A short stop.

uh... remember the last post where i say i'll be back the next half months.
yeaaahh.. i can't keep that promise somehow.
so here, i'm making a short stop to update about my life
(P.s. here another update, don't say i didn't rainnie, bcz i don't hav net okay~ T.T)

Okay, so on early December i've made a request on bday wishes to purerandomosity on youtube
and guess what, she really did wished me on youtube. and everyone else whos bday is on Dec
AND she wrote my name on a PAPER!(i don't noe y i'm so happy wif this! i noe i should be though)
if you have time watch it okay.

sorry, i can't seem to embed it here, stupid computer. curses.
and again, i'm a fan of hers. lolx!
to all those that wished me thank ye too.
and those who gave me presents, THANK YOU. no really, THANKS!

okay, schools in now, its january, and it's almost a week of studying now.
actually its only for days. urm, so yeah. Whatever.
Loads of homework eventhough school only started.
There were homeworks even at the first day.
oh shit, tat reminds me, 2moro moral quiz for three bidang.
friggin 3!! how the hell can i manage that hell!? thats like 20++ nilais!!
ish, later go study dy.

in the new class, its not that bad.
but i still miss the old days in Form 4.
i got attached to them. so.. :( boohoo, friends don't stay forever.
SPM this year *gasp horror freaked*
studying a lot harder this year and i hope i will do the same for the rest of the year.
Note to self: Don't friggin slack off.
that's about it for now. i can't seem to remember anything else to write about now.
Later maybe go Pasar Malam. yeah, i should.
craving for the "nasi pataya" they sell at the RM2 shop.

oh yeah, some pics. DON'T be shocked okay.
Its my first time make-up-ing, so, its not perfect

Don't you like being tainted by my wonderful photos???
oh, sure you don't. poor you. happy me.
Before i started i look like this.
I have potential to be a model okay.. er hem er hem. haha!Shocking.. Zz.

anyway, buh-bye.

effin hysterical :)