I'm just really tired of people telling me to change.
Too tired.
Why can't the world just accept me for who I am?
I know I'm not a perfect person. I'm a pessimist. When people criticize me, I'll just admit it and not defend myself and won't tell them that I'll change for the better like how BETTER people should do.
Is it wrong? Is it my fault? I don't know.
Do you think I like being like this? Keep being told off? Do you think I like letting people keep saying me I'm not good enough?? I should do better??? Do you think I don't feel? Do you think it's easy to be me? You don't even know me, cause you're not me. Do you think I don't want to change and not feel hopeless and negative like this???? Do you think I'm really happy like this?
I seriously don't think people can understand me. They just like to see things in their own ways.
Just please, I just want people to accept me for who I am even if I'm very difficult to deal with.
I just need someone to hear me out, be by my side, and love me instead of people telling me I'm not good enough. Aren't you guys tired?
Cause I am.

Now I understand why dying seems so appealing to those who fail in life. Cause it feels like there's no room for failures and losers like us. 

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