16/10/13 About Monday, Tuesday, and Lennox

Hey guys! This is one of the thing that I did during my free time and I thought it would be better if I did something meaningful to kill time rather than to just do whatever (normally I would stream anime/drama/tv series, read manga, play games on my nds/pcsx2. Which would make me feel like a zombie after a few hours). At first, I kept these photos in a polaroid album that my boyfriend bought for me but then as time pass, the number keep increasing and it was exceeding the photo album capacity limit. Since I still have a scrapbook lying around, I decided to stick all of the polaroids on it. So, I could decorate them however I want. I actually enjoyed the process of sticking and decorating although I think I lack of artistic talent and imagination to do so some times. But I guess it's okay, at least I tried and I enjoyed it. Oh, I finished my baby blanket that I started few months ago too! Maybe I'll talk about it in a separate post. Since I haven't wash it or took a picture of it yet.

Oh yes, and I also did some cooking. Re-posting my Instagram picture of my homemade Tomato Basil Chicken Spaghetti *click for recipe!*. Surprisingly easy to make and taste really good! I didn't actually measure my ingredients as I was too lazy and I only made serving for one. I think I used too much olive oil and also butter. So, in the end, although it's too oily, at least it still taste good.. Just too... too oily. Lol. So, guys, I can advise ye to be light on the portion of butter and olive oil if you want to make this.


and look who's here to spend his holiday! Long time no see, it's Beachboy Weng Seng!
Siew Lin was also there, it's been a long time since I last saw her too.

Rachelle, Pwen and Me. 

Dinner at Plan B as per Weng Seng's request because he never tried the food there before. 

I don't know what he was trying to do. He suddenly did these poses while we were talking and I whip out my iPhone immediately to take these pictures. image

Our second round after Plan B in Paradigm Mall. 
Sorry, didn't have much pictures of the place, but you can find a lot of pictures in the link below. It's a quite unique themed cafe if you ask me. The place is actually a house but decorated into a cafe. "Homely" should be suitable to describe it. Didn't try any food or desserts as they were almost sold out and we were all still very full. We even ate dessert in Plan B too. Maybe another time.

Foursquare link | Square Dotz Cafe
Address | No.1, Jalan SS2/66, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Opening hours
Mon - Tue, Thu - Sun: 10:00 - 00:00 
Wed: 18:00 - 00:00 


How we spent our Tuesday. Selamat Hari Haji?!

It was just the six of us that was in for the karaoke session. I made a new friend recently. Meet Jaclyn (the picture above)! The story of how I came to know her is quite interesting. Actually she is my boyfriend's friend's girlfriend and also Wen Sheng's brother, Wen Jian's girlfriend. ( image so many words to describe). Although that is the case, we didn't talk much. Not until we went to work together for our part time "playing with kids at the kiosk" job. Then we sort of clicked in a short amount of time. And here she was, singing karaoke with us. image 

We went to Neway SS2. We actually made a few calls the day before to survey and get to know the prices for different outlets. Didn't know every Neway place has different rates and time limits. It turns out that we can't use Student discount in the Puchong branch and SS15 branch offers RM20++ but we can only sing from 11am till 2pm. In the end we chose the deal that cost us RM21 per person (with student discount + public holiday rates) that includes a drink and a lunch set(but not really edible image) and also we could sing from 11am till 4pm! Cheap right?? And they didn't even request everyone's student ID, they just needed one. 

Let me share my current "goto" song to sing for karaoke. image Muahahaha! Damn awesome okay. My special song used to be Listen by Beyonce, but I can't hit that high note no matter how many times I tried. I thank God and Katy's parents for bringing Katy into this world and I thank Katy for writing this song. I'm so crazy about this song that I even set this up as my ringtone. image

Pola pola pola pola polaaaaa momentsss!

Immediately after we came back, we played tennis for an hour and then straight to badminton court at Super Court USJ. Believe it or not, we played till around 9pm without eating dinner. Heck, I didn't even eat much for my lunch as the food at Neway SS2 was too awful. Our badminton kakis group got very big that night (9 people were there!) and it was so much fun. It's been awhile since I played badminton. I've been skipping my Blogilates too! (I think I have written this down before in my last post) I haven't started to continue on with the October program as I got too lazy for it. I think I'll have to force myself to do it tomorrow!!!


These just came in! I asked my mum to help me to buy some collagen as I was about to finish my Meiji Collagen Powder. I decided to continue on with Lennox as I think it has better effect than Meiji's. Lennox is pretty well-known and easy to get in the local pharmacies. Usually you'll find a lot of promotions for collagen in Watson, Guardian, and even Sasa. At first I thought of trying other brands since I've drink Lennox before but then I want to save up some money at this moment so I opt for the cheapest deal. Since Lennox actually made my skin better, so I thought why not? My mum got these from Caring Pharmacy near Subang Parade. Guess how much all of these cost? RM288 for 3 box of Lennox + free 10 extra bottles + 2 box of Lennox Inner D'tox trial pack + some gummy packs. Super damn cheap lorh please. My mum negotiation skills exceeds level 99999. 
Oh and apparently, the pharmacist said that girls my age (around 20 years old) wouldn't need to drink so much collagen as we are still young. 3 days per bottle would be enough and not 3 to 4 bottles per week as per the instruction. Saves up a lot of $$ there. image

It's the end of Wednesday already!!! And I missed a blogger event tonight. Because Pavillion is oh so far for me and I can't and don't want to go alone for that event. Asked my boyfriend but he is still fever-ish so I didn't go. Sad. So sad. I hope they plan their events in Selangor in the near future so that I can join in the fun too. Also, I hope I have more blogger friends so we could go to these kind of events together and take a lot of pictures of our vainglorious selves. image 

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