Penang & Star Cruises Trip

I know it's been a long while since I last updated. But I'm here! Trying to squeeze in some time for my blog. This is actually a kind of de-stress thing that I can do when I'm super busy with studies. On the bad side, I actually need to spend a lot of time choosing photos, tweaking, finding information and writing about my trip. I enjoy every moment of it , although I sound like I'm complaining! Hahahaha.
Oh, I will be linking the places' names with their corresponding foursquare page, I think that would be easier for people to search for the location and you can see other peoples' reviews and recommendation about that place too.  
Let's go!

Friday, 9th August 2013
Everyone trying on my new shades. So much win, okay.
Bought them from ohtemptations.
We actually traveled to Penang a day before the actual cruise day. It's Penang, so, of course there MUST be some food hunting.

21/8/13 A dream of another life?

It's actually morning at this moment. I don't usually blog in the morning but this is just some random sh*t that I decided to do. I have to go to my 8am class, but I'm just finding some other things to stop me from going right now. 

So, I had a very... different dream today. I just remember very vague details about it. So, I'll just write the things that I can remember. I think the dream started with some flashes of moments of me and him (my bf), all those are normal. Then suddenly, I'm in a car with a different guy going home (don't know who's exactly but it's a house). The guy was enraged with his mother at home and I tried to calm him down. Suddenly, he doodled something on a book with words that I remember vividly. "I want a son". A moment later, I don't remember what we said but I took his face in the palm of my hands and kissed him on his cheek. He began to flush, like crimson red all over his face. I thought it was adorable because he tried to hide it behind his collar shirt and said "Look what you made me do" while smiling at me. By then, my alarm woke me up. Reluctant to be teared away from my dream, I slept back again. No luck, no dream continuing today. 

Somehow I feel like I'm cheating on him with this "dream husband". HAHAHA. But to defend myself, I don't control my movement in my dream. I was merely a spectator in my own body. The other guy was actually quite good-looking though. image But if you would ask me how he looked right now, I cannot describe it. Well... Except for "adorable". Like my bf actually. Sometimes. LOL. 
Maybe this was some flashes from my past life. Hahahahahahaha. 

Oh, in the other hand of reality. My mini project lecturer asked a pretty random question to me when my partner was not in the lab with me again this Monday. It kinda get on my nerves when he says it. He asked me whether if I'm the smarter one in the group or my partner. Then, he answered it himself "I think he is smarter. Definitely he is smarter. Ah gah ha ha ha ha". 
Wtf. =.= Okay lah, he got higher CGPA, he is smarter. I don't think it's necessary to ask this type of question and rub it on my face loh. He said that because he taught my partner before on another subject and he saw how he did the same thing with his attendance but he excelled in his papers. In my opinion, please define "smarter". One can be smarter than the other in my different ways. Anyhow, I deemed it is very unprofessional to say these kinda of things out in front of the students. Especially in front of the ones that they are comparing or saying. SUPER BIAS.
Si beh bo song.


I think I'll have to postpone the Cruise post for another week again!
I accidentally copied my the photos to the wrong place and I ended up taking my mum's pendrive that doesn't have anything except for her work files. Great job genius. image

This is just a random shot I took when I was on my way back to Shah Alam last Friday. Looks like there was a fire somewhere nearby, didn't check it out or hear any news about it though. Sorry, didn't update myself with news these days again. 

And here's a quick meal to a healthy clean breakfast!
Following Cassey's Blueberry Muffin recipe from Blogilates. All you need is a microwave and some easy to find ingredients. Only need 5 minutes to make this.

The outcome. I thought it was pretty good because it was served with berries. And I super love fresh strawberries, blueberries and also cherries.
but my mum thinks otherwise and said it was really bad (because she don't like oats). 

On Saturday, had 2 hours of squash session with mum, Soonen and Guo Lian. At night, celebrated Uncle Alvin's dad birthday over dinner and then went out for yum cha session. I even bring my mum out late until 1am. Hahaha! Don't feel weird if you see my mum in there, because apparently I think my friends find her more interesting than me. LOL. Okay, life fail.... 
Pool was fun! It's been awhile since I last played it. I don't really like how my hair smells though after every session of pool. Those places just reeks of cigarette smell. Pee-ew

I wonder why I just can't resist myself from going up Seremban even if it's already Sunday. Oh, I wonder.... My will is too weak I think. So easily seduced influenced.

Went for a nice Sunday evening jog at City Park. 
There were so many fishes and turtle there! And they are spoiled! I saw many visitors bought breads with them and they ended up throwing everything into the lake. But still, the fishes eats like they haven't eaten for days. Jumping up and snatching the foods from each other. 

Even forgot to bring my scrunchy before the jog! Kinda annoying to let your hair flow like sakai. I really can't cope when people start pressuring me to be quicker. I start to forget things easily when that happens.

Mini project coding is making me mad! 
SPI mode, FAT16, at89c51xd2.h aower asjfhdlakjsdfh auwe fjdlfhjasf lkjsdf


This is kinda an overdue post. 
Overdue for a week.

Have been busy with the trips during the weekend. In addition, have been lazying (again) through Monday - Thursday. I've been skipping a lot of classes lately (again too). Lol. But I will blog about my Penang trip and also my first cruise experience soon when I get my hands on all the pictures besides the one in my phone!

Last week was my midbreak that lasted for a week. I've spent most of my time in Seremban since my mum went back to hometown on Tuesday. Tay Tay was back from Singapore for his birthday and Raya holiday, might as well ask him out for a short while. I haven't seen him since March!

 And he decided to drag me along to get his haircut. "Yan siong-ing" his new haircut in the mirror. 

Decided to go for teatime at Kensington after that. I purposely chose this place as I thought they would serve cake or something while I munch on apple crumble (which is one of my fav treat somehow). It's Tay's birthday the next day! But unfortunately they didn't. 
But hell, we just went on ordering soup, bread and this. Lol, plan to treat birthday boy cake failed. Miserably. Should have just stick to Secret Recipe next time. In the end, he paid for the bill instead of me. Lagi fail.

Thank you though and hope all your wishes comes true and good luck with your career and life, god-brother! Please abstain from all the unhealthy activities if can because health is the utmost important thing in life. Didn't really tell him this in person or in text but just hoping he would read this. I know he won't though. Hahaha!

And on Thursday, I'm back to hometown with him. Yay! Meeting Baby Hailey, Liz and Ann for a short snack time in a new cafe which serves desserts. I'm sorry, bad memory, can't remember the name.image 
She was very active and tam chiak as usual, she kept asking for food and drinks from all of us. Munch munch munch. We even ordered fries for her and it was just too adorable to see her eating the tomato sauce with the fries. Though much fries were sacrificed during the process. 

And at night, my family went to my mum's friend's house for a BBQ dinner. 
Somehow, I felt very distant with everyone. Mum has her friends there, my brother has his friends there, even my boyfriend was occupied with talking with Uncle Alvin. I'm just sitting there thinking to myself. Somehow, I kinda hate being so unsocial-like with people I barely know and I just don't know how to talk to people and refrain from being awkward. image But I can piss off my bf easily, like I have a red button of doom somewhere in my mouth. Somehow I just spread negativity when I'm feeling a little down or emo without noticing it. image 
Note to self : Stop saying things that are demotivating to myself or other person.

Went for a little supper-hunting trip at night and took him to eat the things that he haven't in Teluk Intan. I wanted to eat the one-hour-waiting-time-CharKueyTeow at Sungai Nibong. It's been ages since I last ate it! But as usual, need to wait freakin long for it. So, once we ordered our CKT we drove around and stop for a bowl of laksa in town. This uncle has been selling laksa for quite awhile and honestly, I haven't ate it since my middle school. image Drove back to CKT stall and got a new time record. An hour and a half for two plates of droolicious wok-fried Kuey Teow. 

Got this from Ryo as a gift. I was very surprised to get this as it wasn't my birthday or any special day. Was really happy when I get it because I've been wanting to buy this for awhile but just didn't know when and where I'm going to hang it. But at least now I have this colorful mushrooms with me now! Thank you Ryo! Stay pretty and happy all the time and good luck in your studies!
*Eating my love out for you lol*