Clay Art | Malaysia Clay Art Review & My First Polymer Clay, BMO!

I have decided to pick up another hobby. As if crocheting, knitting, cross-stitching, needle felting, felting is not enough... Well, it isn't for me! Why did I suddenly decided to play with clay art? Well, my main motivation was to make small details to complement my amigurumi. E.g. Swords and staffs, any items that should be sturdy! Not flimsy or bendable. 
I have been researching here and there (apparently not enough though), wanted to buy PREMO or FIMO polymer clay but these things don't come cheap and apparently, it is quite hard to find in Singapore and Malaysia. And then I encountered Malaysia Clay Art's website. Oh, happy me! 

Before I get into talking about the goodies that I've bought. Let me say something about the website. Malaysia Clay Art does not only sell clays and tools, they also update their blog regularly with new tutorials, tips and inspiration post! I've also signed up for their E-book, it's really helpful for beginners like me. They also sent tips every week into my e-mail just to keep me informed and motivated.

Neat and awesome packaging

Sorry about the colour here, it was night time, and my room doesn't have proper lightning. :(

A closer look at the clay

They also gave cards filled with important infos and a color blending chart, which I think is quite useful. 
Set C Polymer Clay Trial Set - RM48
Decided to buy Set C since I am just starting out, just wanna try to mess around with clay. The clay has really vibrant colour, which I think is really pretty.

Bought this to give a nice effect on weapons and to imitate metal. The Mica powder definitely need some packaging improvement because the powder was all over the box! It was very messy and I had to clean up the whole box which was filled with metallic powder. Haven't tried it out yet, will try it soon!

Honestly, I went a little crazy on buying the tools. I have no idea how to use these very professional tools! LOL, I guess this is an investment and will research on how to use them when I get more advanced. 

A must have for a nice finishing glossy effect. Love this, I think it gives a really nice shine to the finished product. 


I played around with the clay and I decided to make BMO! Because I am so into Adventure Time lately, and BMO is just too cute. Even though though she gives me the chill some times.

If you don't know who is BMO, this is him/her. Idk, I'm still figuring out if it's a he or a she. But she definitely sound Japanese... "Lizherd"

I know, I should have find something easier to make. And maybe follow some simple video tutorials and slowly learn from there. This is not even close to perfection. LOL. It's woobly looking, it doesn't look professional, it doesn't seem like it has a shape. It just looks so very... wuublewuubbleegwobblee.. Well, anyway, at least I tried my best. It's fun! 
As for the clay, the color is definitely very vibrant and looks super! I only need to mix the green shade but for the others, I used the colour that was provided from the set. Since this is my first clay that I play around with, I cannot make comparisons or professional comments but these are my thoughts. Some of the clay is good and some were crumbly, it was better after conditioning though. But I think I over-conditioned it (if this is possible??) so I had problem with shaping the clay because my finger prints kept on sticking to it and the shape was easily changed (I've heard that using corn flour or latex gloves helps but I haven't try it yet). Some of the colors seems to stick on my plastic mat (but very minimal). Need to invest in a ceramic tile (which I can't find in ACE hardware, Daiso, or handicraft store.).
I am also figuring out how to pick up a clay after I roll it flat. My rectangular shape became like a curved rectangular when I picked it up and when I want to flatten in out, I destroyed the shape. LOL. #Improvementneeded

So, for the tl:dr version, these are the things I really like from Malaysia Clay Art Store
  • Nice packaging (except the Mica powder set which needs improvement)
  • Very useful colour chart card
  • Vibrant colour clays (many colours to choose from!)
  • A range of tools to choose from! 
  • Online tutorial and tips which I really like
  • Emails on tips to keep you motivated and informed
Will definitely purchase from them again!

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  1. OMG, what a huge haul <3 I have always wanted to buy the silicone brushes but still couldn't afford it till now..and looking at your items I just wanna cry with jealousy TT.TT