On the 21st of July, 
this happened.

Sign myself up for IET annual dinner slash Present Around The World Competition (not as a contestant but just as an audience and a buffet-food-muncher). 'Tis my first event with MMUIET, a club which I recently joined in a wimp *long story short* because I don't have any clubs I'm active in anymore . Most of the members are my course mates but sadly, most of them are just acquaintances, so many awkward moments for me to experience. But hey, that's life but I'm glad that at least I'm making some new friends. :)

Derp. Photographer, Yee HK. (and VP of MMUIET) 

Lucky draw number 4. It's not a suey number for me. On the contrary, it's my lucky number and my personal favorite despite our chinese superstitions.

IET student members flocking up for registration

Event flow

Alex (our President) and Yow Chuan Teo (Sorry, I don't know which one is your surname so I have to use your full name. hahaha. Member? I guess)

Fatema, MMU Cyber's participant for PATW

Zubair, fishing... lol

Fellow participants
Some of the presentations were very interesting and unique. Not to mention, some was very boring and uncaptivating. (well, duh) The very memorable one was about dimension beyond the 3rd one, which was mind-bending and I feel like puking when I think about it right now. It's too mindfarking, seriously. Albert Einstein and String Theory and a dead cat in a box but is alive at the same time. Presented by a Sabah-ian and he won the grand prize as expected.
Fatema got the runner-up, she's really good with presenting. No ummm and ehhhhs, just plain confidence and very crisp and clear tone (for an Internation student. :P). And did you know? The world first programmer was a lady and her name is Ada Lovelace. Interesting things I learnt that day.

One thing that I think I should inform the future participants of PATW: Do not ever present your FYP presentation, under any circumstances. NO. NOT EVER. It is plain boring no matter how you look at it. I know they said the content doesn't matter for this competition, but in my opinion, if you want to grab the judges' and audiences' attention you should have a good title. Something out of the box. So you can fully utilize your own style of presenting.

all dua liap dua liap lang sitting around the main table. :P

Photo credit to Zubair

Photo credit to Zubair
Unfortunately, I did not take any photos of the served foods. I didn't want to look like a online-addict who likes to take pictures of food and post it on instagram before eating. But hey, here's some pictures of some fellow engineering students instead.

future successful businessmen??
kidding. hahaha

Photo credit to HK.
And yeah, I won a bag from the lucky draw with my number. Told 'cha it's not suey at all!
.......and I gave it to my brother. :P I'm not using that thing for sure. Puaahahahaha.

Buing buing aegyo

asdhjfkasdhwehlasdk skjdhf lassdfk a 

Starbucks lunch, homemade food and iphone app

The title is sooooooooo random. I have no idea what short and simple title to give anyway. So the heck with it.
 The starbucks in Cyberjaya have a new set of menu for lunch hours. Available from 11am till 3pm though. And the price range from RM12 - RM19. Actually, the price was normal, I expect it would be more expensive. Well, because *we all know* Starbucks' drinks are a lil bit pricey yet, we spend moolahs to enjoy the luxury of wonderful frappuccino. 

 Bolognese spaghetti and Chicken Lasagna 

To my disappointment, the food wasn't that great. I'm no "God of Eatery" but spaghetti was urm.. how to I describe it? Berputus-putus lah. Lasagna was waaaayyy to hard to chew. But the aroma is good. Meh, it's ready-made, so can't do anything about it. 

And people thought he got fired from his job. HAHAHA

 Recently, started to cook again. It's been awhile since I enter a kitchen and make a meal from a scratch.
Actually, the pasta was my first cooked meal in Cyberjaya. Oh hurrah, I didn't fail or burn anyone's hair off.

Midterm? Pffftttttttttt......
I love memes

And I finished vamp diaries Season 3 yesterday.. And I have midterm yesterday. 

And I'm hooked on these games right now. Iphone app mind you.

jakhlfiuewhfkasdcnlakjsddfs MUSICCCCC SHOOOOO NICCEEEEEEEE

Jesus, I need to start studying for tomorrow's quiz and midterm. But I'm here blogging! and googling image of ombre hair! and here and there! and everywhere! Yikes.

Just some awesome convo of my mum and a cat

Current playlist

I don't usually listen to music of this genre (Punk? rock?), but Paramore is awesome and so is Fall Out Boy. I go crazy with the lyrics if I can remember all parts of em.

Abraham Lincoln, Soon Lok, Chatime, Penang One

7th July 2012

Brunch at Restaurant Soon Lok, Puchong

Candids, Candids everywhere
We ordered half a duck. It was really tasty but unfortunately, TOO OILY. Like bleh. But still tasty lah the sauce and all. Ordered some char siew and siew yuk too. Not bad also.  

Poor Soonen, forced to finished up the leftovers. You see those two hands which are passing food to him? Yeah, it's not me. I'm in no part of it. Haha

If you would ask me what I think about this movie, I think it is ridiculous... but interesting and unique. How they intertwined the plot about vampires and the political status of the nation. Very creative indeed. And very deep. I don't even know what's happening in some of the scenes. I mean EVERY scene about the political things because my mind just kinda *poof* don't want to understand.
And what's up with the axe?
I don't get it. 

Above average

Tried out the Genmaicha for the first time. I will never order this drink again. It's bitter and has the aroma of roasted tea leaves. If you intend to try it, one advice. Don't put any pearl in it. X6

Damn, someone looks emotional enough that day. :P

So adorable. :3

But on the other hand, this person looks like a stalker. LOL

An elf! I found a real-life elf............ ear.. bwahaha. It's pointy!

Early dinner at Penang One, Puchong

Chee Cheong Fun was really good!

Awesome Char Kuey Teow they serving! It is seriously very good. MUST TRY! 

Laksa was a bit of a disappointment for me. I expect better but it lacks of flavor. 

Curry mee was pretty good also. 

If you're wondering where's my face in this post. Well, here I am! 

And here again. ♥
So happy to see him. Well, maybe I don't look that excited but I was ecstatic inside. I'm no good with emotion and stuff *except rage that is*. I wish I could spend more time with this bastard, but I had to study  and get ready for my Monday's exam. If not, I would give my whole weekend to him. LOL. Such a let down. *Sigh* 
Until we meet again, love. 

Current wants

  • Ombre hair 
  • New iPhone case (just ordered online, waiting for it!)
  • New non-nerdy specs
  • Ability to teleport
  • A day of fun with friends
  • Karaoke session

Steak Out and another panda named Shasha

Had dinner with the old ones :P 
Steak Out Steakhouse, Bandar Puteri Puchong

Soon En, Ivan, and Ivan's friend. I'm sorry, I forgot his name! DX

Alicia and me

I ordered Pork ribs. They were.. okay only. :| Wouldn't recommend it to friends I guess

Mexico something something (which I do not know the name of) pasta is kinda nice.

Lemon chicken?? I'm not sure about this one either. But it's sour! Taste weird!

The service? BAD. Really bad. I don't think they are Malaysians because they talk in a different language that I have never heard before. Maybe from Myanmar or something. They punched in the wrong order, so charged us extra. Luckily got check before we went back. And the tone of  the cashier when I complained, feels like he wanna punch the worker who wrote wrongly *or even wanna punch me. :S*

awwww, so sweeettttt

Soon En looked so ridiculous. He made that face because he was being teased by almost everyone there. Haha! Oh, and Eric came by too. 

Macaroons I bought at Berry's
Cost me RM10 for one box. Not bad. :)

When I came back home, a mutant ninja was born. Damn, it's like she's born to wear those panda costume. HAHAHA

Day 12 : Siblings.

Dear Kuan Ze Zian.

I'm going to use your picture in this blog post. So yeah. :P

Recent photo of him and me. Penang trip!

And on our genting trip
and yes, this pic can also be seen on the left side of my blog. 

Damn chio with the gargantuan lolipop.

He's everything a normal girl would dream of lah basically. *Omg, I'm promoting my lil bro* Lemme tell you why.
  • Tall
  • Dark
  • Handsome
  • Luckily, he ain't the annoying talkative and immature type of people
  • A dork around family members and close friends
  • Sarcasm level is in par with me
  • Understand witty jokes that most people don't understand. 
  • VERY mature. For a kid his age. (We're kinda alike in this field.)
But hor.. the only flaw is this. Same like me, he's very damn blur, forgetful (suffering from Short Term Memory), doesn't know and/or likes to do chores. AT LEAST, I know how to wash my clothes, iron them and fold them properly. And fry eggs. 
Adik, belajar lah. You ingat you keluar belajar ada orang tolong u cuci baju meh.

Er hem. So yeah, that concludes it. 

Oh, btw, I have 3 younger step-brothers. 
This is the only picture I have with three of em together. Which is taken during Chinese New Year. 

Okay, toodles!