Joey's 28 Days in Europe | 2 days in Salzburg

I have also added some useful info in the description on my map. E.g. the opening hours, costs, how to get there or what is recommended to do there. Please fully utilize it!

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What to eat! | Koleno (roast pork knee), tatarak (raw minced beef mixture), Vepřo-knedlo-zelo (roast pork with bread dumplings), Ovocne knedliky (fruit dumplings), Pivo (beer), Bramboraky (fired potato pancakes), Nakládaný hermelín (pickled cheese), Utopenci (pickled pork sausage), Svíčková na smetaně (beef sirloin in vege gravy), Palacinky (pancakes)

Info added are found in official website and is true as of July 2015, please check the official website again to make sure the information you have is the updated one!

image Recommended place to eat 
image Recommended place to visit
image Find the compilation of tips I have to offer at the end of this blog posts! 

This place was actually pretty cool because it is suppose to be a hostel for students but it's holiday now and nobody is there so they are renting it out for travelers who would like to stay there. Very cost-effective! It might be a little far away from town but with the bus, it is easily accessible (around 5-10 mins away from bus stop)

Very roomy and plenty of work space.
Walking around the town
Looks like the wizarding world from Harry Potter aye?
Mozarts Geburtshaus
Literal translation, Mozart's birthplace. It is a museum about Mozart and the place was full of people. I can only imagine how many of them are in there since it is quite a small building for a famous museum. Didn't went in as we thought it wasn't worth it. I would like to go in but... I am the only one in the group who listens to Mozart(but rarely).

image Salzburg Cathedral
Beautiful building. Looks more like a castle than a church IMO. Again, didn't step inside.

image Along the Salzach River
We didn't really plan for this but we saw there was some market going on along the pavement so we just decided to check it out. Most of them were selling handmade items and crafts. I guess it's Art week.

image Salzburg Love Lock Bridge
I didn't even know there's a love lock bridge! This is definitely a surprise. Now, lovers can come here instead of Paris. Hawhawhawhahwhaw.

Often known as the must visit place in Salzburg but definitely worth a visit to enjoy the garden. Best of all, it's FOC!

PDA-ing in front of the fountain. What a romantic. 

Vine tunnel 

WIP vine tunnel. XD

Majestic Pegasus fountain
image Fortress Hohensalzburg
In my map note for this place, it says "Highlights include the Golden Hall where you can, at certain times of the year, take in a Mozart concert and where lavish banquets were once held, check out the Marionette Museum and watch the puppet show and visit the Fortress Museum to see the 1612 model of Salzburg, gruesome torture devices and medieval instruments and armour." but unfortunately I don't remember any of those. Maybe it's because we didn't have time and took a lot of picture for the panorama view.

This was the panorama view I was talking about. 

My mum being a kid

image A hike to Kapuzinerberg
Actually I don't really remember if these pictures are taken here or during my hike down from the
the fortress. But I do know it was a really good hike, enjoyed it. I wish I was living in Europe, there's just plenty of beautiful place to hike and also they have perfect weather for it.

Some random photos

When I saw this, my mind was blown away.

Though Easter is not around the corner, this shop was really into it. 

Trying out Mozartkugel
or AKA Mozart's Balls (see what I did there).
Apparently there are a few versions of the Mozartkugel but for me, they taste almost the same. I don't really like Marzipan and it is too sweet for me.

This was the original version of the Mozartkugel sold only at Café-Konditorei Fürst. It IS quite pricey, I have to warn you first.

Look at that fancy vintage packaging. 
And this is the one you can find basically anywhere (in the supermarket or the airport). Just buy it in the supermarket instead of the little shops in town, they will bound to sell it with a higher price. 

Have a bite. 
Gasthaus "Zum Wilden Mann"
I still remember the taste of the food at this place. It is absolutely amazingly horrible. Yes, it's utterly disgusting and it's very pricey. Do not ever come here to eat. Our food was basically too dry or just doesn't taste like anything. Leaving a bad taste in our mouth. 

image Alter Fuchs
This place was quite cute, I was basically attracted to it because of the fox logo they have on the menu. 

Eating at the garden

Sausage with sauerkraut. European sausages are always nice. 

Radish soup, this is too weird for us because we had never had radish soup!

Pork pork pork. 

Also tried the sweet dumplings for dessert. Basically it's a European version of a "mochi".
image Burgerista
I am guessing this is a franchise burger place because when I google, there's quite a few cities that has Burgerista. Burger is always good. It's fast and filling. So, no complain from me.

Cafe Mozart
We saw that this place had Nockerl so I HAD to have it. It is one of the must-try item after all when you are in Salzburg. Basically it's a dessert made with egg, water, flour and sugar and that's it. The cafe was very busy and the waiting time was quite long. Unfortunately, we experienced very bad service from the waiters.
I also saw people recommending the Nockerl in Restaurant S’Nockerl im Elefant. Maybe you could try there instead.  

Definitely something to try at least once! 
I know my post is kind of short and without much explanation but please, use my map. The one that I have embedded in the top of this post. As I had collect all the information regarding most of the point of interests including the price ticket for adult and students, the opening hours, the to-see place, and some more comments. I think it'll be pretty useful. The map has a lot more places than the ones I see because I like to plan more things and choose which place I like to go (and also due to time constraints). 

image Joey's Salzburg Travel Tips!

  1. Don’t buy Mozart balls in city center. Buy in supermarket. 
  2. Best value for money food on the right side of the Salzach River (near Schloss Mirabell Castle). Also try side-alleys around Linzergasse
  3. For drinks, look where locals go. Like the alleys of Altstadt area around the cathedral 
  4. Don’t order tap water without asking if it’s alright.
  5. Count your  money before you pay and after the cashier give you back the change. We had an episode at a fast food restaurant and it was quite a drama. Basically, I gave the cashier 50 Euros but she gave me back the change for 10 Euros and insisted that I paid 10 Euros. She then ignored me when I tried to confront her because there was simply too many people in the line waiting for their turn. The manager of the place even ignored us because he was too busy with the customers too. We even reported to the police for this and we wasted few hours for this.

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