10-Nov-15 | #CatAGary, Sangkaya, Adventure Time

It's #CatAGary's Day!

I had to screenshot this from Ann's instagram, because I don't have any pictures with the newly weds in my phone. Derp
First of all, Congrats to Catrina and Gary! 

It's a long weekend cause it's Deepavali today so I had my free Saturday to Tuesday. And it's back to work tomorrow, so sad. I think I'm catching the Wednesday blue, whatever that is. Went straight back to my hometown, Teluk Intan on Friday night, therefore reaching there in the wee hours of the next morning. Then, the food galore began. Seriously, every single time I am back there, I am like being sucked by this black hole of yummylicious food. My boyfriend going back with me doesn't help one bit at all, because he was craving for a lot of foods as well. Oh, the curse of a food hunter.
Plus, don't forget the 8-course dinner Chinese wedding have... Why does Chinese food must always be so unhealthy and yummy?  

Compilation of my babes and me.

A rare occasion where I post pictures that contains my face in my blog. LOL. It's a good thing I remembered to take a group photo, because it's not everyday we get to do that. Dolled up and look prettay enuf for da camera~ Lol, okay, not me. I have like the most basic make-up on, because I am lazy like that. Plus, I also hate that I look so much older when I have heavier make-up on. How does those Korean achieve those looks while looking so farking good while I look like an aunty that failed miserably?!?!? I'm getting so bad at this.. *girly rant stuff*

Finally get to try Sangkaya.

Signature, RM10.50

I thought of stopping by the SS15 franchise but came across this small shop in Sunway Pyramid by chance! Destiny calls. I think the idea came from the coconut ice cream shop in Jalan Alor, which I only tried once. Forgot how it taste like, but it's a too-damn-far-journey for me to have dessert there. LOL. Anyway, we ordered the Thai Milk Tea version, because I thought the original version was too sweet for me. I am not a fan of ice cream so it was just okay for me but the it is definitely something different from the norm. 

Yes, I know. I can be a little outdated some times. Sangkaya has been the rave of the town for quite awhile I think, especially in Subang Jaya Area. I actually know one of the guy who opened up this shop. I was shocked when I saw his picture on the news. Turns out he (who is studying law) and a bunch of friends went into entrepreneurship and Sangkaya was born. Well, we ain't that close anyway, just knew him during my foundation year. But congrats Imran! Don't think he'll be reading this but heck. Hahaha. 

Get to watch Spectre movie as well. The most memorable part for me was the introduction graphics. No, seriously, it's super mesmerizing. Other than that, the actions in the movie was good. The story line... was a bit weird, especially the love line. Well, that's Bond for you. Anyway, it's a good movie. 

I don't even know why I still put that food review and movie review tag in this post. I mean, it should be illegal to call these short sentences a review. 


Was watching Adventure Time and this episode caught my eyes. Is that Cloud's sword?? WHAT IS IT DOING THERE?!? #nerdalert
Yes, recently I am hooked on this cartoon show, but I didn't know I created a monster in the process. My boyfriend is obsessed with them. Every day he will watch a few episodes after work. He downloaded a whole season to watch at home in the weekend. He even integrated some jokes in our daily lives. He's making me draw Finn, Jake and BMO. I'm hearing Gunter's and Simon's names more often these days. WHAT HAVE I DONE!?!?
But seriously though, it's a really deep cartoon show. Don't say I didn't warn you. Watch at your own risks. CN is currently airing the 7th season. The story line is linked! So, don't skip here and there, or else you won't get the joke... some times. 


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