White House Down

It was another movie night of Wednesday with the usual bunch. For that night, it was White House Down. 

Starring Changing Tatum and Jamie Foxx. Unusual pair but I think they were great together in the movie. 

If you've watched Olympus Has Fallen, then this will probably look like a rerun with different characters. But the story line is some what alike because both story are about White House invasion. Now I know a good place to start my "take over the world" plan if I wanted to start a war with bombs. 

The only difference was this movie has less actions than the Olympus flick and it was funnier. But honestly, it was kinda fake seeing how a few terrorist can actually kill all the guards in the White House. I mean, really? All of you was taken by surprise?? Even the one in the security room observing the security camera footage, they just die within a second when the invader decided to open the goddamn entrance to the security room. Wtf. The president sounds like.. A very casual black person rather than someone president-ish. And Channing Tatum was like superman, gliding here and there without any protection yet he was like bulletproof, BUT then he was not qualified to be in secret service. Weird?? Regarding the villain, there was a small twist, but I think it wasn't that surprising. 

My rating for this movie - 6/10

Honestly, I just like how funny it was.
"Get your hands of my Jordans!" Lol. Jamie Foxx moment.  

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