3/7/13 Company Visit

Overdue post! 

So on last Wednesday, there was this company visit for Database System subject and we had to go to get marks for it. I didn't know we had to wear formal so I just wore t-shirt and jeans. :S Talk about first impression. But I guess they didn't care much when we arrived. The second stupidest thing I have done on that day is that I didn't bought my wallet with me too. So I cannot provide them an IC when they asked for it. But no biggie, just a visit.. :S

I thought we were going to VADS in KL but turns out they have a database center in Cyberjaya instead, so it was like a 5 mins drive with MMU bus and there we are.

 Some presentation slides from the talker. I'm sorry, I cannot remember the names, I'm very bad with names when I'm bored. :S Although I should be or pretend to be interested, these things bores me to the core. 

Shoe covers before entering the database "farm". I took some pictures of the farm, but actually, I cannot. So when I knew that, I deleted it from my phone. A very tiny chance of me getting sued or something for something trivial, but I don't wanna push my luck.

The farm basically have cages and some storage places for their clients' database hardware. Although I don't know what they are, they just have many machines in there and they are locked. Some even have this cage-like thing. 

Then it was Q&A session. Of course, being me, I had no question of whatsoever that I would like to ask to the database administrator. I was surprised as how much some of my course-mates knew about things and asking all these vague topic that I have never thought about in my life. Then I realize I was lost again in this engineering field. Started to feel like am I stupid or what? Why am I even studying this when I do not have any interest in this. Is it okay to be this clueless? If it's not, I don't even know how do I begin to learn to like things that I don't like and know more about them. So that I can ask all those things that they asked in there too?

I realize I wasn't outspoken like I want to. 
And also I haven't yet to find my goal or dream in life. 
How can I find it when... I don't even know?
We only fear what we don't yet understand. 
This is very true.

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