Hong Kong | Food Trip, mostly

Trip date \\ 31st May - 4th June 2018
Destination \\ Hong Kong

'Tis was my first time in Hong Kong this time. Honestly, I do not have a strong desire to explore Hong Kong because of it's notorious culture of being rude to tourists. Though I have to say, it was so much better than I have expected, maybe time has changed HK and it has mellow out? We didn't experience anything bad in our trip. No bad-mouth waiter or waitresses scolding us, but maybe just a friendly banter with one or two. The city itself, it has a certain character I have to say. Tough gangster-ish vibe that I often see in Cantonese movie. Other than that, it is quite similar to Singapore I feel. The bus and MTR.. and of course the crowd rush.

I didn't take much photos on this trip, therefore I can squeeze my whole 5 days trip in one single post today. But I did take a lot of videos and I made vlogs out of it. Vlog is kind of like my new thing that I am doing right now whenever I am travelling but I don't talk in these videos. I still feel quite uncomfortable talking and explaining to air while holding my phone out. And I think I sound funny, not nice to hear. HAHAHA.


On our first day there, we went to the Victoria Peak because it was a good day and we were afraid that it might rain the next few days as the weather report says. And you know what? It didn't rain until the last day of our trip. Lady luck was on our side!

As you can see, the queue was quite crazy. It was crazier up there, because of the amount of people that needs to go home in the evening. We of course took the bus down instead of the tram. 

City view at the free viewing corner. Not the paid one. 

Trying out the posing technique that we saw in Facebook hahaha.

Witness real-life struggles that HK bus driver have to put up with everyday. There was this China lady that was asking some stupid touristy questions to the bus driver. Which I think it's plain stupid. And she was so persistent. The conversation happening in front of me was so funny because you know I manage to witness how Hongkie scold people. Unfortunately it was in Cantonese, so I don't think the China lady understood what he said. Then finally, the bus driver just ignored her all the way, no matter what the lady asked. She even asked me, but I just whatevered her. It was so entertaining. Hahahaha.

Some random alley way that I thought was really scenic. You could do an actual photoshoot here. 

Strolling around Temple's Street Night Market. I only bought a few fridge magnet and some rubber band for my hair from here. Nice to stroll but nothing nice to buy (in my opinion anyway). 

Again, with the poses. Mostly focus on how well you can cover your face. Hahaha!
I wish I could link the post here but I didn't save it. My bf did. 

I find it really odd that it's kind of a culture there that you can have pasta + ham + chicken stock for breakfast. I mean pasta is italian... and it's not even tasty! But perhaps it does fill you up since it is wheat after all. The egg was super fluffy though. We loved it!

We went to Montane Mansion for some pictures. And unfortunately this is what we saw. Apparently, since Feb 2018 (or March?) there has been this notice warning tourist not to disturb the residents living in that area. Yes, Montane Mansion is actually not a tourist attraction (even though the internet thinks it is), it's actually a residential place where you can see many tourist posing for a photo in front of other people's home. 
I feel bad for taking photos even after reading the notice. But since we are there anyway. What's the harm of taking a few photos? I mean I do that everywhere anyway. Of course, as long as we don't do something stupid like disturb the residents by climbing on their stuffs, blocking the pathway or shouting like an idiot. 

Experiencing the tram ride in Hong Kong, and it's blardy slow I tell ya. It took like forever for us to reach our destination (as compared to the MTR of course). 

Experience a true dim sum experience at Lin Heung Tea House, although there wasn't much dim sum to be honest. But perhaps the one that I have experienced are the modified version of the original. The food there was just mediocre, I find that only one dish was worth talking about. I don't know what it's called but it looks like this. Very herbal-ish and flavorful.  

I felt like I was taking a photoshoot for an indie band or something. LOL. 

Despite these photos, we were only transiting the MTR, we did not visit Mong Kok that day.

Just to show you guys, how my eyelid can't stay open for photos. I swear, 80% of the pictures my boyfriend tries to take of me, my eyes are closed. I'm not sure it's because I blink more from the awkwardness of me being photograph or I am the un-glam version of Barney Stinson. 

Cable car to Big Buddha!

I'm such a great poser. Tis a shame I don't have the body for modelling. HAHA

We look so angry.. because it was SO sunny. Oh and photobombed. Thanks umbrella lady

Tai-O fishing village

These are SOOO CUTE!! I don't know what they are called but they grow on some abandoned house's rooftop
Googled, no luck

Total change of scene from fishing village to a super hipster-ish mall in the city centre. Some Bare Bear event was happening and we have one crazy fan in our group. Therefore the visit. Hahaha.
 If you know me, you would know I loveeeeeeeee Boba milk tea. And this shop was recommended by my boyfriend's Hong Kong friend. They have the brown sugar boba milk tea. Which IS SUPER YUMMY OKEH. Oh and then he brought us to some game shop where we ended up buying the second hand Nintendo Switch.

Thanks bruh!

Hello Mong Kok!

Emo (?) pose lol

I think one of the most common thing to do in Hong Kong is to visit the Harbour at night. We missed the light shows but it wasn't really one of the thing we had in mind to do honestly. City attractions is not my thing, just saying. 

I feel like there isn't much things to do in Hong Kong, but I would actually go there again just for the food. And yes, even though the food there are mostly bread, maggi noodle, or pasta. There aren't that bad. I really like the pudding though (which actually can be easily made at home but the exact texture and taste, I cannot replicate). There's just too much food that was recommended but we didn't try. But I am obliged to go on a diet after the trip.

Alright, till next time!

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