1-Nov-15 | The Pantry, Alaturka & Halloween

Finally, I can haz cakes.

At last, some cafe hunting this weekend. Visited Haji Lane with Ah Choy and Jason in search of some hipster cafes. Definitely a really "happening" lane. Reminded us of Penang as well, the heritage street I mean. So, we decided to visit The Pantry.

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This small cafe shop is a bit tricky to find as the sign outside only says "Wonderland". It seems like they have two shops in the building. But I'm not sure what the other one is about, but I think it's something to do with flowers because the place is covered with them. Overall, the ambiance is really homely and cozy, the cake is really good especially the one with strawberry (yum yum, but I do not know the exact name, I wasn't the one who ordered it) and they used pure dried flowers in our tea, not the teabag kind! I wonder if they made it themselves.

Then we shopped for awhile and I got two new kicks. A pair of flats from C&K (which I am wearing to work right now, my left feet feels damn pain no thanks to my different sized feet) and a pair of running shoes (to replace my almost done and done Go Run 3) from Sketchers. Seriously, once you wear Sketchers, you wouldn't want to wear any other brands. Well, at least that's what happened to me. They have really good range of comfortable shoes, but I wish the colors would be nicer. LOL. Not everyone is perfect. Exhibit A.
Okay, back to my weekend.

Despite the Japanese banner, it is a Mediterranean restaurant
Since we were at Haji Lane, there's also a lot of Mediterranean food around, I scouted Foursquare and found this place. I miss the food I had in Europe (especially the farewell dinner that my housemate, Sevda prepared and also the Lebanese & Greek food I tried with my relatives in London). So, decided to find some good restaurant myself. Also, I am introducing new food to my friends! I think there's not much people I know who would choose to go to Middle Eastern Restaurant... well, I think they will, just that it wouldn't be in their "list of which food to eat". 
ANYWAY, I digress (I always do). The food is good, but unfortunately not better than the one I've had before, but definitely will come back here again to try the other dishes. 

Mezze. We ordered this so that we can get to try a range of "dippings" but in the end, I think the only one worthy of praises is the hummus. You could order hummus only, it is also served with bread. Give me a whole plate of hummus and bread, that will be my breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

The ultimate meat galore! Karisik Kebab Platter. The portion for two, well, only if you didn't order anything else! Three of us had it and we were full to the brim. 

And a must order dessert, Kunefe. Sadly, this is not what I expected. Well, the only one I had before doesn't really come with cream (the one they used is very heavy). So, it tasted different for me. But the kunefe itself is warm, chewy and some part crispy. I like it though I think it would be better not to served the cream together or maybe can substitute it with evaporated milk which is lighter. Anyway, just thinking out loud. 

Look at all these drunkards party people
It is Halloween night after all. Lucky for us, we get to see some action going on along Haji Lane. It seems like Singapore Pub Crawl was going on and one of the stop was a small pub along Haji Lane. Suddenly the street was crowded and full with people in costumes and heavy face-painted make up. Me and my friends were acting so weird, we just stood there, observed them then followed them, continued to stand there and gawk at them. Like some fascinating creatures. Lol. 

Spot the pirate

Pac-man was there as well. 
Actually, I was planning to go to Bugis Street to join the "Scary scary night" event but it cost money lah. In the end I didn't, just didn't felt like it. But lucky for us, we bumped into these guys. So, we get to see people dressed in costumes... for free. I am Asian like that. The dedication these guai lous put into. 

Okay, that's it for this week. Yeah, the only day worthy of blogging is that one weekend day. LOL, Nothing much to talk about anymore.
Ciao ciao.

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