A visit to Butterfly Farm

Went out with this little lady right here during my second weekend here in Penang. I'm very lucky to have met Aleena and get to know her more. I never really talk to her much since she's actually one of my best friend's cousin and every time we went out, I have had very less interaction with her. Honestly, she scares me some times but yet funny & cute at the same time. I bet you can't imagine that, not until you have met her. HAHAHA! After going out with her, I came to know that she's actually quite a caring woman, she really know how to take good care of people and some how let me feel like a little sister.
Wow, sounds like a intro much. 
I hope you feel flattered though! Hahaha!

I didn't want to rot at home for the whole Sunday so I asked Aleena out the day before. I only remembered that she was in Penang too when she commented on my photos. (I have such a bad memory) It turns out that she was going to bring her friend and his family around for a "Cuti-cuti Penang" tour. Wouldn't wanna miss that out right?  

First stop was P.Ramlee's house. Which... wasn't relevant to me. As I wasn't a fan of P. Ramlee and I didn't know much about him. I never watch any of his film too. Oops. But it turns out that, Aleena's friend's 8 years old daughter is a die-hard fan. I was super surprised, I guess she has an old soul for movies huh?

Just a random picture of the beach at the hotel that they were staying at. 

Next stop and the most interesting one is Penang Butterfly Farm. Never really had the kick to wanna go there but that all changes after I went in. It's a pretty rare sight to see that many butterflies together at a place and it's seriously worth a visit even for locals. 

Be sure to show your MyKad and get your discounted price! It cost RM18 for an adult. There's also a family package too that includes two adults and two children which I forgot how much it cost. But just a FYI.


Such cute little things. 

Okay, I'm just gonna spam pictures of butterflies, bugs and some reptiles.

.... Amazed by the flatness.

Can you spot the stick insect?


Not much to write about this post, but just pictures.
Remember to visit if you're in Penang!
Malaysia Truly Asia 2014
I wonder why it's "truly" Asia. I mean, isn't it obvious enough? Hmm?


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