Fail tyre

Never really thought about how I would handle a punctured tyre. Luckily, I was around campus so I could call some friends over to help me. I could not imagine how I was going to deal with it if I was driving to or fro Shah Alam or even Seremban alone. 
I mean, I think I can handle to change the tyre myself... or maybe not, I don't have much strength to unscrew the tyre out. My weight isn't exactly very light, but I don't think it was enough to cause enough power to unscrew it. Doomed. I'm doomed for sure. I don't want to drive alone to a far away place especially not at night. But of course, as if I'm going to listen to my own advice. -.-
If I however, CAN do it. It might take me.. Let's see.. 2 hours? To change it? I think. I hope.

Thank you Alvin, for agreeing to help me even when he's busy in his studies, but it looks like he was not needed in the first place because there were people helping me already before he came but thanks anyway! Thank you Soon Fatt, for lending me a hand too right after our exam. Although, erm, not in the physical department but at least you have attracted two fine people to come over and help a stranger. Thank you the two passerby course-mates whose name I do not remember. I'm sorry. But thank you. 

Okay, back to studying.

We Love Asia Concert!

I can't believe we really did this!  
Finally, the day have arrived for We Love Asia Concert! 
Me, Isabelle and Didie bought our tickets way ahead of the concert via e-ticketing. It was a bummer though, turns out many people are selling their tickets last minute with really cheap prices! Some even offered FOC tickets!

Day 1 of We Love Asia Concert
We arrived around 7pm, not many were there. Malaysian DJs were on the stage though. 

A little group photo before we official get on with it.

Yolando Be Cool was the first DJ to come out. 

 Second was DJ Antoine

Then Taio Cruz. 
This was the second time I've seen him performed live actually.

A random picture with Isabelle, Captain America(Malaysian Edition) and SkullGuy
Look at the expressions on the other person. Omg, priceless! They looked so bored!

And I bumped into Vivien and her friends!
I didn't know they were going! It was pure coincidence! 

Surprise surprise! I bumped into an old friend of mine too! It's been ages since I saw her!
It's good to see you Mei Yan! 

 And lastly, DJ Ferry Corsten
This dude was amazing. Personally, I think he was the best one for the night on that day. 
Didie even said that his music is almost like on-par with Swedish House Mafia. 

Three of us was exhausted and hungry after the concert because we didn't take our dinner before going there. We had our late lunch at 3pm so we didn't felt like eating before going. Big mistake. 

Day 2 of We Love Asia Concert
We were exhausted on the second day, so we arrived there around 9pm. Turns out we were just in time for the hot musics. And it was PACKED. The crowd was crazier than yesterday.
 First was DJ Joachim Garraud. He was really awesome, one of the best DJ in the concert! 

A random cute guy gave this thing to me. He was a dancing machine I tell ya! 

 Can you spot the box-head guy?? 

 Because The Party Rock Crew and Red Foo was next!
We went really front when they were performing. And this afro guy was in front of us. This picture was ruined. T.T

They even did the wiggle-wiggle thing with only wearing their metallic underwear on! OMG. Okay, but just for awhile though, they put their pants on after the brief obscene hip-shaking.
I didn't take a very nice picture of it though, because everyone one was going crazy and was taking their mobile phone out to capture the whole scene too. 

 Lastly, was DJ Steve Aoki.
We were exhausted by then and went behind. It turns out, Red Foo came out again, so it was like a combi performance from Aoki and Foo. Then some people got caked by Aoki! A real fucking cake thrown right on the crowds' face! My gosh! Then they threw an inflatable boat with a random hot chick sitting on it to the crowd and make them pass her around while she is on that boat. It failed though after 30 seconds, the girl drowned in the sea of people. LOL. I feel bad for her.

Crazier for the second day.

 Surprisingly, we found parking easily on the first and second day. And there was no jam when we went back too. I think this only happen because it is in Sepang F1 Circuit.
After going through two days of the concert, we learned that it is best to:
  1. Eat before you go to the concert. NO MATTER WHAT. Because you're going to stand, dance and move a lot. Better have energy for those!
  2. Wear sneakers. It's much more comfortable than sandals, slippers and high heels. I've seen some girls wearing high heels, obviously it's not a good thing. There are going to hurt like hell!
  3. Sneak a bottle of water if you can. I know bringing a bag can be a hindrance. But hey, they are going to charge you RM10 for a can of coke/a bottle of mineral water in there.
  4. Don't wear eyeliner make-up, which will melt when you sweat. Unless you have those waterproof and smudge-proof ones. Mine melted and I looked like a panda when I got bad. It is not a very pleasant sight! 
  5. Bring an extra hair-tie, especially for the long-haired girls. It's going to get really sweaty and hot. 
  6. You don't need to arrive early for these kind of party if you don't like to wait.
  7. This advice is also for girls, if you can, please bring some guy friends too. It will be safer and if you want to prevent the perverts from grinding your ass or even tried to "attack" you.
  8. Avoid bringing not-fun-friends because they will obviously, spoil the mood.
  9. Never be too friendly with strangers. I've meet some who are friendly in a good way, but also some who have another thing coming. Please be cautious, especially to those good-looking ones and those who looked like they club all the time. Personally, I don't like being touched by strangers. I know it's normal in the club, but I don't like it at all.
  10. Move, if they are drunk people next to you. I meet this guy who kept leaning on us even when there were space in front of him. He just keep going behind on purpose. It was uncomfortable. A random guy helped us by shielding us with his body(a big thanks to this gentleman!) and kept pushing him in front. He was pissed at him and us though. Never pick a fight with these people, there are damn scary. I thought I was going to be kidnapped that day or something. Just move some where where they are out of sight.
  11. Do not stand near an afro dude. BECAUSE they will friggin summon a small parade of sweat rain on you! Their hair is like a mini rain-cloud!!! I've experienced it, trust me on this. 

11. Lastly, have loads of fun! 

Love you girls!
We should do this again, except next time, we make it a one day instead of two! Haha!


Went to a new place to have lunch.
 Penang Nasi Kandar, Restoran Kok Siong, Puchong

This is really good! Though the mutton is kinda hard to chew, but it is not un-chew-able. Normally I don't eat the keropok thing, but I finished it up. The chicken, curry, vege was all good too. I'm sorry, I seem kinda lost for words for this. I don't have any proper way of explaining how good it is except to say that "it is good". LOL, I'm laughing at myself. 

Went to a movie again today. 
A Malaysian movie.
I'm sorry, I couldn't find the poster on google! All I got was another movie with the same title which was release in 1973

By watching the trailer, I thought it was about a triangle love story between this girl, a young man and an old man who looks like a hobo man. Then, I was proved wrong. =.= It was not. The trailer was misleading us all along. It turns out that the two guys were the same person, and then the girl acted as the lover of the guy and also as the daughter (scenes where the guy has become old). @@. Confusing. I find the movie somewhat disgusting because of the immoral behavior from the girl part. Although it is not intentionally but it is still very disturbing. They cut a lot of scenes and that made me all the more confused. I see there were many kissing and 18+ scene. The ending was.. very disappointing. When the truth was revealed in the end about the girl being the daughter of his lover, I was like....................... wtf just happened? I don't wanna watch anymore, this is sick, this is boring, this is just... just.... what? huh? wha???

Rating 2/10 because some part of the movie in the beginning was captivating. Or else it would be just 1/10 or even 0. That's my personal opinion. I'm so disappointed. I was cheated again by the trailer. T.T

I was so clumsy today. I was so flustered. I'm sorry I didn't know what to do and I overlooked so many things when I shouldn't have. >.< I am not very good at dealing with other people's emotion. I just don't know how to act. And i was being selfish again today. Sigh. I'm letting myself down. 

Plan B and Vanilla Cakes, Paradigm mall

Had an impromptu outing at Paradigm mall to catch a movie, "Parental Guidance".
It was really funny and heart-warming. I give it 8/10. :D Can go watch!

Went to Plan B for dinner with Pwen, Jonsin and Ah en
The seriousness in this picture... is so awkward lol

Iced Italian coffee rm10

Duck and Orange Salad - rm20

Char-Grilled Cheeseburger - rm25

Asian-Style Golden Softshell Crab - rm23
All the food taste great! Well, with the exception of the burger. The burger was somehow had a very hard texture on the patty. So *buzzzz*. The salad was really good, but I don't like the bitterness of the vege, it has a weird aroma too. But it is still passable with the orange sauce and oranges and the pumpkin seeds. I've tried the same pasta twice, and it is still the same, TASTY. Will try the others next time! Oh, if you think it's kinda pricey for one of each meal. It's actually is not, if you consider how big the portion is. The salad and the spaghetti is in a quite big portion. Plus the pasta, they served us a crab. Four of us shared the foods. The burger on the other hand, no. Don't. Just don't.

 After the movie, we went for our "teatime" at Vanilla Cakes
Newly open at Paradigm mall, if you like Nadeje, you should come here and have a taste. It is not similar to Nadeje though. The cakes they make is very different in taste. 
Chocolate and Oreo layer cake - rm9 each
I personally liked both of these. Oh, the staff has so hardcore in marketing the cakes, he will cut any cake up for you to try. Any! Maybe because it is still new. Will come back again to eat the rest of the flavor! I'm a layer cake maniac! Hahaha!


"Who or what is your inspirations?"

My mind goes blank after my eyes complete to scan the letters like a computer scanner from left to right. I was just updating my facebook profile and deleting some interests which are NOT really my interests. Then I saw this sentence. Looking at me, waiting for my input. I have none.

I never have had any serious thoughts about what or who that has or had inspired me to do something. Maybe they did, and maybe unconsciously. Not enough for me to collect their pictures and quotes, sticking my idol's poster on my bedroom wall and then worshiping them like how the peasants in the old time would, to their Greek Gods and Goddesses. Is this bad or good?

I don't even think that I have a strong role model. Truth to be told, since I was a kindergartner or a primary school-er, I have moved from living with my mother's side family and relatives at an old house, then to my dad's shop(we had a second floor there), then to my dad's mother house to live with her and my aunts, then to my grandmother's house, then to my dad's house, then to my grandmother's house again. Yes, I'm a nomad. I was the only one moving around. My brother was always safe inside my grandmother's house since he is still small and is protected by the law. Although I move so many times, I could never find anyone to look up to.
My dad's mother (I don't refer her to as my other grandmother because I don't like people who looks down on her own family member) was never a great role model. She likes to badmouth other people, she thinks she is the best, she thinks she always do the right thing when she is obviously not, she talks sarcastically, she mocks people, she likes to nag(anyone can be her victim, believe me. Especially the workers in my dad's shop. Many left after their first day because of her supernatural power to nag non-stop), she thought I couldn't possibly stand a chance in graduating from a university, and she hits me.
My dad's sisters / my aunts has a bad habit of hitting me too. Basically I was hit almost everyday. I have no recollection of what I did to deserve that but I remember quite well that I will be hit when I'm memorizing the multiplication table. I have to memorize and then say it all out without looking at the table. If I answered wrongly, I will be hit each time. I would cry but that doesn't mean I can stop. Honestly, the most terrible childhood I had was at that house. Till now, I never liked going back to that place unless it's Chinese New Year's eve. I had no choice. If I had, I wouldn't want to even go there.
My father was always working. We don't talk much about things. But he looks out for us. Of course it's natural, he is my father. I used to hate him because he used to nag me a lot and some times hit me too(but not as much as his mother and sisters). You know asian parents, if they nags or gives you a lecture and suddenly he asked you something, no matter what you say or do, you'll still get a scolding. I tried staying silent, not good, he keeps asking and gets irritated. I tried answering my true feelings, he said I'm wrong and continues on lecturing then ask the same thing over again. I tried crying like i'm-going-crazy-and-i'm-in-a-trauma-state, his mother would come and help him nag me and call me to shut up. I tried nodding and shaking my head, I was asked why was I not talking. There's only one choice, TO AGREE. No matter what you think, it will be always right to agree.
My dad's side family are basically more... aggressive and more to physical torture. -.- They seems like super villains right now.
My grandmother is kind and very soft-hearted. She never hits me, she will only give me a light scolding. But I have no recollection of when I had a scolding from her. She is gentle. She is basically just how a typical mother should be.
My mother however... was very different when I was younger. She never liked to hit her children too. Her method of punishing us was making us kneel in front of the "Di Zhu Gong" for an hour or two and make us reflect on what we did wrong. Honestly, I have very... less memories of her. She went overseas to work after she divorced to earn money. Frankly, I don't really like.. some things that she did when she came back and there was this guy who often came to our house. They would always be inside the third-room and would always have the door locked up. =.= I'm already at this age now, thinking back again at this situation, I don't know what I should assume or conclude. That suspicious guy isn't even friendly to begin with (that's how I thought he was anyway). I don't even know if she was dating him or not. Mum, if you're reading this, I don't know what you were doing or thinking back then, but hey, it's your problem.........? Since it's already been like 10 years or more. But that definitely didn't leave a good impression on your kids and mother! There was also a period I felt more loved by my mother but then it gradually changed. I don't know what happened. Was it me that pushed you away or was it her that prefers my brother to me. I always has this problem with her very berat sebelah attitude, because she makes it so obvious. Even until now. She treats him like a prince and while me on the other hand, I feel like.. I don't know what I should compare myself with. Not only I see it, each of my friends who came to my house will notice this too. And now, she has become more like a friend to me and even get along well with my friends. The only problem I think she still has is her attitude towards different sexes. Not only her, I think I have that problem too. Like her, I find myself talking more to guys than girls. I mean I think we prefer it that way. (?) I'm unsure myself but some times I do think that way. Is that even a problem actually? Or maybe I still haven't find any girls that has similar thinking as me.

I digress.

Actually, I find myself somewhat similar to my mum. She also said so herself. Unconsciously I'm becoming a second her. I think she is my inspiration all along. It's just that I never acknowledge or notice it. She is strong-willed. She is independent. She is reliable. She is very emotional (TOO emotional some times). She is stubborn. She has very good sense of humor. She is open-minded. She doesn't listen to what people say when she thinks she is correct, and no matter what you say, you will not change her mind! She's more like a child than an adult some times. -.- That is very worrisome. The fact that she doesn't give me talks of motivation and consult me in the aspect of life is very very disappointing too.

So there. I have sorted my own mind by writing this down. Writing really helps! But then my head keeps on lingering in the past right now and nasty flashbacks is coming back to me too. Urgh. Too much thinking. Head pain. Need sleep. Oh, look, it's 1.30am already. That was fast. Signing off now. Goodnight.

16/1/13 Mini 8 arrived!

By far, I think the Bak Kut Teh in Seri Kembangan serves the best bkt ever (speaking from my limited gourmet experience aka by far). Had lunch there today and I managed to eat one and a half bowl of rice and one serving of dry bkt by myself. Because Alex and Caprice don't eat dry bkt. WHAT!?!?!? It's so nice and tastyyyy, why are there people who don't want to eat it!?? I used to don't like the dry one but then I've taken a liking to it after getting used to the smell and now I'm officially hooked. But can't eat bkt too much, it's very heaty and fattening. Boo hoo. I skipped my dinner and I'm starving right now. I felt really full just now though, that's why I didn't eat. It's my cue to sleep after I publish this.

My instax mini 8 has arrived! But...... it's not in my hands right now. It's in Seremban, I can only collect it by next week the earliest I think. T.T Can't wait to tear the bubble wrap into pieces!!!! MUAHAHAHAHA!
I'm not sadistic. Please don't misunderstand. I'm more of a masochist... and maybe a little sadist too. Shit what am I saying.

And so the gym again! This time, it's in Seri Hijauan Condo residence. They have a gym! I didn't know this till today when I asked my Siao Yi. I planned to follow my mum to Taipan True Fitness but I have to drive there. I have to go through the horrible traffic jam. I have to park my car, that means I have to search for a car park. Basically, it spells t-o-o-m-u-c-h-w-o-r-k. Time is GOLD, my man. So, after my discovery of the new-found gym, I called my mother and "No, Ma, I'm not going anymore. Yes. I'm not going there to eat dinner. Arh. Why i go gym ar? BECAUSE YOU ALL KEEP CALLING ME FEI MUI LAH, BABI SIAL".  But it's kinda small and the equipment is very limited. Luckily I went there the earliest and I have the license to hog the treadmill to myself for 45 minutes. Hohoho!
An auntie came in 15 mins later after I've started the machine. She emulated the treadmill simulation (without the treadmill obviously) while playing her mobile phone, with the mobile phone playing "Skyfall" on repeat and it was on loudspeaker mode. Honestly, I think that song doesn't motivate anyone to run. Luckily I had my headphones on and I can enjoy my own music without having to listen to Skyfall for an hour. 

Confession. I didn't run much today as I experience pain in my left hip when I fasten my pace. DX Why is this happening!?! Should I eat before I exercise then? Or is it better to sweat -> shower -> eat ?


15/1/13 First step at the gym

Zombie-like cushion-ny gym mechanism thingy in the middle of the gym. Weird and... ragged.
It's high time I start accomplishing one of my new year resolutions! Spontaneously hit the gym since I did my resident card finally, after the whole cahoot thing of Cyberia scamming the students to pay up to create a resident card. But little did I know, with the card, I can access the gym, study room, badminton courts, swimming pool and sauna room(?). I'm not sure about the sauna room but myeh.. I heard this from a friend of mine who I recently saw hanging out at the gym.

I've always hated exercise, but I can't run away from it. See, I can't run, that's my problem. I'm physically incapable of it. -.- Okay, lame pun. I've wanted to jog around the school area, but I don't like running alone under the hot sun and dirty outside air. I have to drive to MMU if I wanted to run on the field track. Walking to school was just too tiring if I want to run one or two huge round of the campus hill-like terrain road. So I didn't. I did once or twice then I didn't already. 
If he was to hear me complaining like this, he would choke me to death with his words. "You are always giving reasons! Blahblahblahblahblah!". Then, of course I would sulk in a corner after a long lecture inspiring speech of willpower to do and achieve things and dreams. 

But not today! I went alone! The gym was really close to my unit so I have no reason to NOT walk there and start making myself sweat. I was kinda relieve when I see no one hanging there at first. I am a little bit embarrassed if I were to meet some acquaintances. Then I did the treadmill. 
For around 30 mins.. I think I spend around 10 mins running only, for the rest of the time, I was walking. I was kinda confuse of how the treadmill works and so I did some experimenting with the buttons. LOL. I can't take so much running at my first try. My heart rate was going up till 187. I don't think it was bpm since it was THAT high. Is it possible? Or there is something wrong with the sensors? Didn't read properly without my glasses. 

But after the 30 mins, I. Was. Finally. Able. To. Experience. Sweating. Again. It's been awhile since I sweat so much. It's a good feeling. 3 hours of computer pass so fast, but 30 mins of brisk walking feels like eternity. But it's a meaningful 30 mins, better than sitting in front of the computer. 

But then I had dinner straightaway. I was starving before gym actually, but I wanted to eat after I ran. Linguine with grilled beef was really good. I think I just ate more calories than I have burnt. :P Will keep this up!


8/1/13 of leave from work, suprise visit, and barley

One of the biggest thing I despise about MMU and their staffs is that they like to take enormous amounts of leaves from work. Doesn't matter if it's the busy week, assignment week, donkey week, whatever week. They just take leaves like nobody's business. Well, sorry to say, it involves the student's business too! It's very inconvenient for students who needs to pass up their lab reports and even assignments. Not to mention, when we have lab crashes, we have to go to the lab to make amendments in the schedule. And that's when they decided to disappear and send their children to the hospital because they got food poisoning! It's like they do it on purpose because they like to see students suffer and waste their time walking all the way to the FOE lab to realize that all those walking they had done is futile. AKA. For. Nothing. 

Lab was an ass today. MATLAB MATLAB MATLAB. Makes me MAD. 
But it is my last lab, so it is considered "the boss" in the lab "game". Myeh, oh well. I've ady took many hours to finally compute and created my own FIR and IIR filters using the MATLAB. I'm so proud of myself! But I'm not sure if I'm correct or not. FIR filter works for my signal, but IIR don't. Hmmmm.... Sorry, not talking in Layman's term. 

Suprise visit from Dave! and his fellow friend, Zi Zian, who I just knew. He has the same name as my brother! But I don't know how to spell it correctly though. I'm sorry. But I figured it's weird if I spelled it the same way as my brother, so I changed it up a bit. Actually he asked me out for supper yesterday, but I don't do suppers. Because of diet issue and my sleeping time issue. I sleep early okay. But apparently not today. It's already 2.30am, I have to finish this blog post even if it means sacrificing my sleeping time. Anyway, we gossiped a little and talked for awhile and then back to Teluk Intan for them.

Can you believe there are still people using this kind of phone? LOL! Some how, I feel kinda bad for him. Because people nowadays don't sms anymore, they use whatsapp, wechat, fb messenger, smartphone-y-stuffs-apps instead. Imagine, no smartphone. That means no surfing the internet and no instagram! :OOOO
Well, it's not that bad actually. But of course, we got used to tech nowadays, so we can't be apart from these daily social network stuffs. 
This monster won't even be destroyed even if you use a sludge-hammer on it. Well, kudos for him for being ancient-tech-ed. Haha.

I boiled some barley water today and guess what? I managed to burn it. 
Yes, I burnt some of the barley. Because I forgot I was boiling them. The results, boiled for 2-3 hours and was dried out of water. Luckily I smelled something burning. If not, for me. 
I figured it's a waste to throw them out. So I added more water and stirred. Then I strained the water out, boil it again without the barley of course. Added sugar cane rock sugar and voila. Half burnt barley drink! Not sure if it's safe to drink, but oh well. I already drank 2 bowls. 
I should have put an alarm for it and I forgot. -.-............

gawd. It's just barley water. How could I manage to even suck in boiling things? I can fry an egg perfectly though!

5/1/13 Shopping day with mother

My inner shopaholic has decided to come out and play today.

In the beginning, I just wanted to buy my lingerie today a But then my mum and I went here and there and tried on countless of clothes. And so I bought a pair of shoes, 4 clothes. Okay, it doesn't sound much but actually I already bought far too many clothes before today. So it IS considered as too much. But I can't resist it!!! THE CLOTHES ARE SO PWEEEETYYYYYYYYYYYYY. I should have bought some pants instead, because I lack of pants. But then there's not much I could choose from.. well.. because... I have this big lump.. of fat.. protuding out.. from my tummy.. :(

I hate my figure and my retarded feet. Cause I can't wear pencil skirts, because of my abnormal dent around my hip. Can't wear high waist pants neither. I can't wear those pretty hourglass dress. And my feet, I can't buy shoes which are "closed". I must buy the ones with room for my toes to breathe. They need to "breathe" for goodness sake. If not, they'll throw a fit and make me cry in pain. Unfortunately, I forgot about this point and I bought this new shoes today that made me you-know-the-drill. So, I've learn my lesson again today after so many years. Just because I got curious why I didn't buy these kind of shoes for so many years. *oh whyyyy, mother?? Why am I born like this???* I wanted to buy high heels, but it hurts like hell. So I refrain from buying them. I'm not a lady at all. -.- Is there any secret to master the art of wearing high heels? Pain-free ways please? Some advice ladies? Please and thank you.

To end this post, here are two picture of me with my duck-face and some random big ass glasses. Just because I felt like it and just because I miss my big ass glasses. Sigh. But I got rid of mine already with a pair of normal ones. :(

4/1/13 Light brown hair

And this is how I greet the hair saloon for my first time there. So I can imprint my existence in their mind and that they should fix my hair like a goddess or else I'll break more of their chairs. 
Hey, it's not entirely my fault. I'm not THAT fat, I ain't that strong either!

Mum bought vouchers again! And this time it's hair time! 
Made an appointment today at E3 Salon Hair Taipan.

Zzzz while doing hair treatment

Me, being fascinated by the steam thingy. It felt like I was surrounded by clouds! Stinky clouds though.

Like a boss. My hairstylist on the right.

SML and XL are not Small, Medium, Large, and XtraLarge. It's Short, Medium, Long, and XtraLong. LOL! Such word plays! The prices are shown in the image above. I think it's quite reasonable. It's quite cheap too I think. And the service was very good. Not sloppy at all. The venue was clean and comfortable. The hairstylists are all very friendly too.

Oh, I haven't said anything about what we have done. My mum did re-bonding and I coloured my hair once again. This time, I'm trying a lighter brown shade. I was so tempted to go blonde but then I thought... Nahz, wait till I'm crazy enough first or when my skin is fair enough.. or maybe when it's pale. I don't wanna get dumped because I look like a lala mui

Sukita feels like those small restaurants in the games, cause the menu is like... so CUTE! I don't know why but it is, to me at least. LOL. Feels like a japanese fast food restaurant actually but they serves rice and curry and beef. There's not much to choose from but I think that's a good thing. I don't need to fickle around the menu from like 18364 choices of food. It was delicious actually. Thumbs up!

Hot mama!?

Basically we look like twins from behind now. But she's the black one. 

Can't see the colour because of the lightning in the restaurant, so here. It's basically just brown. Nothing special. I can't wait for it to fade away more so it will become much brighter. I hope it doesn't look ugly on my naked face! They say if I want to have light brown hair, I should put make-up on because it will make me look pale-ish. I still choose the colour because I'm dead-on sure to dye something light on my hair. Do now, regret later? ;p


3/1/13 Burger King

If you know me well, you should find out that I find fast food unappetizing. I don't like to indulge in fizzy drinks either. I don't like stuff that is too sweet. But of course there's some few exceptions. I can tolerate 100 plus (if I add salt in it, which makes it not so gassy), KFC's fried chicken and chocolate. Actually, some times I crave for KFC.. it is still categorize as fast food right? I'm contradicting myself. -.-

Today, I am adding on more to my list. Burger King. I was alone so I went to the drive-thru. T.T Nobody asks me for lunch. I did ask Alex, but them too busy for their assignment. I have too less friends who I can randomly call up to eat. Oh, back to burgers.
I've made this discovery during my Matlab course I attended last week. That is, I think, the first time I have had Burger King in my stomach. *Maybe I've had it before, or maybe I've sat in the burger joint before, but I never purchase their food to eat* No joke. My hutan-ish hometown doesn't have McDonald until just few years ago. I only have KFC during my childhood.
Burgers, are neutral for me. I can't say I like them, I can't say I hate them either. Burger King's burgers well.. made me have a change of heart.

My first Whopper! with cheese of course.
I ordered a large one because I thought the regular size one was too small, even for me. It's really good but then when I ate this, I barely finished it. It's very filling. Oh, I don't like fries either. What a waste. I think I'll order ala carte next time instead. Since I don't like fries AND the fizzy cola drink. Oh, it cost me around RM18...... Very costly price to pay. Ouh.. I can have 2 meals with that money. *Typical cheapskate asian ranting about food prices*

Talking about $$, what's up with the food prices these days? They keep on raising the food prices! Jeez, talk about scamming. Most of the restaurants in Cyberjaya likes to scam student's money! Some of the restaurants are really unreasonable. My one meal have to be like minimum RM10 excluding drinks. OMG, don't get me started about the drinks. Most of the cafes here charge around (min.) RM5 for a drink. Even mineral water needs to be RM2. WTFISTHIS!?!!? Pandai pandai aje letak prices yang berlampau-lampau sial. You know what that means? If I would include drinks in every meal. I have to spend for like.. RM40 for 3 meals a day. That is like RM1200 per month! FUCKING CRAZY I TELL YA! I haven't even add the rentals and the bills. It would be a whooping RM1500. A student. Minimum usage is RM1500. The poor will become poorer. The rich will become richer. =.= This world is a really filthy world. I don't wanna live in this place anymore.
Do they really want us students to eat bread and maggi mee for the rest of our lifes!?!?!? RM2 for a day. That's like RM60 only for a month. WHAT A BIG DIFFERENCE?!? But who would convert? From food to bread and noodles. Oh, not to mention people can die from eating too much maggi mee. Not to mention that it's fattening too, both bread and instant noodles. alsdfhaksjdfhlakjelfkasldkfjadlsfk

Rant, rant, rant, nag, nag, nag.
Sleep time. Good night!