7/10/13 My days after finals

I know it's been forever, and these pictures are all so very overdue. It's because I'm not around my desktop or my netbook after my finals. Well, mostly my time are spent on lazying around and doing nothing at boyfie's during the first week and working for the second week.. 
One of the "feast" that we had on a weekend. This wasn't even the complete food we ordered. 

Hello! This is "Bruce", Ah Long. His elder sister's pet. 

Dogs and cats are so mainstream nowadays, many opt for reptiles instead. Hahaha. I think it's actually pretty cute and funny. Not scary at all in my opinion although it looked very intimidating.

At Starbucks. Random one for the day since it's kinda rare to see us all together.

This picture was taken in prior to our mountain climbing. 
All of us actually went to this warehouse sale the other night so we were all wearing our new gears. Mostly from Adidas, so funny. Hahaha! Can you spot the logo on each of us? Climbing the Indian Mountain wasn't easy or hard. But the mountain sure is very steep. Going up took a toll on us but I think going down is harder because of the fear of falling off or rolling all the way down the hill with broken bones in the process. It sure was enjoyable though!

At a new place in Oakland called Big Mouth. It's kind of like a high-end burger joint like Burger Lab or so. Prices ranging from RM12.90 to RM 52++. Yes, there's a 10 inch burger that will actually cost you for more than fifty ringgit. 

Foursquare link | Big Mouth Burger Seremban 2
No.337, Jalan S2 B8, Seksyen B, 
Uptown Avenue, Seremban 2, 
70300, Seremban, N.Sembilan. 
Tel: +606-601-4925 
Hours: Mon- Thu: 12.00pm - 11.30pm
Sun: 12.00pm - 11.30pm

I ordered the urm... I forgot. Some chicken something something. Taste okay, not bad. He ordered Beef Burger 69, that one was better. I think I should order beef for burger next time.

on nom nom nom nom..
Okay, super blur face-like. lol

Taken during a briefing in Setia Walk for a promoter job.
It's kinda a let down actually, because of the low commission and also no incentive. Worse than my other past job. But I guess I'll give it a try and see how it goes. I just did my first day today (Monday) and it isn't looking very good. I hope it will get better tomorrow and the other days though. 

Did a sampling/playing-with-kids job last weekend (note, it's different jobs!) for Enfagr*w brand. The pay wasn't very good since they ask us to work from 9am - 10pm for RM100 only. But at least it is not mentally draining, but just physically. Imagine 11 hours of not sitting down and also have to walk very far because of the Giant security system! I complained about this for far too many times, so I won't say anymore. Complaining is so tiring. Luckily dealing with smiling kids are so much easier than difficult adults. And also, I'm so grateful and happy to meet the other promoters at the kiosk. I had so much fun and laughter there! I hope to meet them and work with them again soon if it is possible. Too bad, we didn't take any group photos since we can't take our mobile phones in. I decline their invitation for supper on the last day because of my job on Monday. Super tiring, so I went back straight after that. Awww.... wasted a chance to get to know them better. But sleep comes first to me. 

Wearing his "sleep clothes" out. image
My mum and boyfriend came to eat with me once a day when I was working during the weekend. I is a happy girl. Haha. So I didn't get too bored or lonely during break time. My mum keep making pumpkin cake (different version of yu tou gao, not sure about the english word for it) and I keep eating them. My current favorite food actually. Haha

Okay, I know it's a kinda short and summarized post about the days that I haven't write in cause i'm actually pretty busy y'know? A week of non-stop money-making process starts!! Day 4 begins tomorrow, so I guess I'll have 6 days to do.Gotta go. Bye!

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