Bangkok for Coldplay 2017

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I was thinking of writing this post down once I collect and upload all the pictures that we have taken in Bangkok. But then I realize, I'll forget all the info and experience if I were to wait any longer. And besides, I already have the pictures from mine and his iPhone. The only pictures missing are the ones from the camera and his GoPro which I think most probably won't be happening that soon. Anyway, I'll get started on writing and add more pictures in sooner or later. I hope. 

Where we stayed | Check Inn Regency Park
The first night there was pretty bad because when we arrive to our hotel at night, they told us our room was not ready and they didn't have time to clean so they transferred us to another branch with a much much smaller room space and they don't have hot water for shower. We were tired and I was pretty pissed off. I wanted to complain or something but then I didn't want to waste my time or energy doing something like that on our vacation. Well, at least the room were decent when we got our intended room on the second day. The hotel also have a sauna, gym and a swimming pool. The view up at the balcony is super (look out for pictures below). 

Other than the issue we had with them, I think that the hotel was quite a decent place to stay for the price itself. I mean the location is pretty good, Family Mart is just right beside the hotel. The view from the swimming pool is great. The room is quite clean and spacious. There's a bar next door which is an extension to the hotel. There's a really nice massage place just nearby called Lek Massage and it only cost like 250 Baht for an hour of Thai massage. There's a lot of massage places (including inappropriate one) but if you're looking for food, I'm sorry to say there wasn't much choices. There are some roadside stalls outside of the hotel, but we never tried any of them. Instead we took like a 10 mins walk to Phrom Phong or Asok MRT and tried most of the street foods there and all of them never failed to impress. 

I look so much older recently. Not sure if it's the adult world that is making me look that way or what.
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