Fennel... Yuck

Have you guys ever eaten fennel before? 

I have just tasted one just now. Raw. Because I'm following some clean eating recipe. It's the first time I'm encountering this ingredient. I was suppose to have this for lunch tomorrow as a salad but.... I had a taste test just now, and I cannot consume more than one tiny bite. In the end, I threw it away. Because it is too strong for me. I know it's kind of wasteful of me but I doubt anyone in the household will eat it, plus it's been in my fridge for more than a week.

If I were to describe it, I think it's similar to celery but stronger and more tangy but it's much sweeter. I don't really like celery, but I eat it raw/juice it for health reason. I don't mind if it's stir-fried with carrots though. Maybe it's because my mum normally cooks it with other things so that the smell is covered. 

Okay, no more fennel for me.

This is basically how clean eating goes. Bland and bland because it's au natural and require less processing. I usually put a lot of salt in order to give it some taste, else it will feel like I'm eating grass. I don't mind baked chicken with salt and pepper though, I actually find them really tasty.

Ran 8km today, rather slow actually and I was having difficulty in running half-way. LOL. I ran too fast until my body cannot take it. I felt like I can't breathe. Bad idea. Or maybe it's just me not used to running this distance without resting. But anyway, glad I did it! Normally I would just end my workout in between 3km to 6km but I pushed to 8km today. Started quite late so I finally finished when the sun was almost down. I wanted to wake up early to run but ended up oversleeping. 

Better luck next time. And my coding ain't going well. GOSH, WAMP is giving me a headache. It was fine last few days, but it didn't work today! ARGHHHH.. And I spent like few hours fixing it and still it is not fixed! Vomit blood. I guess I'll have to take a rain check on meeting with my supervisor... again............ 

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