Here's a quick crappy post about my current being.

It's 5th February now, and i feel crappy, fat(no seriously this time),
and jumping into teenage strees-hood.
Yes, Form 5 is full of homeworks, homeworks and more WORKS!!
jeez, more this more that. more of everything except for fun.
There is absolutely no fun in here.
I wonder how those people survive in living.
I feel so much like suiciding now.


I'm so busy this year, but i still take art and dance lesson. =P
silly me. but haven't start yet. i mean the art and dance class.
i'm going in for the first lesson this saturday and sunday (hopefully, in case i don't postpone it again)
urm, what the bloody hell can i write more..
i forgot.. amnesia. jeez.

gtg.. >.< bb