18/4/14 Talk Talk Wine Bar, Sungai Dua

Friday night calls for a weekly celebration and on that night, we gathered around in Talk Talk Wine Bar which is actually quite close to Bayan Lepas. A good thing is that it was not in town so that we wouldn't need to drive so far away to enjoy a our night. 

I would say that the interior was quite unique but of course if compare to Selangor or KL, this concept has already been implemented at numerous places but this is the first I've seen one in Penang. There's an indoor second floor, if I make any sense at all with my words. 

And of course, we chose to be on the upper floor since we have quite a number of people in our group. Most of the seating on the ground floor are limited to small numbers of customers. There's also places to sit next door but it was very bright, more suitable for dinner setting. 

The place was packed with people. No, these are not my friends. These are just random strangers in the bar. 

Tiramisu, RM15
Of all the desserts they served, which is quite limited I think, only 3 or 4 to choose from, I chose the most appetizing one that I could see. I must say I really really like the tiramisu! It's pretty to look at and it was delicious. I wish that I could hog the whole slice. Oops.

Sex on the beach, RM16++ (forgot the exact price)
I'm not an alcohol fan but in my experience, this was the worst cocktail I've tasted. It was too bland and taste like... ice with alcohol. I've also tasted the others' cocktail, each of us ordered different ones, and they all taste bland too. I think they basically just put too much water/ice and/or pure alcohol.

Rating | 7/10
The bar sells beers, cocktail, red wine, coffee, cakes and even some light snacks (like wedges). I think the atmosphere is very cool, perfect for friends gathering and just mingling around. The only down side was the cocktails. They need to seriously learn how to make a real drink. 

2-G-3, 2-G-4 & 2-G-5, Bangunan lip Sin (Leguh Pekaka satu), 
11700 Sungai Dua Gelugor, Penang
Phone | 012-218 5990
Opening hours | Everyday 11am - 2am

Journal Time

At first, I thought it would be just the interns gathering around but luckily, somehow, we invited some of the permanent staffs too. We had so much fun that night playing "Truth or Dare" and I laughed until I can't even breath. I think I was getting too high back then with all the alcoholic drink that I've had in my system. *Alert* Not a good drinker. All of them are such good sports, so we weren't quiet at all! I think we were the noisiest in the bar. 

Oh, just an awesome group photo of us having an awesome night.

Here's a gif of us fooling around. Chia Soon looks the happiest here. 
Like this image

Heih, I miss you guys!

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