Marquee Lounge, Bukit Bintang with StarHero

So last Thursday, I was invited to my first food tasting event at Marquee Lounge by StarHero
If you don't know about StarHero yet, you should!
Because StarHerois the most popular and widely used rating and review site in South-East Asia, bringing together all the best reviews of places you like in one common web and mobile service, so you can enjoy and explore the best places near you.

It is said that it is something like Trip Advisor except it is local based. As in local people (like Malaysians) write reviews and what they think about the service that the place provides. If you're living or working in KL, I think it is high time you check this page out and sign up for yourself.


It's my first time in BB park and I rarely go there. If I did, the destination would either be Pavillion or Low Yat. But anyway, it's been a few months since I entered KL. They don't have a parking bay for BB park so I parked in one of the hotel car-park instead and it cost me RM8 (flat rate) per entry. 

The entrance of Marquee

The lounge
Before I went there, I googled this place up and at first, I thought it looked like a club rather than a place that actually serves food. So, when I went there and look at the place myself, I think it is quite cozy and really suitable for hangouts (for dinner hours). The music they played was favorable and the service was really good. The staff are very friendly and attentive too, so we felt really welcomed. 

Avomela Salad
Lettuce, apples, avocados and walnuts covered in tangerine dressing
I'm a salad person and I think this salad has really good combination of ingredients. Though the salad they served on my plate tasted a bit bland. I can't really taste the dressing for that matter. Maybe they didn't mix it well enough. Nevertheless, it is still a great starter.

BBQ Chicken Potato Skins
Crispy potato skins with BBQ chicken and topped with our home-made coleslaw.
All I can show you is imageimageimage. I'm completely swoon by this dish. Although it seems simple, the potato is well cooked and it complements the BBQ chicken very well. 

Sarawak Laksa
Rice noodles with prawns, strips of chicken, omelette with our thick seasoned gravy.
It's my first time trying Sarawak Laksa but the soup is really very thick and heavy. I was expecting something like Asam Laksa but it's a completely different thing. This was kind of salty for me and too heavy for my taste-buds.

Nasi Lemak 
Fragrant basmati rice steamed freshly squeezed pandan leaves and coconut milk, curry chicken accompanied by homemade Sambal belacan, kangkong, fried anchovies and nuts.
This was no ordinary nasi lemak. Have a try and you'll know what I mean. A must eat for nasi lemak lovers out there!

Hainanese Chicken Chop 
Breaded and fried boneless chicken, served with a braised tomato sauce with carrots and peas. Served with fries and coleslaw.
What I like about their chicken chop is that they didn't coat it with too much flour. Other than that, nothing special to say about this. 

Mystery Box Burger
Chicken patty mixed with secret recipe,lettuce tomatoes and onions.
You wouldn't be disappointed with their patty because it was thick. As in thick thick. I'm no burger expert so I'm not really sure what to comment on this. 

Tommy Gun Burger
A piece of french toast, topped with an all beef patty and covered in brown gravy
This was my first time seeing a patty served on french toast. So creative! How come I never thought of that?? Again, they were really generous on the quantity. The meat was very juicy and a little bitter.

Pappardelle pasta served with strips of chicken fillet, red bell peppers and peas, coated in special light tomato sauce. 
 This is my favorite dish of the night. (It kinda reminds me of "pan mee". Haha.) It has a very chewy texture and the sauce was perfect! 

Pizza Diavola 
Beef salami, chilies, cheese, oregano and tomato's.
 Pizza Marinara
Prawns, squid, mussels with cheese, oregano and tomato's
The pizza was very thin. Is this a trend nowadays? I'm not sure but I keep seeing thin crust pizza getting served lately. I think it looked more like a snack to me. I didn't like the Marinara as it tasted fishy to me.
(FYI, I don't really like mussels or squid. image)

I give Marquee Lounge a rating of

That is all for the food review.
Please visit Grace's blog too! I think she describe it with very precise details and also it's full of great quality pictures. When you see it, you'll droll all over your table for sure.

Marquee Lounge 
GL-10, BB Park (opposite Plaza Low Yat), 
7 Jalan 1/77, Jalan Bukit Bintang, 
55100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Opening hours | Mon - Sun: 11:00am - 03:00am

StarHero link | Marquee Lounge StarHero
Facebook link |


Now, human pictures time!! image

Fellow bloggers and StarHeroes!

Invited Sylvia and Grace along and gosh, it's been a long while since I last saw Grace! So happy to get to see her again after so long.
 Food taste so much better when you have great companies right? image

Group selca
Amanda and I. One of the intern in StarHero.
These was the only photos I have in my phone. I went back early and miss the chance to camwhore and talk to the other bloggers. I guess I'll save that for another time.

If you're interested in a drink or finding a new place to have one, maybe this will help you. I'm not into drinking so I don't really know if it's a good deal or what. image

It's my first time being invited to a real blogger event and I was so excited (and nervous)! And I have to tell you, this post is long overdue. I'm so sorry for dragging it till now! It's already a week since the event had happened. I was so busy for the whole week because of my Bangkok Trip and my other stuffs. Didn't have time to sit down right in front of my desktop for a proper blog post.
But thanks again StarHerofor inviting me! If you're interested in other reviews or would like to join these events (like myself), please go to StarHero facebook page for more info.

21/10/2013 Suki-ya, Paradigm Mall and new trimester

This is my first time eating in Suki-ya actually. Never really thought of eating shabu-shabu much but after this trip, I think I will change my mindset. Haha.

Counter serving sushi, vegetables and some crab/fish meats. 

 For me, I like to eat a lot of mushrooms (especially golden mushroom) and lettuce.  We even add some corn, my friend said it will actually make the soup a little sweeter. There's four kind of soup to choose from and we chose the kimuchi flavor (that is quite spicy, if you ask me) and also miso flavor. 

A friendly advice, do eat the shabu-shabu first before eating the sushi as it will make you feel very full and I think it is a waste to actually eat these instead of the meats! This is what my friend told me too, but it was too late because I already took some to our table. image 

Very good-looking red meat on out tables! 
Not really into chicken meat, but the beef and lamb was image.

This is how the Japanese take in their shabu-shabu. There's even instructions written on a piece of paper on our table and it looked kinda interesting, so I thought of trying it. First, crack a raw egg, then dip your cooked meat into it and then eat it. It didn't taste funny, but it did lowered down the temperature of the meat very quickly. I really like the chili sauce they serve there. Couldn't get enough of the combination of meat + raw egg + chili! Please remember to get your free serving of ice cream too after you have finished eating! 

Sukiya, Paradigm Mall
Upper Ground Floor( in front of Tong Pak Fu) 
Paradigm Mall, No.1 Jalan SS7/26/A, 
Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya

Adult (lunch) – RM 29.80 ++ 
Kids (lunch) – 50% disc off buffet price 
Adult (Dinner) - RM33.8- ++ 
Kids (Dinner) – 50% disc off buffet price

Sorry, my hair got in the way of the picture, I only noticed it when I was editing the picture. Thank you Alvin for the wonderful dinner buffet and also Teja for the movie treat! 
What a great way to start a new trimester aye??

Traffic light!! image
Sorry guys, couldn't resist. Hahahaha!

So, it is again, another trimester. I'm taking 5 subjects this trimester and I've been to 2 classes only on Monday. I skipped..... classes... Still in holiday mode. Ahaha. I might have to skip a few more classes since I'm going to Bangkok soon. 

Oh, there's also this incident that actually struck me quite hard. So, our lecturer asks us why we chose to take Computer Engineering. I answered because I like programming. I do like programming but then I don't do it for fun or when I have free time. I do coding when I needed to only like for assignments. Then he said, "Well, that's not really programming then". Okaaaaay.... Well, what he said was kinda true I guess. I've been telling people I like to code but never actually pursue the passion outside of academic purposes. Funny... and kinda sad too. image

Another 4 months plus before I go to intern. Speaking of intern, I was trying to get into Singapore for it but I'm not very lucky. I heard it was very hard to get a job there (and IT IS very hard) especially if I'm still an undergraduate. Also, the new rule and quota regarding hiring foreigners into Singapore companies. So, right now I'm applying for nearby companies around Selangor. I guess it will be much easier for me to move around and also I don't need to worry about transport or even a place to live in. 

Movie review: Cloudy 2, Revenge of the Leftovers

aka Cloudy 2: Revenge of the Leftovers

Never thought I would watch this movie in the cinema. I didn't even watch the first one, not until it was shown in HBO/Star Movies on Astro. Cloudy 2 talks about the after effect of The FLDSMDFR Machine that Flint Lockwood created in the first movie. Somehow, it mutated and starts to create hybrids of food and living animals. Then there's this Steve Job look-alike (but with a long beard and not in a turtleneck but in a orange vest or so) that plans to steal his invention and tries to manipulate Flint to get The FLDSMDFR for him. Oh, Flint eventually helped him because he was actually his idol. So yeah.

In my opinion, this movie was super random okay. Not those normal kinds of ridiculous random-y thing, but those kinds that is off the chart crazy and won't see it coming kind of random. Oh, the puns that you don't see it coming. Loads of word pun. The creators of the creatures and also the one who wrote the scripts sure have some really good imaginations. Not only that, the fruit-ures and vege-nimals are just very adorable to watch.

My rating for Cloudy 2

All in all, I think this movie is quite amusing but... just not my thing. I think it would be better to watch this movie at home rather than at the cinema. 

Movie Review : Escape Plan, Special ID, & Insidious: Chapter 2

It's been awhile since I last wrote a movie review! I think it's mostly because I've not been going to the cinema as often as I did. I didn't even join any free movie screening giveaways for a month or two. So, here's not one, not two, but THREE movie reviews that I would like to post today!

There's so much movie to watch these days, I've been so outdated too. So, on Thursday night, I watched Escape Plan with ze guys. The movie is about an ex-lawyer that breaks out of jails to alert the authority about their jail structure weakness. Then, one day, someone offered him to go into this "mystery" jail that nobody knows off and ask him to try to break out of it for a big sum of money. Sort of like a challenge for the hero and then later he realized that the warden that created the jail, want him inside there permanently. I think the warden just want to show who's smarter. 
The movie was actually really funny despite the genre and the seriousness it portrays. 

My rating for Escape Plan 

I honestly think that this poster did no justice to Andy On, as his face was not recognizable at all. How can someone so good-looking deserve this kind of advertising??? So here... Another poster that portrays Donnie Yen's AND Andy On's charisma. 

And on Friday, it's Special ID. It's a story about a man that was unfortunately made to become an undercover police in the midst of huge underworld gangs. The end. Okay, no. I know you're like image right now because of the short synopsis. Hahaha. But yeah, it goes like that and the story is pretty self-explanatory. What does undercover police do? Spy on the gangsters activities and then take their chance to seize the bad guys of course. 
Since I have nothing much to say on the synopsis, here is what I think of the movie. The character that Donnie Yen plays is very lovable and he's just too funny and at the same time ruthless. The fighting scenes are very enjoyable too! This is definitely a must-watch for those who understand both Mandarin and Cantonese (and Thai too maybe). 

My rating for Special ID

Saturday is scary day. I normally don't watch horror movies, but I don't know why, I really wanted to watch Insidious 2. I didn't even watch Insidious 1 when it came out. I only watched it recently when Conjuring was out (since it was directed by the same person, I thought it would be something like Conjuring too). This is a sequel to Insidious (obviously). It tells the story of Josh who wasn't really Josh because of a spirit that has been haunting him for awhile has taken over his body. *Spoiler alert* It turns out the black bride that was haunting him wasn't a lady at all. The evil spirit that dwells in Josh body was actually controlled by the spirit's memory of his crazyarse mother. I actually felt kinda bad for the evil spirit because his mother used to slapped the daylight out of him when he was really young and forced him to dress like a girl. But then I don't know why he grew up to become a serial killer though. image

This f*cking picture made me shout like an insane woman in the cinema. Thank me for ruining your day too. Okay, so the movie... revolves around many weird things.. Time travelling? Oh, my head.... Once you watched the movie, you'll understand why this spirit was haunting John and also why the events in Insidious Chapter 1 was made that way. Many things are connected. So, I think people who haven't watch the previous chapter should do so to fully understand the entire story. 

My rating for Insidious: Chapter 2
Because the movie has an unexpected story line and it revolves around spirits, soul traveler, time travelling and parallel universe. (?????) One of a kind movie. image And because it made me think, a lot.

No, I did not watch Sadako 2. This is just the props that they set up at TGV, Sunway Pyramid. Damn scary lah wei. I feel so sorry for those who needs to work late night shift at the cinema. 

Also, our first time watching in LUXE TGV, because most of the tickets for normal screening are sold out/only front seats remained. It costs us RM16 per person but we were just in time for the Special ID screening. I only realized that I can actually ask the staff to buy the popcorn and drinks for me if I'm in LUXE but I ran out to buy them myself before I knew that. There were pretty limited seats inside the hall but the chairs are super comfortable and there are even individual tables for each of us. My bottles sits comfortably in the water holder, and also eating popcorn has never been easier(?).image Next stop, Gold Class!??!? Hahahahaa... Next time!!!
I really like the new premium popcorn they serve in TGV too! Have you tried the KokoCrunch Popcorn yet??