14/10/2013 Nine days of non-stop work

 I've been working for two jobs last week + weekend of the last last week. Working for the first job is actually more tiring than the second one because I need to work for 13 hours for two days. Even though my work doesn't require me to do sales, it's pretty tiring since we can't sit in there too. The security is pretty tight. So, I think I won't take jobs that requires me being in giant/tesco/whatever-supermarket in the near future. The pay is pretty low too if you ask me. Don't quite worth the time. 

The second job I've done is selling vouchers. I used to do a part-time job that requires me to sell slimming session vouchers but this time it's for facial/slimming/bust enhancing/permanent hair removal. A mouthful really. Attractive commission given too. Well, not really that attractive when compared to my ex-part time job. But beggars can't be choosers. Although I said that, I pretty much complain a lot about the pay to a lot of people. Lol. I'm really good at slacking too nowadays during my work time. Oh, what experience can do to a person. 

One of the slacking techniques I've gained. 
*Achievement unlocked!*
I don't exactly know how long I've been sitting and talking to this uncle here. But according to Zoe, I was talking for an hour and even took this picture down as a prove and was post in whatsapp group. Even though I was talking for so long, I didn't exactly talk about the vouchers or even persuade him to buy them. He was actually sharing his working experience as an engineer. It was his day off that day, that explains why he was wasting his time there. He told me about the indecent things that woman are doing in massage centres in Ipoh and Thailand, and also how he was so disappointed of women who don't respect themselves by doing these "dirty" work/job. He also said a lot of things, but honestly I couldn't remember much but most of the time he was just complaining about the things that he have seen. The way he say it, I think he is a pretty good husband. He actually doesn't like his friends finding these girls to "play" during their business trip out of the state or country. Even before he left, he told me he have to fetch his wife from somewhere and then scurry his way out of the mall. Well, at least some men are faithful and not all men are sly perverts.

On one fine evening after my morning shift. Jonsin was in Selangor for a week! He called me up and ask for dinner right before I end my work for the day, such good timing. But at the same time, not really, since I was working for the whole week when he was here. So, didn't really have the chance to have a nice long chat with them since I have to wake up at 8am on a Saturday morning for work. Oh, by the way, did you know Penang One outlet in Puchong has moved? They moved around there only, although the place is definitely bigger but the parking was a lot harder to find. I think the food is getting worse, in terms of taste and quantity. Besides that, it's quite expensive dining there. Okay, maybe not going there to eat again after this. I rather go to Penang for a food trip.

Chee Cheong Fun and Muar Chee. 
I was longing for Muar Chee after my Cruise trip at Penang. Because the one they sell at the Genting Cafe is really really heavenly! Can't get enough. The ones they sold at Penang One is almost the same, but still... lacking.

They are actually showing me their "fat side". No kidding. Hahaha!

Erica and Lao Ng

Selca pictures to end my post. Haha. 
I hate how my hands automatically pop ze pimples on my face and this is what happens when you do that. You'll have a reddish circle thingy scar that will never go away until a year or more. Bad habit that needs to be changed. Currently can't stand how my right cheek and upper lips look because of these small yet vibrant red dots. Even concealer can't cover them up. My oily face tends to make them fade away with time. I don't really like putting on too much make-up anyway, I'm afraid they will make my skin conditions worse. Even my eye right now is growing a sty, and I think it's because of how I remove my make-up. *sigh* Troubles keep coming! It's damn irritating, and it hurts a little. I think it's getting worse by day. Oh, I hope it will heal on its own. Fast!
Hmm.. I think I'm feeling a little bit more chatty than usual seeing how many words I've type today. Hahaha! I think I'm becoming more talkative than usual. Don't really think it's a good thing for me, because usually I'll blurt out very inappropriate stuffs that I think I shouldn't say after I've said it. I even tend to lie (or maybe just hyperbole a bit) to things that I don't even know I'm lying (or hyperbole) about. I'll only realize this after 5 secs later or so after I said it. I don't usually lie, because I don't like the feeling of it. White lies are exceptions though. I don't know why my mind works like that. 

Tomorrow is a public holiday! What's your plan?
I'm going to karaoke sesh again with le seniors! Oh, have to start my blogilates routine again. I've been skipping for 10 days already! Alrighty, enough typing now, goodnight!

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