16-Nov-15 | Ich bin wieder hier.. Hallo Regensburg

Lunch kidnapped and was blackmailed
PG and me!
I know the caption I put on this day looks funny but #truestorybro. There was some sort of employee appreciation/drive going on around on Friday and during lunch, on the way out to lunch. A girl came up to us and ask us to take a picture "it will just take a minute, don't worry, I'll take care of your lunchbox. Here, give it to me" *subconsciously loosen my grip on my lunchbox while she took it away*. So damn paiseh wanna stand in front of the camera while the other employees are walking by off to lunch. Luckily, we did, because we got this printout! I didn't know they were going to print it out. Okay, maybe my lunchbox being kidnapped isn't a bad thing after all.  

Last minute shopping

Super last minute. Since I was so lazy on Deepavali holiday and the rest of my evenings after my workdays, I decided to wait until the day of my flight to do all my shopping. I bought coat since it's super cold in Germany right now, changed some Euros, and bought some toiletries.  

Super generous portion of Tosai set and nasi set from Komala's
Boyfriend introduced an Indian restaurant while in Jurong Point. Since we have this thing for Dosai these days and I also have a thing for banana leaf rice. But I have never had something like this. Normally it would just be rice, and three vegetarian dishes but this is something new. Look at all those kuah. Mixed it all up in the rice with my fingers and I'm eating it the traditional way. My taste-buds, in cloud nine.  

And I'm off for my 11pm flight. First row seat in the economy class. So much legroom, so much win. 

5am in Munich - 8am in Regensburg

I am not sure if I should disclose any information out here, you know, for safety reasons and P&C stuff so.. I'll just keep it short.

say hello to my new water-resistant coat. No more freezing when the wind blows!

At Alex

Since I arrived super early in the morning, luckily I could check-in to my hotel without having to wait till 2pm or so. And since I have to pay extra for breakfast so I just figured I should go to another breakfast place. Thanks to the kind staff from my hotel who introduced me this nice cafe, I am able to enjoy a hearty breakfast buffet. I miss the croissant here. They tasted so much better than the ones in Malaysia.

The famous cathedral here

My week ticket! 

Went to visit the Walhalla temple since I have a whole free day to myself. Took bus 5 from the bus station and to Donaustauff. I haven't walked this much since August. It's always walking or hiking when in Europe because the weather is very nice. Plus, they said the weather was unusually warm this year, global warming I guess. 
No more talking. Just pictures. Enjoy!

I can't take any decent selfies... lol

Random picture of Kinder Pingui
I'M SO GLAD I CAN EAT THIS. Only in Europe. Guys, you have to try this out if you have the chance. So far, I have only spotted this Kinder Pingui in most of the supermarket in Germany and in France. I am not sure about other countries but this is like the best choco snack I've ever had. It taste the best when chilled. Maybe that is why they don't sell it in warmer countries... Sad... So sad. I wish they would sell this in Asian countries. I'm gonna buy so many boxes of this home if my luggage has space.

Okay, that is it for now. It is 8pm here and I feel sleepy as hell. Jet lag much.

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