21/10/2013 Suki-ya, Paradigm Mall and new trimester

This is my first time eating in Suki-ya actually. Never really thought of eating shabu-shabu much but after this trip, I think I will change my mindset. Haha.

Counter serving sushi, vegetables and some crab/fish meats. 

 For me, I like to eat a lot of mushrooms (especially golden mushroom) and lettuce.  We even add some corn, my friend said it will actually make the soup a little sweeter. There's four kind of soup to choose from and we chose the kimuchi flavor (that is quite spicy, if you ask me) and also miso flavor. 

A friendly advice, do eat the shabu-shabu first before eating the sushi as it will make you feel very full and I think it is a waste to actually eat these instead of the meats! This is what my friend told me too, but it was too late because I already took some to our table. image 

Very good-looking red meat on out tables! 
Not really into chicken meat, but the beef and lamb was image.

This is how the Japanese take in their shabu-shabu. There's even instructions written on a piece of paper on our table and it looked kinda interesting, so I thought of trying it. First, crack a raw egg, then dip your cooked meat into it and then eat it. It didn't taste funny, but it did lowered down the temperature of the meat very quickly. I really like the chili sauce they serve there. Couldn't get enough of the combination of meat + raw egg + chili! Please remember to get your free serving of ice cream too after you have finished eating! 

Sukiya, Paradigm Mall
Upper Ground Floor( in front of Tong Pak Fu) 
Paradigm Mall, No.1 Jalan SS7/26/A, 
Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya

Adult (lunch) – RM 29.80 ++ 
Kids (lunch) – 50% disc off buffet price 
Adult (Dinner) - RM33.8- ++ 
Kids (Dinner) – 50% disc off buffet price

Sorry, my hair got in the way of the picture, I only noticed it when I was editing the picture. Thank you Alvin for the wonderful dinner buffet and also Teja for the movie treat! 
What a great way to start a new trimester aye??

Traffic light!! image
Sorry guys, couldn't resist. Hahahaha!

So, it is again, another trimester. I'm taking 5 subjects this trimester and I've been to 2 classes only on Monday. I skipped..... classes... Still in holiday mode. Ahaha. I might have to skip a few more classes since I'm going to Bangkok soon. 

Oh, there's also this incident that actually struck me quite hard. So, our lecturer asks us why we chose to take Computer Engineering. I answered because I like programming. I do like programming but then I don't do it for fun or when I have free time. I do coding when I needed to only like for assignments. Then he said, "Well, that's not really programming then". Okaaaaay.... Well, what he said was kinda true I guess. I've been telling people I like to code but never actually pursue the passion outside of academic purposes. Funny... and kinda sad too. image

Another 4 months plus before I go to intern. Speaking of intern, I was trying to get into Singapore for it but I'm not very lucky. I heard it was very hard to get a job there (and IT IS very hard) especially if I'm still an undergraduate. Also, the new rule and quota regarding hiring foreigners into Singapore companies. So, right now I'm applying for nearby companies around Selangor. I guess it will be much easier for me to move around and also I don't need to worry about transport or even a place to live in. 

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