Great Eastern Run

Okay, I'm cheating today, because I skipped my post yesterday but I didn't have the time and I was super duper tired. And it's affecting my brain cells. Don't know why but it's affecting on how I perceive taste. My mind is now functioning to match foods with really unappetizing taste which made me lose my appetite. 

Back to le GE Run. It's my first 12km run since I've always join 10km run so far. I think this is my 4th Run now if I'm not wrong. Although I feel crappy that week I'm glad I finished 12km and I think I was better this time in terms of stamina since I've been training more frequently, running farther for each session without stopping to walk that much. 

I'm surprised my average pace was 8min/km, I thought it would be like 8 and a half or more. Because the slopes were killing me. Seriously, it felt different and more motivating when you're running with everyone else. When I jog alone, I feel like a turtle and feel so lazy to run too.

A picture before we start our run. 
Oh, I didn't notice the photobommer behind us. Gosh, talk about photogenic. Hahahaha!

Some how I look like I'm about to cry. LOL?

And the pictures after it. Sorry Aleena, we were having too much fun taking pictures before you reach. Hahaha!

Yeah! November run ticked off from my list. There's no run in December. But no slacking off though unless I wanna die on the middle of the road during We Run KL in Feb. 

We went for Yut Kee Restaurant after that for our brunch. Ordered almost everything from the first page menu. It's my second time here and I have to say, I still don't like the roti babi. The bread is soaked with too much oil! I feel like I'm eating oil rather than eating bread. I love bread and this I cannot put in my mouth.

*Short Review & Tips* 
The only thing I recommend is the Pork Chop, Chicken Chop, Roast Pork and the Hainan Mee. I wanted to eat Belacan Fried Rice so we ordered, and it was just mediocre. Oh, a bit of a warning if you intend to order French Toast, it's not what you think it would look but the homemade kaya is very fragrant. 

My man and I went to catch a movie around the evening. Interstellar was a mind-blowing movie. A seriously must-watch movie of the whole century. If you're into science, fifth-dimension theory, gravity, stars, and all that shit, you're in for a real piece of work. It is a really deep movie so... just be prepared with a empty mind when you're watching it, else you'll suffer a minor headache or worse. Hahaha. 

Random moment
Anyone realize the burger portion of Burgertory getting smaller? I had them for dinner and I though it was like 20% smaller than the usual big yummylicious portion. Never the less, it is still tasty. Hmm, jeez, the standard of living in Malaysia is getting higher and higher. I'm not sure how the middle-class/lower-class people are going to survive in this country for the next decade. Well, it's a rich man's game out there and we're just merely victims. 

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