Easy DIY Apple Pen Cap Holder

If you own an Apple Pen, I am sure you are familiar with the problems of gripping the pen properly and storing the cap when you need to charge the pen. Honestly, the design of the pen is not that "great", it is nice to look but using it is somewhat a pain. I only had it for a week, and I have already improvised my pen twice.


I find that the pen always slips easily and it doesn't feel right when I am using it. So, I decided to add my own grip with
some old fabric tape I had on hand. This is just my temporary solution I decided on a wimp. I don't think it will last very long, but it is definitely better than nothing. I have seen other people adding rubber grip from some pens or mechanical pencils to the pen as well. Maybe I will try that in the future as I don't really have something like that lying around my home. 

The second hack I made, is with the cap holder. Looked around the internet for a solution but all I found are things that I have to pay with my money. So, I just did my own with some office supplies.. Actually just one: Scotch tape. Yes, I only used scotch tape. 

Don't mind Grey here. He's helping me to test the cap holder. It survived a few swats from him, so I guess it works pretty well.

If you are interested you could make it. I don't have step by step pictures on how I did it but I think it's easy enough to comprehend by words. Cut 3 piece of tape; one to stick to the cap, one to the pen, and one to be made as the "bridge" or the "connector". Fold one of the tape in into 1/3 of it's width, meaning it will be a three layer piece which will be strong enough to be used as the "bridge". And then just stick this bridge on with the other two tapes. Simple but brilliant hack. Hope this trick will prevent you from losing the cap!

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