Then there's the working hour, supposingly the formal work-time is 8am to 5pm but let's just say it's flexible there. They have their own cafeteria which serves breakfast, lunch, even tea time. I'm not sure about dinner but I can bet they have them too. I can even waive some small amount on my lunch. Interns even have their own social activities, which is actually organised by the interns themselves which looked fun but I haven't attend any yet of course. 

First impression on internship, well, it's quite fun. Something new and new experience is enjoyable for me. That includes moving up here alone or not having any family members with me. I'm trying to adapt to new environment as fast as possible. I think travelling is fun.

The only thing I hate here, is the traffic. Even though, the places are 10km away (it's counted as very near for me because when I'm in Selangor, I can get to that place in 10 mins but not in this case), I have to drive for 30 mins, minimum. I leave early in the morning so 30 mins is bearable but when I wanted to get home, heck, I need a minimum time of 1 hour. Plus, the driving culture here is completely different. If you're a Malaysian, I bet you know what I'm saying. We have the worst driver here in Penang. Not to be offensive against Penang-ians, but hey, you have to admit it, it's true. I'm not saying all of them are super bad drivers and I'm not saying that all of the people in other states are better drivers. I'm just referring to the majority. It just pisses me off when I'm driving here. I now understand why most of the people here don't give signals when they want to turn or move to the other lanes. I learnt it the hard way when I was giving signals to cut to the other lane, but it made the cars on that other lane become kia su so they will drive super fast to block your way even if there's just 30cm of space. Gila. What kind of ethic is this? At least at KL when I drive, people give way more than they do here and they don't purposely step on the gas pedal like crazy to block you. Maybe they think they use less petrol here since the place is so small unlike in KL so they can accelerate and break however they want. GAHHHH!

Okay, I think this post has shifted from becoming a journal post to a rant post. I think I have to tag as "rant" too. 

Anyway, for just two days, I felt like I lack of time because I used to have a lot of time to laze around but not when I'm working. Impossible. If there's no traffic here, maybe possible but no, that's not the case. Here jam, there jam, wasted a lot of hours in the car. I wonder if I can do anything in the car while in a traffic jam that wouldn't be dangerous or cause me to bang the other cars. I usually play my phone, but some times, I think that is not a good idea but I'm so easily tempted.  

By the way, have you heard of this restaurant? I think it's pretty inappropriate but funny for them to call it this name. I can now officially say that I have eaten at "Jiao Sai" before. Maggi goreng tom yam wasn't half bad.

If you don't get it then I can know you're not a chinese.
In Chinese, Jiao Sai means "bird's shit".
What the hell name is this?

This concludes my post today. For a very long time, my blog post has more words that occupies the spaces rather than the images.

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