2/7/13 Restoran Spring Golden's Char Siew @ Shah Alam

I tried Ming Kee's Char Siew in Glenmarie before but a little birdie told me that there is an even more awesome char siew place in Kota Kemuning. Hearing this statement, of course I couldn't help but to keep annoy my friends to bring me there and let me feast on this plate of awesomeness. Lol. 
It's Soonen's fault lah, keep spam spam spam about the char siew and send picture some more. 

I like their barley drink because they gave quite a lot of the barley, which I like to munch on before having our main course. It is also not sweet. :) I like to emphasize on sweetness in my blog because... for the 12462 times, I don't like sweet things! :P

Our main star of the day. 
This is seriously something! I will quote from Hau Loong for this. 
"The fats will actually melts in your mouth, KNBE!" Not the exact quote but... it will do because of the trademade KNBE. Hahaha!
Personally, I think this is far more better than the one in Glenmarie. In addition, don't have to deal with the lanc seller. You'll know what I mean if you've been there. 

Siu Yok was just normal though.

Taugeh will be taugeh. Don't like it though, it doesn't taste fresh enough. Not crunchy. :(

This restaurant is a must-try place though. No kidding! 
You won't regret it. :D 

Restaurant Spring Golden
 25, Jalan Sepadu C, 25/C, Section 25,
 Taman Perindustrian Axis, 
40400, Shah Alam, Selangor 
Tel: 019-337 9319 

Opening Hours: 7am-4pm

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